Pregnant for the Alpha

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Nancy didn't expect her night to turn out so dark that day It was a stroll... that's all it was supposed to be Who would have thought that she was going to be raped by the very man she was fated to be with Copyright Fohwaa Egyir 2020 Pregnant for the Alpha A Macritti Werewolf Saga

Romance / Fantasy
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It was night time, the breeze sung as it passed through the forest, where a young girl wandered unknowingly.

She had only meant to go for a stroll, but all she saw overwhelmed her so much that she didn’t realize it was dark.

She felt cold of a sudden, goosebumps started to ride her skin and as fast as she could, she retraced her steps the pathway clearly in her mind.

It was abrupt and she certainly didn’t anticipate it. The sharp moving noise that caused her to trip over a tree root.

It was a nasty fall that caused a slight crack in her jaw. The pain was blinding and she could already feel blood trickle down her chin and into her gown.

But that wasn’t what bothered her the most. It was the rapid breathing she heard behind her. Slowly, she turned around and came face to face with the biggest wolf she had ever seen. The smell of beer-filled her nostrils.

Nancy didn’t get the chance to wonder why a wolf would drink beer when all of a sudden it grabbed her leg into its mouth. She screamed as she felt its teeth penetrate her skin.

It began to drag her, the ground ripping the clothes and scraping. Nancy didn’t know how much she could handle as the wolf dragged her carelessly deeper and deeper into the forest.

She was on the brink of passing out when all of a sudden the wolf stopped.

She wasn’t ready for what happened next.

It was brutal. What she had saved for so many years for who was to be the love of her life was so awfully taken by a wolf.

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