Pregnant for the Alpha

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Chapter 1

What happened to you? ”

Nancy’s grandma was shocked by how wretched her granddaughter looked when she finally got home a little after midnight

“Oh granny I.. I... ” Nancy struggled to speak. The last of her energy was used up when she knocked on the door and so with nothing to hold her up, she fell on her grandma.

“Oh daughter, I’ll take care of you, you’ll be okay”

“I’ll never be okay” Nancy mumbled before falling faint.

Unknown to Nancy, her grandmother had decided she couldn’t take care of her any longer so she had sold Nancy to a family up north and saved up the money for Nancy.

It was her crooked way of taking care of her for the last. She knew her days were numbered. It was getting harder to breathe nowadays. How unfortunate it is... She thought, that Nancy was to leave the next morning.

The old woman out of thought decided to write down the arrangement she had made for Nancy, and how she could reach the said home. She tended to her granddaughter’s visible wounds and laid down to sleep.

Unfortunately, Nancy’s grandmother didn’t make it through the night.

Next morning.....

Nancy woke up with a start. With happened to her so fresh in her mind, she couldn’t think straight.

Then she noticed her grandma wasn’t moving at all.

Reality dawned on her and tears began to wrack her body

“Grandma! Grandma!”

“Please wake up, please wake up”

“It’s already hard enough, please” Nancy sobbed continuing to shake her grandmother awake as if it would somehow work.

After a long while, the note her grandmother left her caught her eye. Reading the letter did nothing to ease her situation but at least she knew she had a new place to call her home.

Nancy wrapped up her grandmother’s body and committed her soul and body to the moon god. She tried to smile as she watched her grandmother’s body twinkle and fade into the atmosphere.

She later sank onto the floor muttering over and over again to herself, “why me?”

Eventually, she picked herself up and gathered her belongings. She was sure her new caretakers were waiting for her.

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