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(29) Odd utensils

“Lorenzo breakfast is ready!” I call out to him since I woke up early to take my pregnancy test. He doesn’t know I took it yet.

He walks out of his bedroom with his hair a mess, his boxers low, and rubs his tired eyes. I love it when he first wakes up. When his skin is warm and soft, when he walks like a blind zombie, when he yawns like Godzilla and that boner? Oh, don’t get me started.

I look down at his boner as he stretches thinking... “I can’t wait to jump that tonight.”

“Did you say something Nala?”

I blink at him confused. I didn’t voice my thoughts again, did I?

“Hum?” I ask him and he smirks as he stalks towards me.

“What is it that you can’t wait to jump tonight?” He asks in a husky tone before spanking my ass as he walks into the kitchen.

Yep, I did it again.

“What do you think?” I tease him with a wink as I serve him some food on a plate. I even wrap up his silverware in that fancy cotton napkin they use in fancy restaurants and sit my food on the other side of the island.

“Wow Nala, it’s not even my birthday, what with the fancy set up?”

I shrug with a smile.

“Nothing wrong with a fancy set up every now and then.”

Then he unwraps his ‘utensils’ and his mouth drops and he looks between me and the pregnancy test.

“Nala... Oh my God.”

“I know it’s surreal isn’t it?”

“Yes baby, very surreal! I can’t eat my breakfast with a pregnancy test.” He says jokingly and I hit him with my napkin.

Suddenly he can’t contain his happiness and he runs around the island and picks me up off my stool and spins me happily. I melt into his arms.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to be a father. And now I’m a soon to be husband and a soon to be a dad. Nala... This is everything. You are everything.” He admits with so much emotion to his voice that my heart can’t take it.

“I’m happy too, however, I’m also really nervous, I don’t know what to expect.”

He kisses me sweetly before looking into my eyes with his gray ones.

“I’m nervous too, but I know that as long as our baby doesn’t fart as rancidly as you do we’ll be okay.” I smack his arm again and he laughs.

“My farts aren’t nearly as bad as your New York swear farts. But seriously... do you think we’re ready to be parents Lorenzo?”

He shrugs.

“Is anybody ever ready for anything? All I know is that we will be great at it once we get the hang of it.”

“Okay, now let’s eat our breakfast before it gets cold,” I tell him as I drag him back to the kitchen island.

“I have to meet some people in an hour who are going to help with our situation. And while I’m gone I need you to lock everything and keep your phone charged.” He says as he takes a bite of eggs.

“How long will you be gone?”

“1 hour tops.” He promises and I nod.

“So we have one hour to kill... how do you want to spend it, boss?” His eyes lock on mine with dark desire.

“I wanna push your pretty thighs apart and eat you on this kitchen island.” He says as he taps his fingers on the marble.

“You still have to finish your omelet, if you want dessert.”

He smirks at me before finishing his omelet in one big bite. I bite my lip as I quickly finish my food and push my plate aside.

He smiles at me as he holds his hands out to me to help me over the island. I crawl over to him and he wraps his hand around my neck asserting his dominance, and a whimper escapes me.

“Lay back and let me see my desert.” He says in such a sexy deep way that I tremble a bit as I get in position. I prop myself up on my elbows as I look down at his beautiful smug face.

“Is my dessert nice and wet?”

“Yes boss, just how you like it.”

He groans deeply before hooking his finger into the crotch of my panties, pulling them off swiftly.

He looks down at my kitty with a dark sexy expression before sliding his fingers over the wet slit, paying particular attention to my throbbing clit.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I say as I throw my head back, and he moans my name.

“Nala. Fuck, you’re so creamy for me. I did ask for my desert to have extra sugar in it.”

“The boss must get what he asks for,” I tell him in a flirty way and he drops on to the chair and pulls my legs closer to his face, and posting my knees over his shoulders.

“And now I will enjoy my dessert.” He says before kissing my pussy lips lightly, teasingly, before lapping his tongue around my clit and I nearly jolt off the island with the amount of pleasure his tongue gives me.

He then slides two fingers into me, slowly moving them in and out, as his tongue devourers me.

“I love your honey Nala, I could survive off of this stuff if we were on a deserted island,” he says before sliding his tongue inside of me and I moan deeply.

“Lorenzo, please faster.” he happily obeys and soon I am griping on to the edge of the island as my vision gets blurry and I come in waves of ecstasy.


Later in the day, Lorenzo tells me he finally sent the money to his ex, but he said it’s a trap. He’s actually leading her towards a mental hospital so she can finally get the mental help she needs. It’s either that or prison time for her. He offered to pay for her treatment.

Laini is lucky Lorenzo didn’t press charges on her. He’s far more forgiving than he gives himself credit for.

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