Pregnant for the Alpha

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Chapter 4

Nancy had just woken up from her sleep. She peeked at the wall clock to see it was half-past four.

She was still very tired but was not ready to go back to sleep.

Her palm was still wrapped around the sheet of paper Mrs. Macritti gave to her.

Nancy yawned as she rolled the note open but her yawn was cut short when saw what exactly was on the list.

From now on my dear lady, these are your tasks

Cooking meals for Mr. Baako Macritti

Cleaning Mr. Baako Macritti’s room

Washing Mr. Baako Macritti’s clothes

Changing Mr. Baako Macritti’s bedsheets

Cleaning Mr. Baako Macritti’s bathroom

Cleaning Mr. Baako Macritti’s kitchen

Running errands for Mr. Baako Macritti

Walking dogs for Mr. Baako Macritti

Entertaining Mr. Baako Macritti

You are going to be at Mr. Baako Macritti’s beck and call.

Nancy shed a tear when she understood the implications of what this meant. She was going to have to face the man who had decided he didn’t like her for no reason every day and needless to say, she wasn’t happy.

But she had to suck it up because she had no choice.

She lifted the back of her palm and cleaned her tears from her face. Nancy looked at the list once more and stashed it in her dress pocket.

She was guessing her duties started that day but she had no idea where everything was in the house and so was going to dedicate the rest of the day to exploring.

With more difficulty than what was normal, she got down from the bed.

She proceeded to inspect the room.

In the corner was a wardrobe which she opened to reveal a set of beautiful long dresses that were just about her size.

Quickly, she changed out of what she was wearing and put on one of the dresses. It was a deep shade of purple.

She smiled as it happened to be her favorite color. She felt comfortable for the first time that day.

The first thing she noticed when she first entered the house was how massive it was and so the thought of moving through it was daunting.

Feeling satisfied with her appearance, she opened the door and glanced outside. It was oddly quiet. Her general perception of all pack houses was that they were noisy.

After much thought, she thought she’d prefer the quiet more.

Nancy stepped out onto the hallway and closed the door behind her. Since her bedroom was at the dead end, she had no choice but to go in the direction of the room of the only Macritti who seemed to intimidate her.

She walked fast and practically run until she was way past the door to the room she remembered all too well.

She let out a sigh of relief when the room was no longer in sight.

Walking aimlessly, she found a set of stairs that led upwards and so she climbed up. Nancy was somewhat disappointed to find that this wing of the house was exactly like where her room was.

Nevertheless, she moved to the first room and turned the door handle pushing the door open.

She was surprised to see the room was completely empty even though it looked freshly painted.

It was a combination of a light shade of blue and lemon green. Her heart was at peace as the smell of the paint appeased her.

She left the room and did the same with every other room on the floor. This was the most fun she had had that day and she was getting more and more excited to explore all the more.

The most important thing for her to do that day was to note where Mr. Baako’s kitchen was since she would be spending a lot of her time there.

Nancy didn’t want to go bothering anyone and so she decided to find the kitchen herself. It would be way easier if she just asked Mr. Macritti where his kitchen was but she didn’t have the confidence to do so as he happened to make sure of that.

She was still wandering around when all of a sudden she found herself in the grandest kitchen she had ever seen. It was luxurious to the point it burned her eyes. Tears literally started to flow from her eyes. She had never seen such beauty in her life and it felt incredible

“Why are you crying?” someone asked startling Nancy. She gasped when she saw who was in the kitchen with her.

“Mr. Macritti… this wo..won’t ha.. happen again” she stuttered hurriedly cleaning her tears away with her bare hands and proceeded to back out of the kitchen.

“No,stay,” he said gruffly; stopping her in her tracks.

“You are going to be responsible for my meals, is that not correct?”

Nancy nodded trying to look as stoic as possible.

“Then I should show you around and teach you how I like my meals”

Nancy gulped and nodded.

The atmosphere was tense and she felt very uneasy.

“Come” he motioned to her leading her into what was going to be a very eventful evening.

“This is the master stove, it’s made of fine Nigerian wood, you will be cooking every single one of my meals on this, at least all the meals that require heat.”

Nancy had to pause several times in order to catch her breath. She was getting very tired and his pace didn't help one bit.

“This is the master cabinet,” he said proceeding to open what looked like a very big storeroom reaching to the ceiling.

As soon as he opened it, the strong scent hit Nancy full force causing a wave of intense nausea to roll over her.

She retched and her legs almost gave way.

Baako noticed this and in alarm, he carried her to the kitchen’s spare bathroom. Somewhere from his memory, he recalled his mother telling him she was pregnant.

He placed her in front of the toilet and left the bathroom to give her privacy

From where he stood, he could hear the sounds of her vomiting and it disgusted him a little.

“How was a sick person going to cater for my meals?” he fumed inside his head

After what seemed like a long time, he noticed there were no longer any noises coming from the room and it was strangely quiet.

In annoyance, he threw the door open to find a very passed out Nancy.

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