The wing woman

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(31) Diamantes

5 months later:

“Rebecca, the zipper won’t go up!” I say stressed out as I try to fit into my gorgeous, overly priced wedding dress.

“Hold on. Nala, this is an easy fix.” She says as she grabs a container of vaseline from her peruse and rubs it onto the zipper. Then with one smooth pull, the zipper closes all the way.

“Yayy, we fit!” I say as I pat my baby that has been moving around all day in my belly.

“Thank you, Rebecca, you’re a lifesaver.”

She shrugs with a smile.

“And you are the hottest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Lorenzo is going to flip out when he sees you in this dress.”

I blush as she adds finishing touches.

My dress is made of silk, with a sweetheart neckline, a sheer overskirt with, small, glass rhinestones all over it, and the dress’s tail, and the shoes have DIAMONDS on it. I’m most likely wearing a couple million dollars.

“What if someone tries to steal me?” I ask and Wanda comes into the dressing room laughing.

“I’d totally steal you with all those diamonds on you, but I’ll behave this time,” Wanda says as she looks me up and down and shakes her head.

“Lorenzo is a lucky mother fucker, I’ll tell you that,” Wanda says as she takes her 3rd shot today.

“Alright, it’s almost time Nala. Anything you want to do before you marry my brother?”

The question took me off guard and I thought about it.

“Anything worth doing in the span of a few minutes? The only thing I can think of is telling you two how grateful I am that you two are able to handle me in my bridezilla moments, and Rebeca I just wanna tell you that I can’t wait to have you as my second sister. Wanda is my first un-blood related sister, and now I have a Sister in law. Thank you.” I tell them as memories of my childhood that I kept locked away in my darkest memories briefly showed its ugly face. Things I’ve never told to anyone.

I saw something in Rebecca’s eyes as she blinked away at a tear, and embarrassed she wiped it away before giving me a sweet smile, much like her brothers. Wanda sniffed beside me and before I knew it they were both hugging me tightly and I hug them back.

“Oh Nala, I thought for sure you were going to ask to smoke from a bong with your boss, or kiss some random stranger that came in here. But you have surprised me with that answer, and I’m excited to be your sister in law too.”

I laugh at what she honestly thought I would do and shake my head.

“You know Rebecca if you wanted to smoke with me that badly I would have been happy to, but you have forgotten one thing,” I say as I rub my belly and her eyes go wide before laughing deeply.

“How could I forget you are carrying my first niece or nephew? Damn, I need to ease off the sangria,” she says before Wanda snatches her wine glass away with a savage smile.

“More for me.” then she walks away and Rebecka snorts.

“She doesn’t waste a second does she?” Rebecka asks and I shake my head no with a smirk.

“Ready to marry my brother now?”

nervously I nod with a smile, and I can tell she sees the nerves bubbling up inside me because she gives me a quick shake.

“You’ve got this Nala.”


Lorenzo POV:

The wedding music started to play throughout the cathedral in a way that made me feel like a queen was about to make her way towards me and have me on my knees, at her command. That’s something I’d never thought I’d say. I’ve always been a dominant man, but at the end of the day, she has full control of my heart. She slays me so fucking hard, and I fucking love it.

Oh, there she is looking as beautiful as ever. From afar I’m able to see that it’s Wanda who is walking her down the aisle. I wasn’t until we started planing the wedding, that I realized Nala doesn’t have much family here in new york. I offered to fly them in and finally get to meet them but she said she doesn’t want them here.

Then I realized my sweet Nala was hiding a dark past of her own. A past that I was definitely going to find out about once she was ready to tell me about it.

as she got closer her beautiful eyes meet mine in a way that had me reminding myself to breathe. Her dress hugs her body perfectly and makes her look godlike, and that beautiful baby bump? My God is good.

Wanda finally released Nala as Nala stood in front of me, her hands grabbing ahold of mine, and with an adorable, shy smile she whispered... “Are you as nervous as I am?”

I chuckled and rubbed her hands with my thumps in soothing circles.

“My brave, Caribbean warrior princes, Nala is nervous? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a nice big pill for your nerves later.” I tell her with a wink and she gasps before hitting my arm.

“No sex jokes until after we’ve said I do.”

as we wait for the priest to begin, I smile at her then mouth the words, “I do.” she giggles.

“It doesn’t work that way.”

A few minutes later, after the priest finishes his speech, we’re presented with the rings and Actually say “I do,” as everyone cheers loudly, and I take Nalas pretty face in my hands and kiss her senseless as if we are kissing for the first time. she growans grants me entrance at first touch and soon our tongues are dancing together while I hold her tightly. She smiles against my lips as we pull away, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to let her go yet. She gives me a kiss on the nose before pulling me todards the dance floor. We dance to soft ballads as other couples join us.

“Dance time! Wooo!” I hear Wanda yelling by the bar and Nala looks at her that back at me with a cringe.

“Sorry, she’s had a lot. let me go stop her before she flashes everyone like it’s mardi gras,” she tells me before heading towards a very drunk Wanda.

soon we are surrounded by a mob of people, some I know, most I don’t know, congratulate us, and give us gifts. My mother is the loudest one but I can’t help but smile at her as she runs into my arms and hugs me tightly, thanking god in Spanish and shaking my shoulders with a grin.

“Oh my goodness my boy is a man now!”

I groan and shake my head.

“Ma, I have been a man for a long time now.”

she shakes her head and bops my nose.

“Nonsense, you will always be my baby, but now you’re going to have a baby of your own. You two better teach them how to speak Spanish,” she says with a finger and I nod.

“Yes, mother.”

later on, during the wedding, my sister sits next to me as we watch Nala preparing to throw the bouquet into the crowd. Nala’s eye meets mine and sparkle with love. My heart slams against my ribcage for her every time.

“I love the way she looks at you,” Rebecca said softly beside me. eating some escargot.

“Who? Nala?”

She nods with a smile.

“Yeah, she looks at you with so much adoration, and sometimes likes she wants to kill you, but she wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

I laugh and nod.

“Yup, that’s my Nala alright. I wouldn’t trade her for anything either.”

Nala throws the bouquet and I laugh as all the women fail to catch it and it hits the back of my brother’s head, who was in the middle of a conversation instead.

“That’s a sign Noah, you’re up next pendejo!” I say laughing and he flicks me off jokingly.

As fun as this wedding is, the only thing on my mind now is riping that lovely dress off of Nala and break a world record of the most orgasms in one night, while lying under the stars on a private island. Nala strides towards me in a sexy, yet natural way and my cock responds with a sudden nudge against my dress paints. She has been teasing me all day like she enjoys giving me blue balls. She leans towards me with a smirk and whispers in my ear.

“Ready for the real party to begin?”

I groaned as My cock twitched and I said...“About fucking time.”

*Hey everyone, sorry for only posting one chapter this week. It’s been a very busy week with midterms, so I hope you understand.

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