Pregnant for the Alpha

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Chapter 3

Nancy wondered whether this was some sick trick the woman played on her or it was a genuine mistake.

She couldn’t move, all she could do was stare at the man in shock.

“I am being calm about this so i don’t want to have to say it twice,” he said sharply enough to shake Nancy into action.

As quickly as she could she grabbed the sheets and run out of the room sobbing for the third time that day.

Blindly walking, she didn’t notice him and so she bumped into the butler who let her into the house.

He smiled at her opening his mouth to tell her not to worry about it but then he noticed her tears and frowned.

“What’s wrong, miss? What’s gotten ye so upset on your first day?”

" I can’t find my room” she hiccuped and sniffled.

“Aww no worries, right this way” he said leading the way.

Along the way, he stopped abruptly and held his hands open infront of her. It didn’t take long for her to notice he was referring to the bedsheets.

Gingerly, she placed them into his hands and just like that, he continued leading the way.

Her room didn’t take her by surprise this time. It wasn’t as extravagant as the one given to her by mistake.

She thanked him and closed the door. She assessed the room, pleased to see that the basic things she needed were there.

She could finally relax but all this crying had taken a toll on her body and she just wished her misery would end.

‘Why is Mr. Macritti so mean to me’ she thought, feeling withdrawn and lonely.

From that moment, she swore to avoid him at all costs.

All that had happened to her was catching up with her and so with her eyes slowly closing, she gave in to sleep.

Meanwhile, the butler was heading for Mrs. Macritti’s lounge where he knew she would be.

He was very surprised at the mix up between Nancy and Baako’s room that he even quickened his steps into a run.

“Mistress Macritti,” he said upon seeing her in the lounge.

She looked up at him urging him to go on. “Mistress Macrittii,I humbly ask for a moment to speak with you, there may have been a problem. “

“What is the matter, Michael?” she smiled putting him at ease.

“You gave the new girl Lord Baako’s room by mistake” he bowed waiting for her to speak.

“I did? Oh no, is she okay?” Mrs. Macritti looked shaken. ‘How was this even possible, I was so sure’ she thought to herself in wonder.

“She was very upset when I encountered her in the hallway leading to the third wing of the house.”

“No worries Mrs. Macritti, I saw to it that she was given her actual room”

“Good, good, I may have to go talk to Baako, I know particular he is about his things”

“Yes Mistress, I shall take my leave now” the butler said turning around.

“But wait Michael,” she called out stopping the butler.

“Don’t you think he seems a little off lately? Baako…”

“Yes mistress, I noticed so too”

The butler then left the lounge leaving Mrs. Macritti to her thoughts.

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