The wing woman

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(37) Epilogue

One year later:

“Nala move! Get that diaper fast, Eve is doing the pushing face!” Lorenzo yells as I look for the last place I put the diaper bag.

“Have you seen the diapers?!”

“Check the dresser!”

“I already checked the dresser and...”

“Oh no... too late, Eve left us a little present in the tub!”

I quickly run to get rags and baby wipes.

“Coming!” I nearly trip over baby toys as I run down the stairs to the bathroom where Lorenzo had just finished bathing our baby, Evelyn. When I open the bathroom door my mouth drops at the sight before me.

Lorenzo is holding our baby up in the tub, away from her own poopy mess, as she giggles like she has no care in the world. My happy little baby.

“Oh my goodness! She needs another bath. I’ll take it from here honey.” I tell him with a sweet kiss to his lips before I start the shower up again.

“Thank you. I need to be at my meeting soon. When I get home I was thinking of going to this garden my company had finished designing and the landscape just finished creating. It’s absolutely beautiful at night with all the lights, and I wanted to take you and Eve with us.”

I bite my lip thoughtfully.

“Like a cute family date?”

He nods and smiles at me before looking at Evelyn as I hold her in place and bending over to kiss her nose. Evelyn starts to get antsy in my arms.

“I’ll see you later boss,” I tell him with a smirk and he winks before kissing my lips softly.

“You bet, beautiful. As for you...” he says facing Evelyn with a warning finger.

“You better not flirt with any boy babies at the park. You’re not getting a boyfriend until your 30 years old, got that?” He tells her and she giggles with a cute little smile and big eyes that look just like Lorenzo’s gray ones.

I did promise that I would take her to the park. I mean she’s not old enough to be speaking but she does know a good promise when she hears one.


After a walk through the park with Eve, I get home to do some chores and breastfeed her.

Since I’ve had Evelyn I haven’t gone back to work. I tried to but when Lorenzo caught on to the separation anxiety I would get every time I had to leave her with a nanny he suggested that I become a housewife. ME... a housewife. I didn’t like the idea of not working however the idea of someone other than myself and Lorenzo raising our child was worse.

Eve points to a puppy that walks by while in her stroller. And Lexy is clipped onto my belt. The puppy barks at Lexy but Lexy is trained not to interact aggressively towards other dogs, so she just ignores it.

“Sorry.” An older woman says as she pulls her puppy back and walks away.

“Eve, you don’t need a puppy, not when you have this big ass poodle right here. No offense Lexy.”

Lexy turns towards me as I say her name.

“Alright, mommy needs a break.” I walk towards a bench and sit down. The sun is hot today and not forgiving.

“Is this seat taken?” I hear a familiar voice ask me and I see Lorenzo’s sexy smirk in his sexy suit, with his sexy everything. Good God how did I end up with him?

“Actually it is in fact taken.”

“By who may I ask?”

“By my hot husband.”

He sighs and shakes his head.

“So a beautiful woman like you is taken? Why am I not surprised?” He says as he sits and takes my face in his hands and kisses me sweetly. His lips soft pillows of heaven, his tongue wandering explorations of pleasure. My breath becomes labored as I kiss him back, then Eve begins to cry.

I pull away with a chuckle, and Lorenzo smiles as he stands up to pull eve into his arms. He Pat’s her back and bounces her gently while kissing her head. It’s the most beautiful thing this man does.

“Papa is going to take you and mommy on a fun date tonight, and we’re going to be matching, and there is going to be so many beautiful flowers and lights.” As he talks to her crying fades away and she tilts her head to look at him curiously.

“But daddy needs to go back to work now.” He says as he hands her to me, and gives me another sweet kiss.

“I’ll see you tonight handsome,” I tell him as I wipe away some of my lipstick from his lips.

“I’ll be the one looking like the luckiest mother fucker alive.”

I chuckle as I cover Eve’s ears.

“Language,” I tell him with a small smile.


Lorenzo POV:

I’ve had plenty of time to get this date set up with charlie’s help. I’ve promoted him to my full-time assistant, once I’ve had enough of my last assistant’s constant flirting, despite knowing I’m a married man.

At home, I get dressed in a dark blue suit that matches, Nala’s dark blue flowy dress, and Evelyn’s dark blue poofy dress.

“Are my princess ready?” I ask as I peek my head into the bedroom and I see Nala brushing Eve’s angel-like brown hair.

“Just finished. How do we look?” She asks as she picks Eve up and turns to face me. My goodness, I’m blessed.

“You two look as beautiful as ever.”

She smiles as she checks me out.

“And you Look like a blueberry jolly rancher, a sexy blueberry jolly rancher.”

I chuckle and shake my head.

“Does that mean I’ll get licked later?”

She smacks my arm as she passes me and whispers, “you bet.”


We arrive at the garden that is not yet open to the public, and I walk them over a wooden bridge that crosses a man-made river with koi fish in it.

“Oh, fishies!” Nala says as she points to it and Eve looks at them curiously.

Then I walk them over to where the picnic is set up in a beautifully lit gazebo and a small table.

“Lorenzo, this is so beautiful, it’s straight out of a fairy tale! what’s the occasion?” She asks as I pull her chair back and take Eve from her to place her in a high chair in between us. she beats on the high chair’s tray as she does Whenever she’s hungry. Nala feeds her breast milk, but she is starting to incorporate homemade baby food, which Eve loves even more.

“My occasion is the three of us. I love you two so much and I decided you two needed a pretty night out.”

“Well, thank you, mi amor.”

She sighs blissfully as she watches me sit back down, and revel our food from under the metal lid. Once she sees what’s underneath it she gasps in surprise, and I chuckle.

“Puerto Rican Mofongo? are you kidding me?” she says with a smile and I nod.

“I’m absolutely kidding you, these two mofogos are for me.” I joke, and she gives me a playful glare.

“And for Eve, I got her some hand made baby food, with all her favorite veggies,” I say as I unlid the other food and Eve reaches for it excited. I sure she smells the sweet potato. I take the spoon from her plate and feed her, she loves it and practically takes the spoon from my hand.

Nala watches us like a little kid in love as she takes a bite of her mofongo.

“I can feed her if you’d like, that way you could eat your...”

“No mi amor, I’ve got this, besides she likes it when I feed her food.”

She chuckles.

“She only likes it because you give her spoons full. Way too much food at a time.”

“I’ll give you a spoon full,” I tell her and she winks at me with a smirk.

“To think you hired me as a wing woman to find your ideal woman. How the hell did you end up with me?”

I smile at her and take her hand.

“Simple. You have been my Ideal woman all along.”


I’m so sad this book is finally over. I enjoyed writing so much and I hope you all enjoyed it too! Thank you for reading the whole thing and engaging with it, love y’all!

If you want to continue to read my next book that is called Give into me you will need to download the (Dreame) reading app and look up my username Arabella Cintron.

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