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(32) Baby Daddy

“Hello, Mr. And ms. Barton, can I start you two off with an appetizer?”

The waitress with a huge grin asks us as we sit in a restaurant in Hawaii. The restaurant is beautiful and right beside the shore. We chose to sit outside because of how nice the breeze felt today.

“We’ll have the cocky cocktail shrimp,” Lorenzo tells her and she nods with a smile and walks away.

“This place is breathtaking,” I tell him as he looks at me with awe in his eyes.

“It takes one to know one Nala.” He says sweetly but I’ve had enough of his adorable sweet ass.

“Just like the other night when you said the sausage was hot and hard?” I ask him and he lifts an eyebrow.

“Perfect example Nala. My sausage was hot and hard wasn’t it?”

I gulp as I can’t stop imagining his cock now.

“Here you two are. Are you ready to order?” The woman says as she places the appetizer on the table. I take a sip of my tea, and Lorenzo orders first.

“Yes. I will have the surfing lobster, and as a dessert, I’ll have a warm cream pie.”

I nearly choke on my tea and I wipe away some tea that fell on my chest. Lorenzo winks at me and I roll my eyes.

“And for you ma’am?”

“I will have the stoned salmon, with some cream pie as the dessert as well.” I shoot a look towards him and he holds back a laugh.

“Right away.” She says as she heads inside and Lorenzo plays with my feet under the table.

“Seems like the stoned salmon and the surfing lobster both want the same thing tonight. Nice delicious cream pie.” He says as he leans back in the bamboo chair and smirks at me.

“You’re just on a roll today aren’t you?” I ask and he nods.

“Let’s play a game.” He says after a while of comfortable silence and eating cocktail shrimp.

“No thanks Sall, I’m not in the mood for your sadism.”

He chuckles.

“Come on, just one game.”


He smirks.

“This is a game I used to play with Rebecca a lot as kids, where you look at two people talking and try to guess what they are talking about.” He points with his nose to two couples walking down the shore of the beach who look to be having a heated discussion. The woman seems to be the angriest and the guy looks defensive.

“I’m pretty sure he left the toilet seat up for the 100th time and is telling her it’s no big deal, meanwhile she is probably thinking of ways to glue the toilet seat permanently to the toilet.” I guess and he chuckles.

“No way, I’m pretty sure she has a dry spell and he’s not hitting it right.”

I shake my head at him. Before pointing to another couple nearby who are cuddling in each other’s arms on a hammock, and he is whispering in her ear as she giggles.

“What about them?”

He looks over his shoulder to see who I’m pointing at.

“Pss. That’s too easy. He’s obviously telling her all the filthy shit he’s going to do to her later. I know from experience.” He says with a smirk and I smirk back at him.

“Well I think that he’s letting her in on a juicy secret instead of telling her filthy things, and I know this because she’s not blushing, she’s simply giggling, and her body language isn’t one of being turned on. It’s one that is comfortable and easy-going.”

Lorenzo looks at me surprised and nods.

“You’re good at this Nala.”

I shrug.

“What do I win boss?”

He arches an eyebrow.

“Who says anything about prizes?”

I bite my lip as I take off my sandal and slide my bare foot up his leg slowly. His breathing quickens as he looks around to see if anyone is looking at us. I inch towards the bulge that is now tenting his tan slacks and he groans as I begin to massage him under the table with my foot.

“Christ. Nala.” He says in a husky way as his head falls back on a curse.

“I’d say, seeing you like this is a great prize.”

His fiery eyes lock on mine before staring at my lips. I lick my lips and his eyes follow the moment as I rub a bit higher and my toe circles his tip that is straining.

“Stop that right now before we skip dinner and I fuck you hard enough to make you sore tomorrow morning.” As he says this he bites his lip as if to stop a moan and I finally put my foot down slowly.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

He looks as if he misses my touch right away and groans deeply.

“Thanks for the boner I’m going to have a hard time hiding.”

“Well, you better hid it fast, because here comes our food,” I say as the waitress makes her way over to our table with a tray of food. Lorenzo quickly places a napkin on his lap and I chuckle.

He shots me a look that silently says, ′I’ll get you back for that.′


Lorenzo POV:

As Nala falls asleep on the hammock mid-day, I get a phone call from Dr. Kipper. He has been keeping me updated with news of Laini’s mental health. In the last couple of months, she has been getting better but then falling back into her old habits.

Lorenzo: (“Hello?“)

Dr. Kipper: (“Lorenzo, Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Laini has shown some improvement in the last couple of weeks, and as a reward, we have given her a bit more freedom around the mental hospital. She’s made new friends and she definitely doesn’t fight as often as she used to. We don’t want to get your Hope’s up too high, but we’re certain that this treatment is going to bring her back to normal as long as she takes it regularly.“)

I let out a relieved breath.

Lorenzo: ( “That’s great news, doc. Thank you for keeping me updated. Is she still angry at me?“)

Dr. Kipper: (“Not really. I mean you are not her favorite person, however she doesn’t say anything bad about you. I think with time she will realize it was for the best.“)

Lorenzo: (“I hope so.“)

Dr. Kipper: (“Yes, well, I was nicing hearing from you Lorenzo, but i must get going.“)

Lorenzo: (“Of course, Thanks again.“)

I hang up and then I hear Nala call out for me on the hammock that I tied between two palm trees.

“Baby daddy.” She calls out in a sleepy voice and I chuckle as I walk towards her and pull her up to a sitting position.

“Hey beautiful, how was your nap?” she smiles as she rubs her eyes.

“Wonderful, but now that I’m up, I’m feeling kinda horny.”

I laugh as I pull her towards our seaside hotel room.

“Whatever baby mama wants, baby mama gets.”

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