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(33) Toys

“Hey, Nala, wake up.” I hear as I feel two hands on my hips. I open my eyes slowly and see my handsome love. It’s almost as if I’m waking up to the dream instead of waking up from it.

“Hmmm. What time is it?” I ask as I stretch my arms and legs on the big soft bed. He smiles and rubs my belly.

“It’s like five or something. I was wondering if you wanted to go on the dolphin cruise tour with me. It starts at 6 and ends at 7:30, I believe.”

I nod with a sleepy smile and he helps me up.

At the hotel, I slip on a flowy, red sundress and red sandals to match. I pull my hair up into a ponytail and splash some water into my face.

I get a message from Wanda.

Wanda: [I know you’re probably busy getting sand in all the wrong places, but I wanted to know if this dress makes my butt look fat.]

She sends me a funny picture of her in a blue dress, pointing her butt to the camera.

Nala: [It looks ridiculously fat.]

Wanda: [Great! that’s what I was going for. I have a hot date tonight, and I want to highlight my Assets. How’s your honeymoon going?]

Nala: [I’m in heaven. It’s perfect, and I haven’t gone any morning sickness since I’ve got here. Good luck on your date.]

Wanda: [ Nice! And Thanks! Anyways I’ll leave you alone now.]

Nala: [Wait! How’s my poodle?]

Wanda: [She tore one of my favorite sandals, I’ll add that to your bill. ;)]

Fuck me, I shouldn’t have asked.


Once we get dressed and head to the dock I notice the lack of people and lack of dolphin cruise.

“Um... Lorenzo, where is the Dolphin cruise? I think we’re in the wrong place.”

He chuckles and shakes his head.

“Nope here she is.” He says as he walks me towards a beautiful black yacht that is probably bigger than my apartment in New York.

“Who’s... um, who’s is...”

“Mine Nala. I bought today out of impulse I guess. Come. I’ll show you around.”

Frozen in place as I stare at the boat that probably cost 20 of my wedding dresses, Lorenzo pulls me towards it.

Then I see the name of the side of the boat and my gasp loudly.

“La Nala.”

He smiles at it and nods.

“Yeah, I was thinking of you when I was buying one, and this one seemed like the one most like you.”

“That is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. But how exactly is the boat like me?”

“It’s elegant, yet cozy, has a nice butt, and is a little stubborn when I try to steer her.”

I laugh and take his hand.

“Well, are you going to show me around?”

He smiles at me and pulls me towards it.

“I can’t fucking wait. Come in.” He says helping me on to it and taking down some stairs and through the door.

My mouth drops as I take in how fancy it is. It’s mostly white on the inside with hints of charcoal gray for contrast. There are grayscale paintings around to match, a panoramic window, and a beautiful crystal chandelier that sparkles with the sun beating on it.

“Lorenzo, um, this is amazing, but you didn’t have to...”

“This is the kitchen, next to it is the bathroom, the living room, and over here is our little love nest.” He says as he opens the door to the bedroom.

The bedroom is modernly designed like the rest of the house and looks like the perfect place for some lovemaking. It has a big TV over the dresser and a speaker system.

“This is perfect!”

He smirks and wags his finger.

“You haven’t seen the best part.” At the push of a hidden button, the ceiling opens and out drops chains, whips, cuffs, everything BDSM, hanging from the ceiling. My eyes go wide.

“Your fucking kidding me!”

He laughs as I check out the toys with glee.

“I knew this would be your favorite part.”

I run into his arms and kiss him softly.

“You are my favorite part,” I tell him and he kisses my nose before I push him onto the bed and he falls with a small gasp.

“Now put these toys to good use would you?”

He smirks before pulling me down on top of him and flipping me on my back.

“I can’t be as rough as I want to be with you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make you feel good.” He says as he slides his hand down my chest, over my baby bump, and down in between my legs. I moan as he pushes my panties aside and rubs me teasingly.

“I hope you don’t have anything planned for today, because I plan to take my sweet time with you Nala.”


After making sweet love to me I sit in his arms as he kisses up my neck.

“You know what sex toy you forgot?” I ask him and he hums by my ear.

“Which one?”

“A nice mahogany desk you can bend me over and spank me on.” He gulps as he gives me a heated look.

“Don’t worry Nala, once we get back to work, and once you’re no longer pregnant, I’ll be bending you over my desk so often you will memorize the pattern of the wood.”

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