Pregnant for the Alpha

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Chapter 2

The Macritti Household

Nancy stood mesmerized at the fortress before her. She had been here before but at the time, her youthful brain was not able to comprehend the magnificent nature of it all at the time

She climbed the staircase up to the door and knocked. She was about to knock the second time when the door opened.

It was an old-looking man, rather handsome ...immediately a smile graced his face

“You must be Nancy Kuffos” He stated as a matter of fact. “ Yes please, may I come in” Nancy said as politely as she could. She hoped he could see how tired she was.

“Oh sure, It’s wonderful to know that you’ll be working with us soon.

“I guess”

As soon as Nancy saw the sofa outside the doorway, she collapsed into it and sighed in contentment allowing her emotions to take over.

“Who gave you permission to sit in my mother’s oldest chair?”

Startled at the foreign voice, Nancy scrambled out of the chair, tripping onto the floor in a nasty heap. The sudden movement caused her scent to hit the person who scolded her. He calmed down a bit because it struck him as something familiar.

“Baako, Baako!”

Frantic footsteps accompanied by this sweet but strangled voice came closer. It was a smallish woman wearing a pink dress.

“Why do you have to scare the little lady like that?” she squealed checking Nancy to see whether she was okay”

“Honey are you okay?” she asked helping Nancy to her feet. Tears were already welling in her eyes. Before she realized, she was full-on sobbing.

“I...I… I’m sorry Mrs.. Mrs….Macritti.. I didn’t mean to” Nancy sniffed trying hard to bite back her tears ’Was I really that worthless?” she thought to herself in contempt.

Nancy allowed her new mistress to sit her in the same armchair.

She left grabbing Baako and pulling him into an inner room.

“She’s with child”

“What?” he growled in disbelief.

“Did you not sense it, Baako?’ he shook his head.

“Maybe, because it’s only two days old” Mrs. Macritti’s lips quivered. She had not bargained for this but she knew the laws of their world prevented her from letting her go just like that.

Baako left informing his mom that he had some business to attend to, now Mrs. Macritti was left with the challenge with a new housekeeper who was two days pregnant.

Nancy was dozing when Mrs. Macritti finally came back.

“I’m going to lead you to your room now,” she said startling Nancy awake. She took hold of her hands and placed a sheet of paper entailing her terms of service in her palms.

“Read this after you have rested, now.. Follow me”

When Nancy finally entered what was to be her new room, she was speechless.

Instead of asking for a less exquisite one like she wanted to do, she began to thank Mrs. Macritti profusely.

“Oh stop it” she responded turning red.

“Okay I’ll be off now” she left Nancy to herself.

At first, the only thing she did was to stare.. Then as if something foreign took over her, she jumped onto the giant bed breathing in the scent of something masculine and strong.

Masculine? The bed smelt like it was used recently.

“Oh for Petesakes!! What are you doing in my bed?” Baako appeared at the doorway looking very livid.

“Out of my room, NOW!!!”

“And the take the stinking bedsheets with you”

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