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The wing woman

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(3) Handsome dick

As I’m sleeping I hear an obnoxious song somewhere in the distance. Then I realize it’s my alarm going off. I threw the sheets off of me and I realize I’m still in my dress from last night and there is a body next to me.

Oh my God, did I take a man home last night and forgot about it?!

I pull the sheets off of the body and realize it’s the girl that was hitting on me at the club, and get this... She’s naked!

“Um... uh. Ma’am...” I tap her head. Fuck I don’t even remember her name! I’m just as bad as Lorenzo!

She groans before pulling the sheets back over her face.

Forget it, I don’t have time to waste. I get up and get ready, I clean my self up fast and put on the best professional outfit I can manage. I look at the time and I’m running late.

Damn it....I’m never late.

I brush my hair one last time and head out.

“Taxi!” I hail a taxi and tell him to step on it.


“Morning Nala, your late,” Lorenzo comments as I fix a stubborn breast that keeps falling under my bra. He eyes my moves carefully.

“Eyes up here boss, and I know I’m late, but I’m prepared for today.”

He tilts his head at me.

“Are you? You look like you fought your hairbrush, and it won.” He says laughing, and I glare at him.

“Stop distracting me boss, I have a few things to sort out before the meeting.”

He holds his hands up.

“Okay, clearly you’re hungover, I’ll leave you be for now.”

He says as he walks out. I put my things down and realize my phone is nowhere to be seen.

“Charlie! Have you seen my phone?!”

No answer.


Lorenzo walks into my office.

“He’s in the bathroom, but I could call your phone if you want.” He offers as he pulls out his phone.

“Okay, yeah, thanks.”

A few seconds later my phone starts buzzing on the bookshelf closest to him. Please don’t pick it up.

“Oh, here it is.” He says reaching for it and I yell trying to stop him.


But it’s too late he picks up my phone and reads the caller I’d I set for his number.

“Handsome Dick?”

I cringe not knowing what to say, and he chuckles.

“You think my dick is handsome?”

“What? No! I mean yes. I was totally calling your dick handsome.” I nod trying not to get caught in my lie, but he looks at me funny.

“You’ve never seen it before Nala, how would you know?”

I groan frustrated.

“Okay fine I was calling you a dick, but I also called you handsome, see? See? Right here?” I say pointing to the screen.

“Oh wow, yeah, that’s so flattering Nala.” He says sarcastically, and I sigh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, this whole day started off badly,” I tell him and he looks at me curiously. Luckily Lorenzo is not the type of guy who is easily offended.

“What other bad thing happened to you Nala?”

“Do you promise not to laugh?” I ask him and he nods yes, but I can tell he’s crossing his fingers behind his back.

“Other than you seeing my phone, I woke up late, and next to a naked woman in my bed.”

I thought for sure he was going to laugh but he now looks at me with a playful smirk.

“You did the exact same thing you judge me of doing all the time. What’s the chick’s name?” He challenges me and I try to hide my giggle.

“I don’t know, uh, Martha, or Maggie or something.”

“Umm hum, right. Sounds oddly familiar.” I’m running out of pens to throw at him so I give him the middle finger.

He laughs now, and I have to admit I like the sound of it. It’s deep and rich like dark chocolate. What am I thinking?


The meeting goes by perfectly, and Vivian was fully on board with letting Lorenzo’s company, Enzo Design Co, design a new website for the New York Times.

“You are a damn wizard Nala. Thank you. You really pulled through for this, and I appreciate it.” Lorenzo says as he walks me back to my office and I look at him in shock.

“Are you thanking me, boss? Is it a new moon or something?”

“No. I mean it Nala. You are the best assistant I’ve ever had.”

He says sounding sincere as he opens my office door and I follow him in.

“Well thank you, Lorenzo. It’s nice to know I’m appreciated around here.” I sit at my desk and he pulls a chair and sits in front of me.

“I’ve always appreciated you Nala, and yes I know we argue a lot, and tease each other, but you are my greatest ass...et.”

I look at him in awe, ignoring the joke, and he blushes.

“Which is why I’m going to put you on a different kind of assignment. You are always saying I need to do more work, so I’m going to do that. While I’m doing that however you will be doing something else.”

I shake my head confused.

“Wait, wait. What are you going on about Lorenzo?”

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what you said about my dating habits, and how to find the perfect woman for me... and I thought maybe you could be my wing woman.”

He says the last part lowly. I scratch the inside of my ears.

“Say that last part again, I could hear you.”

He sighs.

“I want you to be my wing woman, but only for a month then it’s back to doing normal work.”

I stare at him in shock. What does he think I am? This man is nuts!

“Did I mention I will be paying you 10,000 dollars for this, as well as your weekly paycheck, for doing some part-time work at the office.”

Oh fuck it, he had me at 10,000 dollars.

“Okay, but what if I can’t find you the woman of your dreams?”

“Then you still get the money for trying... what do you say?”

I pretend to think about before smiling and extending my hand out towards him.

“You’ve got yourself a deal boss.”

What did I just get myself into?

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