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(34) Office hours

One week later:

We’re back in New York and I’ve started working again at Rebecca’s hotel. Lorenzo has been getting a lot of great business deals, but I do miss working for him. However, since I miss the trouble we used to get into I decided to head to his office during my break.

Rebecca gives me a knowing look as I pass her to get to the other building.

“I’ll be right back beck!”

“Yeah, yeah.” She says with a laugh.

Inside his building the workers I used to work with greet me warmly and congratulate me.

Then Charlie sees me and runs into my arms. I laugh as I hug him back.

“Please come back to work here, I can’t stand the new assistant.” He begs and smiles.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me a lot. Lorenzo’s desk needs some inspecting to test if the legs are wobbly or not.”

Charlie laughs hysterically. As we make our way towards Lorenzo’s office.

“I tested mine out with my boyfriend the other day.”

I gasp.

“Shhh.” He says with a wink before leaving for his office.

I walk into Lorenzo’s office and notice he’s on the phone. And facing the window. He hasn’t noticed me walk in and lock the door so I sit on his desk waiting for him to turn around. When he does turn around he jumps a little in surprise.

“Ahh! Shit, you scared me!... No, not you sir my wife just walked into my office.”

He gives me a smirk as I unbutton the top of my button-up. His hungry eyes never leaving my body as I unbutton each one. I throw the top behind me before unzipping my skirt slowly. Lorenzo blinks away what I’m assuming is a sexy thought as he talks to the guy.

“Yes, we will need to schedule a date to meet up with the rest of the team so that you can understand their ideas as well.”

I slip the skirt off and expose some black lingerie he bought me last night.

He bites his lip as he plays with the seem of it, but I push his hand away and wag my finger at him. I plan to give him the ultimate tease.

His lips part in surprise as he watches me reach into my panties and start rubbing my wet clit. His soft eyes boring through mine.

“Yes, Friday works, perfectly.”

I moan as I let my fingers explore me, and I don’t for a second drop my hooded gaze on him. I look down to see his erection pressing against his slacks and I smile wickedly.

He unzips his pants and pulls his erection free. My mouth waters at the sight of him pumping his pre-cum slicked cock, and my fingers move faster.

“O... Okay, um, Mr. Longoria, sounds great. I’ll see you then... bye.” Then he hangs up and lets out a groan he’s been holding in.

“Damn it Nala.”

“I’m sorry... am I interrupting something important?” I ask innocently as I lick my own juices off my fingers.

“Christ.” He says under his breath before grabbing onto my hips and bringing me to the edge of the desk.

“You asked for it Nala.”

Then he penetrates me in a smooth stroke. And we both roar in bliss.

“Yes, Lorenzo!”

“Shhh, sweetheart. He says placing his hand over my mouth.

“I’ll take good care of this pussy how I always do.”

As he thrusts into me things fall off his desk and he struggles to keep quiet himself. His hands reach out to cup my breasts and within minutes I start to see stars and I come along with him.

“Ah! My goodness, I’ll never get tired of coming inside of you.” He says out of breath as he retrieves my clothing and dresses me gently. Not before kissing my growing belly.


“Yes, mi amor?”

He holds my face in his hands and smiles.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Now you must be hungry since you skipped lunch to be with me.”

I nod and he gives me a knowing look, before reaching into his mini-fridge behind his desk and handing me a wrapped up turkey sandwich.

“Thank you,” I say as I take a bite and he kisses my head.

“No need. So... Um. I have something to ask you Nala, and you might not like it.”

I look at him confused before setting the sandwich down.

“It’s Laini... She’s been doing better since she’s been receiving medication and therapy, and she wants us to meet her at the hospital so she can apologize, and...”

“Lorenzo, are you kidding? She’s dangerous, I don’t want her near my baby!”

He places his hands on my shoulders and rubs them.

“You will be with me, and you and our baby will be perfectly safe. She’s trying to turn things around for herself, the least we can do is listen. I don’t expect you to be friends with her or anything Nala.”

I sigh deeply.

“Just so you know Lorenzo... I’m doing this for you, not her.”

He nods slowly.

“Thank you. I just want to put this chapter of our lives behind us so that we can move forward, for us, for our baby.”

I wrap my arms around his torso and he hugs me back sweetly.

“Now eat Nala, before Rebecca comes marching in here.”

I eat the rest of my sandwich as Lorenzo wrote emails and every once in awhile smiled up at me.

I look at the time and curse.

“Shit, I have to go,” I tell him as I throw away the wrapper in his mini trashcan, and get to my feet. I place a quick kiss on his cheek and speed walk out of his office.

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