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The wing woman

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(5) Earn ya wings

Fast forward to Saturday:

I’m walking my dog, Lucy, through central park, summer is starting to fade away along with its heat. But a shirtless jogger running towards my direction is all the heat I need. He’s tall, tan, holy abs. He almost reminds me of Lorenzo.

Shit, he caught me staring. I look away embarrassed when out of nowhere I hear my name being called.

“Nala! Hey!” I turn to see Lorenzo walking towards me in some casual, ripped blue jeans and a long-sleeved flannel.

“Damn boss, I almost didn’t recognize you out of a suit.” He looks at me embarrassed, and a little nervous.

“Yeah well, the goal is to look like I’m not a billionaire, so this is the most casual outfit I got.” He shrugs, and I can’t help but smile.

“You look great Lorenzo, but you don’t need me to tell you that.”

He blushes bright red. How cute.

“Actually I could use a bit of boost in confidence Nala.”

“You got it, boss.”

I whistle at him as I walk around him checking him out the way guys do to women all the time.

“Damn Daddy! You look good enough to eat! Does a shake come with those fries? Woooo! Give me spin, come on.”

He laughs hysterically, as he spins sensually, and I pretend to through cash at him.

“Give me a pose.”

He pretends that he isn’t going to do it as he walks away, then he turns and strikes a Jonny Bravo pose at me. I swoon.

“Damn papi, can I get your number?”

He laughs and walks back to me.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough Nala, my confidence is regained.”

I nod. “Good, you have nothing to worry about Lorenzo, but please tell me you’ve stopped sleeping around because if you are I’m quitting right now.”

He sighs. “Yes, I stopped a few weeks ago, once I realized I was getting bored of sleeping around, and getting used for my money left and right.”

“Okay good. Is it time yet?”

“Five more minutes before she shows up.”

I clasp my hands.

“Great I’m going to go now. If you need me I’ll be ignoring you as a take a long shower. Later boss.”

As I’m leaving I see his amused grin.


Lorenzo POV:

I watch as Nala walks away. The way her curvy hips sway in that skirt. Fuck. Why am I thinking about my assistant while I’m supposed to be meeting up with my “dream woman?”

I look down at my phone as I get a message from Karmin.

Karmin: [Hey handsome. I’m sitting on a bench not too far from you, and wow, what a view.]

Well, well, well. It appears Karmin isn’t shy about flirting. Maybe we’ll get along just fine.

I look around for her, remembering that she’s supposed to be blond and hot, and then I see a blonde chick with her back to me. Her hair is long and pretty, and she’s wearing a short red dress. I approach her and tap on her shoulder.

“Hey, Karmin, isn’t it?” I ask and she slowly turns to face me.

What. The. Fuck.

Karmin has a full ass beard and a mustache! I can’t even grow a beard that nice!

“Hello Lorenzo, it’s nice to finally meet you!”

I pretend to cough as Karmin waits for my reaction.

“I’m sorry Karmin, you know I’m coming down with something, and I wouldn’t want you to get sick, so how about we take a rain check?”

Karmin arches an eyebrow.

“I don’t mind getting sick just as long as the dick is...”

“Um... okay, I gotta go,” I say cutting her off

“I’m really sorry for wasting your time,” I tell her as I walk away in shock.

No. Fucking. Way. I called it! I knew I would get catfished!

Without any warning, I drive to Nala’s apartment quickly. I March myself up to her door and barge in without knocking.

Why? Because I’m a mother fucking boss.

What I see when I barge in is, confusing, shocking, hilarious, and really sexy all at once.

Nala is at the stove making pancakes, and she hasn’t even realized I walked in since she has headphones on, some cute little pajamas, and instead of having a shirt on she literally has PANCAKES. OVER. HER. BOOBS!

She shakes her butt to whatever music she’s listening to, and I decided I wanna be a little petty. I could have walked out unnoticed, but I decide I want a little payback for all these years.

I walk up to her as she’s cooking, and start dancing next to her. It takes her a second to see me but when she does her horrified scream is music to my ears.

“Ahhhh! What?! What the fuck are you doing here!?” Her eyes got big and she covers her chest with a cookie tray. The same cookie tray she is going to have to use later.

“Don’t look at my pancake bra! Go, go sit somewhere as I get ready!” She rushes past me and I can’t help but laugh hysterically.

“What the hell is a pancake bra?!” I yell after her as she runs away, and she slams her bedroom door shut.

After about 5 minutes she comes out in a tank top with clearly no bra on and I see her little perky nipples poking at the thin white fabric. I try hard to look away but can’t.

“Uhhh.. umm,” I say dumbfounded.

“My eyes are up here boss.” She says smacking my arm.

“Oh. Right sorry.”

“Now that you’ve seen my weird pancake bra habit, I’ll have to kill you.” She says jokingly.

“Why... why do you put pancakes on your boobs?”

She laughs.

“Because it’s warm and it’s getting pretty cold lately. I don’t want my nipples to get so cold that they fall off.”

My eyes go wide for a second, then I shake my head.

“Right, of course, that’s actually pretty smart Nala. Do you eat the pancakes off your boobs as well or...?”

She smacks my arm again, and it stings.

“No silly, not unless I put syrup on them.”

She chuckles with a wink, but now all I can picture is pouring syrup over her breast. I’m screwed.

“Um. Yeah, good point.” I say awkwardly looking away from her and sitting down on her couch.

“What’s the matter, boss? You look like you might pass out.” She says sitting next to me, curling her legs on the couch.

“Um... I think I’ve seen enough crazy things for one day.”

“Yeah, I bet. That’s what you get for walking in on me Lorenzo.”

I sniff around and change the subject.

*Sniff, sniff.* “You smell that Nala?”

She looks at me confused.

“Smell what?”

I sniff again.

“It smells like fresh baked cookies, and a cute little Pillsbury dough girl.”

She stands up in shock.

“No way... you really got catfished? But... but I was pretty sure she would be the one!”

“Nope, she was actually a he, with a very impressive beard I might add.”

She burst into laughter holding her tummy as she crunches over. “Oh my God. Ha!”

“Go ahead, laugh it up, and I will make you bake cookies for the whole staff.” She stops laughing and shoots me a glare.

“I’ll bake you cookies, but I’m not wearing that stupid costume Lorenzo.” She says and I smirk at her.

“You will wear that stupid costume, which by the way is in my car, and you will giggle when I poke you in the belly.”

She blushes and looks at me adorably. I don’t think she even realizes how cute she is with her fits and sass.

“You have some really weird fetishes, Lorenzo.”

“Coming from a woman who wears pancakes bras, I can’t really get offended by that.”


Nala POV:

After I finished baking his chocolate chip cookies, in the Pillsbury dough girl costume. I place the cookies in front of him. His grins like a kid who finally got what he wanted, and he pokes my belly.

I don’t do the doughboy laugh, and he keeps poking my belly with scrunched eyebrows.

“This dough girl seems to be defective.” He says still poking me and I start cracking up at him.

“Now it works!” He says reaching for the plate of cookies in my hands.

“How you get laid is beyond me boss,” I say shaking my head and holding back a blush. It’s really quite obvious he has the kind of personality that makes anyone like him. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to realize that.

I talk a lot of crap but I think deep down I kinda like him. Weird.

“Is it’s beyond you Nala?” He says arching an eyebrow.

“Yeah. It’s usually beyond my office wall.” I joke and he flashes a hint of a smile.

“Sit.” He tells me as he points to my chair next to him.

“Okay master, should I roll over too?” I say teasingly and he looks back at me with fire in his eyes.

“Don’t tempt me Nala. That sounds like a hell of a good time.”

I know he’s just joking with me as he always does, but the look in his eyes is different, a lot more intense.

I change the subject and eat a cookie. A few crumbs sit on my lips and I lick them off, as Lorenzo watches the movement intently. I heat up under his gaze and he finally looks into my eyes. He’s smirking. Damn him. He knows I’m a sucker for a sexy smirk.

Two can play at this game boss.

He takes another cookie and before he bites it I lean over and take a huge bite of it myself. I chuckle as he gasps, and pulls the cookie away from me as I try to take another bite.

“You greedy little vixen.” He says shaking his head.

“All of these cookies and you want mine? Okay, you wanna be daring, then take it.” He says as he puts the bit of cookie in between his teeth.

Ha! Does he really think I’m afraid of getting close to him?

I look into his amused eyes before leaning in and biting the cookie. My heart skips a beat as my lips slightly brush against his. I chew on the cookie and try to ignore the look he is giving me right now. It’s a mixture of surprised and turned on.


He says my name in a husky voice while staring at my lips that I’m currently biting. He pulls my lower lip out from in between my teeth with his thumb, and my breathing quickness.

*knock, knock, knock!*

I jump away from him as the knocking on my door startles me.

“Uh... I... I should get that.” I say standing up and heading towards the door.

Wanda is standing on the other side with bottles of red wine. She looks me up and down and holds back her laughter.

“Cute.. um, costume?”

I sigh.

“Come in, Wanda.”

She walks in and immediately focus in on Lorenzo.

“Damn he’s even hotter in person.” She whispers in my ear, and I shake my head at her.

“Lorenzo this is my friend Wanda, Wanda, this is my boss Lorenzo Barton.

He smiles at her and shakes her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Wanda, I was just about to head out.” He stands up, grabs his keys, and wallet.

“Thank you for the cookies Nala. He places a kiss on my cheek, that some might consider innocent, but I turn into a damn tomato from head to toe.

“Sh..sure, no problem. See you Monday boss.”

I mentally beat myself up for sounding so small, and he gives me a wink.

“See you Nala.”

He walks out and Wanda let out a squeal.

“Ahhh! You two have some serious sexual tension going on. You never stumble for words Nala. What’s going on huh?” She asks me smiling.

“Nothing is going on Wanda. You’re just seeing things again.”

“D.e.n.i.a.l.” she spells out the word and I roll my eyes while smirking a bit.

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