Pregnant for the Alpha

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Chapter 5

Baako groaned.

He was not ready for this. He debated leaving her there or carrying her to his room and his emotions got the better of him.

He stooped down to pull Nancy who he realized was very heavy into his arms and he raced to his bedroom.

His heart had already begun to race.

Upon entering his room and shutting the door, he debated once again, whether he should lay her on his bed or on his floor.

He laid her on his floor.

Baako was at loss at what to do. He certainly hoped she was not dead.

On the floor, Nancy began to twitch making him shiver in alarm.

He quickly lifted her and placed her on his couch.

“There, that’s better” he blew air out his mouth to cool down.

“Something’s not right,” he thought as he sniffed the air. At that exact moment. Nancy shot up from the couch and vomited all over the floor.

“God no!” Baako groaned, sounding livid.

“Clean this up now! Lady!” he screamed at her but she was not paying attention.

“Something’s wrong with me, something’s wrong with me,” Nancy said repeatedly as she rocked her body with her hands to her belly.

“Shit” Baako said when she passed out again.

He was so scared that the only left to do was to let his wolf instinct take over.

He obeyed as his wolf told him to lift her off the couch and place her in his bed.

He also sprinted to find a fan, to wave repeatedly over Nancy’s face.

Nancy didn’t move an inch no matter how hard he tried and so he ditched the fan and raced to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.

He tipped the glass pouring everything on her face but she didn’t even flinch.

As a last resort, he picked her up and settled on sending her to the pack doctor. It was a long walk from the house and this irked him a bit.

Upon entering the building he explained Nancy’s condition to the nearest health worker and she was immediately plucked out of his arms and taken care of.

As he watched them send her away ahead of him, something scratched at his conscience. It was as if he needed to remember something.

All of a sudden.. there was a loud banging sensation in his head causing him to stumble. The image that has crossed his mind briefly was so disturbing and clear, it was him in wolf form and he had his teeth sunken in human flesh, a human leg. It was so unsettling that he tried to push it to the back of his head.

Feeling traumatized, he collapsed onto the first seat in his sight. He was breathing heavily.

“Are you in any need of assistance Master Macritti?!” he looked up to find one of the hospital nurses looking down at him frightened.

She had clearly seen his breakdown.

“No, how is the girl?” he asked instead referring to Nancy.

“Miss Nancy? I’ll go find out right away” she said leaving him in silence.

Moments later, he heard footsteps making their way towards him.

He looked up to see Nancy walking alongside the same nurse who came to his aid.

Seeing she was okay lifted a weight he never knew was there off of his shoulders.

“How are you,?” Baako asked Nancy when they were finally out of the hospital.

“Fine” Nancy mumbled.

Baako couldn’t help himself, he had to find out whether Nancy was the girl from his memory so he grabbed her waist and crouched down to look at her right leg.

“Wha! What are you doing?” Nancy tried to wiggle out of his grip but he was too strong.

He saw that none of her legs had scars and he kept looking several times to make sure.

Even though he was satisfied that it was not Nancy, something still didn’t feel right and it was bugging him.

When he finally composed himself he looked at Nancy who quickly looked away to avoid eye contact. He could see from the corner of her eyes that she was tearing up and he felt terrible all of a sudden.

“Look I’m sorry”

“It’s fine master” she mumbled tight lipped

“Master?” Baako said, confused.

“Yes, I’m your servant, Mistress Macritti made that clear in the note she gave me.” she said, refusing to look him in the eyes.

“Oh” he uttered flustered.

“Okay” he cleared his throat when they finally stepped into the Macritti household “Since I’ve already shown you around my kitchen and what to do, I want you to take a bath, change into something nice and make me some dinner”

She nodded as she watched him retreat quickly in the direction of his room.

When he was out of sight, she quickly made her way to her room locking the door as soon as she was in.

She relaxed against the door thinking about words she never thought would come across her mind so soon

“I’m pregnant” she whispered to herself.

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