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“You can’t love me, Amanda, they’ll find out.” Jaxon says. Amanda King, the only half angle half demon in her whole city. The city is filled with supernaturals, but there is only one rule for her district only. You can never leave the city without telling the mayor, but Amanda is a rule breaker. What will happen when she meets a dragon named Jaxon? Dragons have their own city. The only rule is to not be involved with demons. Will Amanda and Jaxon find a way to escape or will this plan creat chaos between the cities?

Romance / Drama
Dakota Byron
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Angle Of Death

People judge me for who my parents are. My father is a demon and my mother is a angle. After a few years since they meet, 1998 came and I was born. Amanda King. I’m a hybrid of angle and demon. Where I live is a city full of supernatural beings. The one downside is that every district has their own rules.

If you’re in district one that means your kind is more common than others. I live in district twenty, which means my kind is very very rare. The most important rule for the whole city, is to never leave without telling the mayor ( also if you’re wondering the mayor is a vampire) and he will assign you basically a bodyguard to watch you.

Rule three is also important because if the humans found out that the supernaturals exists it can cause some type of crisis between the two and la la la. Anyways today is probably one of the best days for a 21 year old woman, my friend Hannah is getting married to DJ. Hannah is a witch and DJ is a vampire, to be honest it’s quite interesting to watch them fight.

“Amanda! I’m so glade you made it!” Hannah announces while giving me a huge hug. “Well I was kinda forced to be here so..” I turn toward her. “Oh you know how much I love your sarcasm!” Hannah smiles. “Have you seen Nathen or Noir anywhere?” Hannah asks. “You think I’m supposed to know where they are all times?” I say while buying another drink. “Well, they’re your brothers.” Hannah states. “Older brothers, that means they don’t tell anyone where they’re going. Also they can take care of themselves.” I argue.

Nathen is the oldest out of us at 23 years. Noir is 22 years and I am the youngest out of the bunch. Nobody dares to mess with us, they respect us.

“Well, hello pretty ladies.” Frank says taking my drink out of my hand. “Hey! I was drinking that.” I announced. “Should I find another way to quench my thirst?” Frank says as he turns to me. “Well, my blood is poisonous to other supernaturals including humans when they touch my blood. So I’m off the list.” I state taking a sip of my drink. “I’m gonna go and find DJ.” Hannah announces, leaving Frank and I at the bar.

“Well, Amanda King. The famous demon in the city...” Frank says before I cut him off. “I’m also a angel.” I say. “Anyways, you’re beautiful, nice, sarcastic the list goes on.” Frank says. “What do you want?” I ask looking at him. “What makes you think I want something?” Frank asks innocently. “Well, you went on this whole thing saying that I’m beautiful, nice and blah blah blah, so.” I point out. “Can I not compliment my best friend?” Frank asks. “Ugh, fine. I need another blood bag. This is the last time I’ll ask because when I get it I’ll have full strength,speed, and others.” Frank says. “Ugh, fine. If you ask again for me to sneak into the tower, I’ll..” I say getting cut off. “I know, I know.” Frank says.

All the vampires that live in the city have to drink animal blood, not human. In the tower, there’s a hospital, and in that hospital has a freezer full of human blood bags. Basically half of the vampires have stolen blood bags before, but Frank being the imbecile he is, got caught by my dad. After the wedding I went to the tower to get into the hospital.

In my dads closet, there’s a paper that has all the codes for the city, and I made sure that I got a photocopy. One main code that I made sure I got was the gate code. There’s a gate all around the city that prevents supernaturals to leave the city. Humans can leave and enter without the need of the passcode. Which is kinda unfair. Any supernatural creature can see the gate, humans can’t, it’s invisible to the human eye.You’re probably wondering, ‘Amanda, you can just jump over the gate, or get a witch to do witchy stuff to it’ well, we all wish it was that easy.

I went into the freezer and grabbed the blood bag, and all of a sudden I hear footsteps, coming toward the main office. It sounds like Noir and Chanel. Oh god. I snuck toward the main office to hear what they’re talking about.

“Noir, can you like, hurry up?” Chanel asks. “You have to hold on. Amanda’s sneaky. She’s really great at hiding crap.” Noir states. I bet they’re looking for Nathen’s key to our house. “How hard is it to find your brothers house key?” Chanel questions. I told you. “Boo!” I jump out scaring both Chanel and Noir. “Jesus, Amanda!” Chanel yells, falling backwards. “I got you guys!” I say doing my happy dance.

My brothers get all the girls, no matter what. I have to say that they are attractive, I guess. It’s like, everytime I go home there’s girls all over my brothers, and I’m fine with that, but when I even look at a guy, they go crazy.

“Amanda, why are you here?” Noir asks leaning on the wall. “I’m here because I had to grab something.” I say, standing my ground. “What is it?” Noir asks. “That’s none of your business Noir.” I say. “Well it is since I’m your older brother Amanda.” Noir says. “Well I’m not telling.” I announce. “Amanda.” “Noir.” I start to walk backwards towards the hall. “Don’t make me do this.” Noir whispers, walking slowly towards me. I start running out of the tower and going home. Noir follows behind me, but since it’s night it’s easier to hid, since he’s way faster than I am. I hid in the bushes right outside of Franks house, waiting for Noir to pass by. Since he’s a full demon, he can tell if I’m near, so I have to hurry.

“Do you have it?” Frank asks opening the door. “Yes” I say out of breath. “Woah, are you okay?” Frank asks putting the blood bag on his table. “Yeah Im fine. I have to go.” I say running away.

I kept running through the woods because it’s the quickest way home other than the road, and I can’t let Noir get me. He’s the thing about my brothers and I. If I keep something hidden from them, they chase me until I tell them. It’s actually pretty fun. I took a little break and sat on the floor, waiting to hear If Noir is close. Demons can tell if anyone is near, which is pretty nice. All of a sudden, Noir comes from behind me and tackles me.

“I got you.” Noir says, sitting next to me. “That you did.” I agreed with his staement. “So now, why were you in the tower?” Noir asks. “Why do you want to know so badly?” I ask laying on the grass beneath me. “You’re my baby sister. I want to protect you.” Noir says petting my head. “I was there for a friend. That’s it.” I admit. “Are you gonna tell me who this friend is?” Noir questions. “It’s Frank. Frank Milano.” I answer. “God Amanda. Can you just stay away from him?” Noir asks. “Can you tell me why you don’t like him?” I ask. “Its..a long story.” Noir says. “Well, we have time. Tell me.” I say sitting up. “You remember when we did a big town meeting when you were fourteen to see what you are?” Noir asks. “Of course I remember that.” I say. “Remember when we revealed you’re half angle half demon, some-one poured blood all over you?” Noir says. “Yeah....” “well that was Milano.” Noir says. “That can’t be, how do you know?” I ask, feeling betrayed. “I knew someone was going to do that, since they did it to Nathen and I, so I put cameras.” Noir answers.

It was silent, I didn’t say anything afterwards, instead I have Noir a hug, that told him how I was feeling. Frank was one of my best friends. Yeah, he did that when I was fourteen, but still, that was embarrassing and cruel. So the next day I avoided him all day, and was hanging out with Noir, Chanel, and Melissa. Chanel has been my closest friend for as long as I can remember. Melissa is Chanel’s twin sister, and has also been a very good friend to me.

“Can everyone please go to the townhall for a meeting.” The speaker questions. “I really want to skip this meeting.” Melissa announces to us. “I’m with you. We can go to the bridge and annoy little kids.” I answer. “You two will not ditch the meeting. You guys already ditched like eighteen of them.” Chanel says. “Make that nineteen.” I say. “No, Amanda.” Noir says, giving me the look that he’ll drag me to the meeting. “Ugh fine.” I surrender.

“We have gotten word that the dragons moved back to London, which means you will have to have a body guard with you at all times when you leave. Demons, you will not leave without consulting a worker.” The mayor said.

“Do you know what this means?” Chanel turns toward me making sure no one can hear. “What does this mean?” I ask. “We’re gonna sneak out.” Chanel says.

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