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(8) Culo.

Nala POV:

I blast a reggaeton playlist in my apartment as I deep clean the floors. Lexy has been having terrible diarrhea lately because of her new food, so I whip out the fabulous and my bomb box. While Lexy sits in her bed looking guilty.

I listen and sing to a pit bull song as I dance with my mop. I slide down the pole, like a stripper, then slide back up. Hell yeah, I’ve still got it.

“Esa jevita está enterita, tiene tremendo...”


My head snaps behind me in horror, as I realize my angry boss just finished the lyrics. Earth, please swallow me whole. Luckily I’m decently dressed this time.

“Lorenzo?! What the hell? We already had the, ‘no barging into my apartment unannounced conversation!’”

“Nice dance moves Nala.” He says and I can tell he wants to smile but is too stubborn. I turn the music off and face him with my hands on my hips.

“What do you want boss?”

“To tell you the date went horribly, and that I need you to be my date.”

My mouth drops in disbelief. I had a feeling that the date was going to go wrong, but I never imagined this.

“Umm...” I don’t know what to say to him.

“Nala, you are coming to the wedding with me as my fake date. It’s just temporary, so don’t worry.”

Don’t worry?

“Have you lost your mind, Lorenzo? You’re my boss. It would look totally bad if I pretend to date you.”

He sighs.

“My family doesn’t know who my assistant is, so it’s not a problem. It would just be for the wedding then we get back to our normal self’s. What do you say?”

I think about it but he cuts me off.

“You know what? No. You don’t get a say Nala. You’re coming with me.” He says as a matter of factly and I glare at him as I step into his space and press a finger to his chest.

“No,” I say firmly.

“Yes,” He challenges.

“Maybe,” I ease up.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He says with a smirk before walking up to the bomb box and turning up the volume. I look at him curiously as he makes his way to my fridge as if he lives here.

“Looking for something boss?”

He crunches down and moves things around in the fridge.

“Liquor. I could use some.”

I snicker.

“Hell... so could I,” I say as walk over, open a top drawer and pull out a bottle of Puerto Rican Pitorro.

“Here have some of this, if you think you can handle it, tough guy.” I slide the bottle towards him over the counter and he raises an eyebrow in question.

“It’s Pitorro, in other words... Puerto Rican moonshine. It’s very illegal, and very delicious. Don’t ask how I got it.”

He laughs.

“You must really like me if you are willing to share this with me Nala.”

I shake my head.

“Just wait till you try it.”

I pour 2 shots into a regular cup and hand into him.

“Don’t smell it, just drink it, Lorenzo.”

He gives me an, ‘I don’t trust you’ look, but drinks it anyway.

I can tell he’s about to spit it out so place my hand to his mouth and laugh hysterically as he harshly swallows it.

He looks at me in shock and I roll in laughter as I take the bottle and drink straight from it.

“Is that going to kill me Nala? How strong is that?”

I swallow and place the bottle down.

“Do be so dramatic it’s only 90 proof liquor.”

He gasps in horror.

“90 proof?!” I nod holding back a laugh.

“Damn what the fuck?... give me some more of that.” He says with a smirk and I shake my head smiling.

“I knew you would like it. It has a nice fruity after taste.”

I pour some into his cup and soon we are both slammed drunk as we tell each other funny stories and listen to music.

I haven’t moved from my stool by the counter and he hasn’t moved either. I think we’re both afraid to find out exactly how drunk we are if we start walking, but I’m having too much fun right now to care.

“Come dance with me,” I tell him as and old daddy Yankee song starts playing and he laughs.

“Nala, you’re drunk, and I’m drunk, and that sounds like a really bad idea.”

“Aww, I didn’t think you were chicken,” I say upset and he looks at me with a soft expression before standing next to me and offers me a hand. I take his hand and arch an eyebrow in surprise.

“I might regret this later, but right now, let’s pretend we don’t work together. I want your body all over mine.” He says in a deep sexy voice, that gives me chills, and heats me up all at once.

I smirk as I let him lead me to the middle of my living room. He presses his body to mine as hands travel all over my curves. Suddenly I feel nervous.

“Ahh... umm. Do you know how to dance to this music?”

I ask and he shrugs.

“Not really, but I was hoping you would show me.”

Then he spins me and presses the front of his body to the back of mine.

“Just let go Nala. Dance reggaeton the way you would with your friends.”

Oh.. ha! he’s asking for it now. I giggle as I begin to grind on him and shake my ass over his bulge. I dance slower to feel a little bit of his forbidden fruit, and he groans in pleasure. It seems he has some flow to his dancing as well, and he grinds with me.

“Shit Nala... you’re making me...”

I bite my lip as I feel it growing.


“Yes.” He says before inhaling quickly.

I let out a little moan as I slide down his body slowly, and seductively. His fingers find their way into my hair, and grip it hard, and demanding. I slide back up his body and rest the back of my head on his shoulder as I continue to dance on him.

“Oh my God. Bend over Nala.” He demands out of breath.

“Mmmm. Yes, boss.”

This is so fucking hot. I lean forward as my butt firmly presses to his erection, and he holds me up by my hair.

Oh, fuck this is getting too hot too quick. Where’s the line I shouldn’t cross? I’m too drunk to see it.

He grinds into me this time while gripping my hips.

“Ahh, Lorenzo. You feel amazing.” I admit in a moan before I have time to stop myself.

“Nala, you do not wanna know the dirty thoughts I’m having right now with this sweet ass of yours pressed to me. Fucking hell.”

I lift myself back up as the song comes to an end then I turn to face him, out of breath, and turned on. He looks at me with a fire in his eyes that soaks me up. I press my forehead to his.

“Lorenzo,” I whisper softly as I catch my breath, then his lips slam to mine hungrily. I moan in bliss and feel my chest inflate.

My run my fingers through his soft, thick hair, and tug lightly, as the kiss intensifies.

I’ve been wanting to kiss him for a long time, wondering how his lips would feel against mine. Ravishing me. It’s hotter than I imagined.

Our tongue’s fight for dominance, as our hands, get greedy. Then he pulls away and holds me back his chest heaves, as he burns me with his gaze.

“What are we doing Nala?”

I ignore his question and kiss him again. He groans as I suck his lip into my mouth and pull back with a satisfying pop.

“Alright, you fucking asked for it.” He says as he lifts me over his shoulder and places me on the kitchen counter.

I bit my lip as I pop open his shirt buttons, and he watches as I feel his hard abs beneath my fingers.

He lets out a shaky breath before lifting my shirt over my head and throwing it behind him. He looks at me like a starved man would look at a full meal. Before kissing me passionately and working on my shorts zipper.

He pulls my head back by my hair and sucks on my neck as I open his pants and push them down.

Fuck... This is really happening. My bra is off in seconds, along with the rest of our clothes.

“Nala. Tell me to stop.” He says as his member is rubbing along my slick folds teasingly.

“Do you feel how wet I am for you, Lorenzo?”

He hisses.

“Ah fuck it.” He slams into me filling my up completely and my kitty stretches deliciously around him. My head falls back in a loud whimper.

“Ahhh, yes! Fuck me, Lorenzo. Hard.”

He smashes his lips to mine possessively, with a grunt.

He slams into my kitty hard and fast, and I struggle to catch my breath. I can see why so many women were yelling his name in his office those late hours, he’s a damn sex god.

“I’ve wanted you for so long Nala, that I don’t think I can last. Are you on the pill?”

I nod, as I grip the edge of the counter.

“I’m not going to last either Lorenzo,” I say in a high pitched voice as I clench around him tightly.

“Ah fuck, that’s it Nala, squeeze me with those slick walls.”

At that, I come hard and yell his name in ecstasy, and he follows suit as he fills me up to the brim with hot cum.

He leans onto me as he catches his breath and slowly slides out of me dripping.

“What are the consequences of what we’ve just done?” He asks me concerned as we get dressed.

Then it starts to hit me like a bus... I just fucked the daylight out of my boss that I’m supposed to be finding the ‘perfect woman’ for, and I fucking enjoyed every second of it.

“Do you regret it, boss?”

He doesn’t even think about it, as he turns to face me fully clothed.

“No, and that’s the problem.”

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