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(9) I blame pitorro

The next day at work I sit at my desk with a pulsing headache and a dirty mind.

I can’t stop thinking of Lorenzo since last night. And I haven’t even seen him all day, since I’m pretty sure he’s avoiding me, as much as I’m avoiding him.

“Charlie!” I call put to my assistant and he walks towards me with a smile.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Hey, do you mind taking these files to Lorenzo?”

He nods and takes the files from my hands, but I see the questions in his eyes.

“Are... um... I don’t want pry or anything, but it seems you and the head boss are mad at each other or something.” He looks down nervously as if he shouldn’t have said that and I chuckle.

“We’re not mad at each other Charlie, we’re just... feeling a bit antisocial.”

He looks at me curiously but decides better not to ask any more questions.

“I guess I can relate from time to time. I’ll give this to the boss right now.”

I nod.

“Thank you, Charlie.”

He walks out and I let out a deep breath and lay my head down on my desk. I shut my eyes for a few seconds before a sound startles me.

*knock, knock*

“Come in.”

Lorenzo walks into my office and my stomach drops in nervousness. He rarely knocks, he usually just barges in. I avoid his gaze as I speak.

“What can I do for you boss?”

He sighs.

“Nala, this is ridiculous isn’t it?”

I pretend to type on my keyboard.

“What is?”

“This. Avoiding each other, you not looking at me. Having Charlie send me your stuff even though my office is right next door.”

I finally look into his eyes and I realize that he looks emotionally hurt.

“Lorenzo, what’s the matter?” I stand up from my chair and walk over to him, and he takes a deep breath.

“I fucking missed you today. Your constant bickering, your cute fits. Let’s just talk about this so that we can go back to the way things were before.”

I heart swells then deflates, at his confession. He talks like he’s falling for me. There’s no way right?

“Okay, Lorenzo. Let’s talk.”

But we both stand there in silence for a while not knowing what to say. Then he finally speaks.

“Is it bad that I want you right now? That I want to bend you over that desk and take you again? Because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it Nala.” He admits with a defeated sigh.

“I... I have been thinking about that too Lorenzo, so I hope you realize that...”

“We can’t go back to the way we were? Yes, I now realize that.” He finishes my thoughts as he massages his temples stressed.

“But... um Maybe we could just forget that ever happened, and with time things might get back to normal.” I say trying to ease his stress, not that I believe it myself.

He nods

“Perhaps you’re right.”

I offer him a half-smile.

“Yes, now get out of here before I lose my favorite pen.”

I warn him and he chuckles warmly.

“There’s my Nala.”

My Nala? I nearly melt at that. I look into his eyes speechless and he winks before casually walking out.


I text Wanda during lunch break about what’s going on, and I don’t leave anything out.

Wanda:[ What do you mean you enjoyed it? I thought you could stand your boss.]

Nala:[ That’s not true... I mean we argue a lot but he’s practically my other best friend, ya know? We just understand each other.]

Wanda:[ What I understand is that you shouldn’t be trying to hook him up with women who aren’t YOU. Nala, I know you have feelings for him so just go for it.]

Nala:[ It’s not that simple Wanda. I would lose my job, and people’s respect if word got out, that I’m sleeping with my boss.

Oh and... I forgot to mention that he invited me to his sister’s wedding as his fake date.]

Wanda: [ Ouch, what a low blow, but on the bright side you could have a little fun with your so-called fake date.]

I shake my head at the screen, already knowing she’s got some bad ideas going through her head.

Nala:[ My lunch break is over Wanda, I’ll talk to you later mami, bye!]

Wanda:[ Oh you’re definitely not getting out of this that easy Nala. TTYL!]


The rest of the day is feeling a lot less awkward, but still stressful with all the workload. I’m grateful that at least I’m too distracted to think about a certain sexy CEO next door.

My cheeks flush.

Charlie comes through my door with an ‘I got a secret kind of look.’ He’s usually not the type to gossip so this must be good.

“So...” he begins as he leans against the wall casually. It’s so strange to see him this relaxed.


“So I got a memo from the head boss to tell you that you need to buy a dress for the wedding soon, and to give you the company card.”

He slides the card onto my desk and raises an eyebrow in question.

“Curious Charlie?”

He doesn’t even hide it this time.


I nod.

“Okay Charlie, two can play at this game. While you’re here maybe you can explain the supposed ′hair serum’ that was on my desk a few weeks ago.”

He looks at me horrified and gulps. I got him.

“Who was it? Was it the new intern who is clearly in love with you?” I ask him and he winces.

“You mean Ryland?”

I nod.

“Well it was supposed to be a secret that we’re together, but I swear that was actual hair sperm... I.. I mean serum.”

I tilt my head at him.

“Was it?”

He sighs.

“No... it was cum, and I’m so sorry. We shouldn’t have done the nasty in your office, and it won’t happen again.”

I gasp. Not expecting him to admit it.

“Well then... your secret is safe with me Charlie.”

He smiles relieved.

“And you’re secret about the wedding date with the super-hot billionaire boss, is safe with me as well.”

He winks and I roll my eyes giggling.

“It’s a friendly date okay. Nothing serious, but I’m curious why he would send you that memo.”

He shrugs.

“The memo was supposed to go to you, but the boss must be so distracted that he accidentally sent it to me. I wonder what’s got him so distracted.”

He pretends to think about it, and I through a pen at him which he slides away from last second. Damn my aim is getting worse since I’m out of practice.

“Who are you, and what did you do to Charlie?”

He chuckles.

“My psychiatrist told me that I needed to make more friends in the workplace so this is me trying.”

I smile at him.

“Took you long enough Charlie. I needed someone to fill in the spot for Gay best friend.”

He laughs.

“I’m not gay, I just like Dick.”

“Oh, my gosh same! We already have so much in common.” I tell him and he looks relieved to finally be able to show his true personality.

“I’ll be honest with you Nala, you intimated the hell out of me all these months, but now I realize you’re just a badass she-boss, with the funniest personality.”

That made my day.

“Thank you, Charlie.”

He nods smiling and walks out.


After finishing my work I pop my head through Lorenzo’s office and he’s distracted with a book.

“You’re ready?” I ask him and he gasps being taken by surprise, before raising an eyebrow at me.

“Ready for what Nala?”

“Oh... you didn’t expect me to go shopping by myself did you? You do realize that I need your opinion right?”

He smirks.

“I don’t think there isn’t anything that wouldn’t look flawless on you Nala. You don’t need my help.” He says as he lifts the book back to his face to read it.

I squint my eyes at him before walking to his desk and snatching the book out of his hands.

“Hey! I’m reading that!”

He reaches over for the book but I pull it away as I begin to read it out loud.

“‘Oh Patrick, ye must know thy will never hurt me.’ Patrick stalks towards Bella with a hooded gaze. She should look around, and try to find an escape, but decides she wants to be his.”

I look away from the book and see Lorenzo staring at me with an intrigued expression, like a kid who is interested in hearing the rest of the story.

“Keep going Nala, that’s exactly where I left off.” He says casually as he pats his desk, silently telling me to sit on it.

I smile as I sit on his desk and continue to read. He is more of a romantic then I originally thought.

“′Bella thee hasn’t poison’d me with a desire I can nay longeth’r controleth.” Patrick cages Bella with his arms on either side of her. Bella knows she can no longer hide the truth, so she kisses him passionately in front of all of his friends, which he approves of while shamelessly devouring her.”

I look away from the book and set it down on his desk, with a grim smirk on my face.

“Why did you stop reading Nala? I actually prefer the way it sounds in your voice, its almost soothing.”

I smile warmly at him before shaking my head.

“I can’t believe I ever thought you were just a typical billionaire playboy, who only ever thought about sex and money. You’re the biggest romantic I’ve ever met Lorenzo.”

He tilts his head.

“I don’t know if that was an insult or a compliment but I’ll take it, and if you really want me to go shopping with you, then we’ll go tomorrow.”

“Awesome. You better wear comfortable shoes then because I plan on taking my sweet time boss.”

He groans frustrated.

“Don’t make me regret it Nala.”

I wink at him as I sashay out of his office, and feel his eyes linger on me.


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