The Rouge Queen and The Alpha Kings

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Williams and Wilson lost their father in the hands of the rouge King's, they have been out for revenge and ready to have his life. If there is anything they hate, it's a mate and worst of all, it's a rouge. They had set out to make the life's of every rouge a living hell. What happens when fate puts in their way a mate, not just any kind, a rouge, and to top it off, she is the rouge King's daughter, the current rouge queen Emily is the rouge queen and has always wanted a mate, someone to stay by her side and help her lead her kingdom. Someone she could love and build a family with. But she is blessed with two mate, well that's what she thought. But all she got was abuse, humiliation and worst of all, the death of her child, despite being the most powerful wolf, she was left broken by her own mates. While other give up when broken, she retaliates like a hurricane. What will happen when this three come together, will there be forgiveness and love at the end of the journey, will the packs and the rouge unite or will just one be left standing?

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Chapter 1

Emily pov
I was sitting in my study, going over the packs finances, handling one of the biggest rouge packs in the world is really hard, but being the rouge queen is even worse. I have to make sure that every rouge is comfortable and each rouge pack is able to support their members. I took over as queen around two months back. My father, the previous rouge king, decided to step down and hand over the responsibilities to me. He said that since I was eighteen years old, I’m old enough to take over from him, and it’s also the age where I can find my mate, but since I’m of alpha blood, I should have found him during my sixteenth birthday, who by the way will lead alongside me as the rouge king. I have been waiting for two years for him
Honestly, I have long wanted a mate since I was thirteen years old, I wanted to have what my parents had before my mother died when I was nine during an invasion. my father had never been the same since that day, but he showered me with all the love he could ever have, to this day, my father always talks about how much he loves her. He even turned down the chance of finding his second chance mate and said mom was the only one he will ever want. I wanted a mate that was as loving and caring as my parents were towards one another.
Anyway, while I was busy with my work, David, my beta, mind-linked me, telling me that we were under attack once again. You would think it would be other rouges fighting us, but NO, it’s this foolish pack nearby. I can never understand what we ever did to the Alpha kings, they always attack us, and never say what it is they are looking for, because of them, rouge packs all across the world are being attacked without reason, some say that they want our pack lands, and that rouges should never own land, being one of the infuriating laws stated by the alpha kings. More of this laws include that rouges should never be allowed into any pack, if seen they should be killed, another being that a rouge can never start their own pack, they have deemed a rouge to forever be a rouge. I really don’t understand their laws, I have been trying to put an end to this madness but to no luck, instead, my rouges keep being killed. We may have won and kept our lands over the five years since this madness began, but a lot of my warriors have died and I intend to end this soon.
Despite all this laws being unfair, they are risking the lives of werewolves across the globe. A lot of rouge alphas want to start their own packs; no one wants to be a rouge for the rest of their lives. When I took this position, I swore to protect and serve all rouges, and I’ll do anything it takes to make their dream come true. And did I tell you that I really hate all who are not rouge, especially the so called Alpha kings, fir just two reasons, firstly – The previous alpha king invaded our pack in order to fight for our land, and this had resulted in my mother’s death, having been killed by the alpha king himself. Secondly- I hate them because they kill my rouges without a valid reason why.
Anyway, David linked to me that we are under attack once again. “I’m on my way Dave, no one dies, if they do, I’ll personally kill them myself” I linked back getting up to leave and go protect. “where are you Dave, and what’s the status?” “we are on the Northern boarder… and alpha….” I had him say through the link, “what is it, just tell me straight” I said as I left the pack house, shifted mid-air and ran toward them. “well, this time it’s worse, the alpha kings are here personally. You need to hurry, we can’t take them on our own” “ok, I’ll be there soon, remember, you do not die” with that I closed the link and ran quicker. Just when they came into sight, my wolf, Nora, began to get weird, she was jumping around in my head, and being in wolf form, it was close to impossible to control her, o I just stopped, when behind a tree and shifted back to human form. I put on a shirt and shorts I found there. “what’s wrong with you Nora, I really can’t deal with you right now, we are at war?” I said to her in my head. “I can feel him. Mate, he is close, I need to find him” she said back restlessly. “Nora, he can’t be here, besides, you said ill pick up a scent if he was close by, all I smell now is the metallic smell of blood” I said to her annoyed, I had wolves to save, and no time for a mate right now. “ok, just go to the battle field and you will find him there, just get a bit closer and you will be able to catch his scent, it will be above the rest. And I know he can feel you too” “fine” with that I ran towards the battle, killing the wolves that came my way to attack me, even in human form, I can wreck a wolfs neck without breaking into sweat. Yep, I am that strong. As the rouge queen, I am as powerful as the king of all werewolves. Cool right?
As I was running to help Brian, my gamma, to take a wolf that was about to bite his neck off, I caught the most fantastic smell I have ever smelt, it was a mixture of strawberry, chocolate and rain, it made Nora go crazy, “mate. Mate. Mate. Go and find mate right now” Nora was shouting in my head, making me go crazy, “I’ll find him, just let me help Brian first” with that I ran toward him and tackled the wolf off then smiled at him. “stop standing around and find mate” Nora said trying to take control, “I can’t find him with this war going on, just remember that we have a pack to save first” I said helping more of my pack while trying to regain control, and my body was getting exhausted. “what if he dies during this war?” that had me stopping in my tracks and Nora took over. She let out a loud growled making every one stop in their actions and stare at me. “stop now, or I will end you all myself” she said using our alpha voice, my rouges quickly obeyed and went to stand on one side. With that, I was able to regain control, just then two figures stood before me growling “mine”. Nora was shouting in my head, “mate! Mate! Mate!” And only one thing came to my mind, ‘this is not happening’. The happiness of finding my mate was overshadowed by my hatred and anger.
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