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The BEAST series continues with the son of Niklaus. While Niklaus takes a back seat regarding their make shift pack in Oregon, his son Kaden takes over. Kaden Sexy as hell alpha Kaden, prince of beasts, has everything going for him. Looks, athletic body, a pack, and girls falling at his feet. Who is he to deny their affection? With a childhood promise broken, will Kade be able to recover his lost friend and mate? Hailee After catching her crush with another girl and feeling betrayed, Hailee is done crushing on someone who obviously didn't care that much about her. Mates be damned.

Romance / Fantasy
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It's been awhile since my family came back to Oregon. I loved it here. Well, mostly because he was here.


Kaden was my childhood crush. Kade, Lucas, Jake, and I used to play together when we were little.

Now here I am, fifteen and ready to try my luck with Kade. I hoped I would be able to feel the infamous tingles that crawl through your skin. Kaden has to be my mate. It would explain my constant obsession over him.

I've seen pictures of him recently before coming here. He was muscular and so fucking hot. He looked like a jock. Athletic and built.

I grabbed my compact out of my bag and checked my reflection as we drove out the middle of nowhere. The perfect place for private lycan housing.

Suddenly my compact was snatched from my hand by Jake who held it as far as his annoying kid arms could.

"Jake!" I hissed.

"What are you checking this for? Trying to look cute for Kade?"

"Shut up!" I groaned in annoyance.

"I doubt Kade's type is a nerd with braces." Jake teased. I snatched my compact from his hand and shoved it back into my bag.

"Hey! Be nice to your sister." My dad grumbled over the car radio.

My parents knew of my crush. They hope everything works out but mostly they worry my heart will be broken.

I rather not think about the possibility.

We pulled into a gated community and headed towards the main house where the alphas stayed.

Uncle Klaus, who isn't our actual uncle, stepped out of the house to greet us. My mom had stayed behind since this trip was going to be quick.

Dad nodded for us to go hang out with the other kids while he talked business with Klaus.

Jake ran off joining a group of kids headed to the training grounds. Jake couldn't wait to get his wolf. His dream was to come join Kade's pack once he does.

I smiled and made my way to find Kaden. He used to like to go into the woods and hunt rabbits.

Being born from two lycans, we were able to have their enhanced hearing and smell but we did not get our wolves until later. Depending on your rank, bloodlines, girl/boy and whatnot you could get your wolf early or later. Kade, being an alpha had a beast. He got his beast at thirteen.

I walked through the brush heading to his usual spot. It made me feel good knowing where is secret spot where he would go to get away from it all. I wanted to know everything about my possible future mate.

As I got closure, I began to hear voices. Curious, I krept closer, hearing a girl moan. My heart speed up as my feet carried me to the scene. Peering around a large tree, there they were.

My heart plummeted. Kaden laid over a brunette girl in a red and white sundress fucking her. His pants hung loose around his hips as he thrusted and groaned.

His hands roamed up her dress pushing her skirt up to her hips as she kissed his neck.

I felt tears build up in my eyes. I felt betrayed. What happened to our promise? I stepped back to run away but accidentally stepped on a stick alerting them.

My eyes darted to them seeing Kade. His eyes locked on mine uncaring until he realized it was me then his brows rose in shock.

"Shit. Hails." He leapt from the girl and began to button his pants.

The girl sat up and brushed her skirt back into place laughing. "Great job nerd."

This is the kind of girls Kade liked? The girl stood and walked past me bumping my shoulder a sickening glare. Chuckling, she sneered. "Nice head gear."

I hated my braces at that moment. I was too nerdy for Kaden. I wasn't good enough. This os why he broke our promise.

Kade patted my shoulder. I looked at his hand on me and wondered if I should try the skin to skin contact but I was upset. At this moment, I didn't care if I was.

Kade looked at me. "What are you doing here, princess?"

I scoffed fighting the tears. He and Lucas started calling me princess when we were kids. It was after Klaus started calling me princess since I was the only girl between the three main families. My dad had been Klaus' beta before he moved away for my mom's work.

"What's the matter?" He said turning to me and crossing his arms. His jaw was set waiting to hear it.

I kept walking back to the main house. "You know." I growled.

"Hails!" He called following me. "Stop being childish. It was a stupid promise. If you want, we can test it right now." He jogged in front of me extending his hand to me.

I looked at it hoping it would catch fire. I turned my heated gaze to him. "Are you fucking kidding me right now, Kade? Why would I?"

He rolled his eyes dropping his hand. "Hailee, you know as much as I do that if highly likely that we are not mates."

I stomped past him heading to the main house. Kaden followed a distance behind me like a dog.

I avoided eye contact and conversation with him for the rest of the day.

We were sitting in the livingroom waiting for dinner. Kade kept glancing at me from the couch. I had chosen the recliner to avoid sitting next to him.

"Hailee.." he called.

"Hails, come on."

I continued to ignore him as I flipped through the channels.

"Princess.." he cooed. Normally it would make me melt. Not this time asshole.

He rolled his eyes and laid back defeated.

Jake walked in to join us. Before he reached the couch, he stopped noticing that something was wrong. He looked between me and Kade before sitting down next to him on the couch. He teasingly Kade's shoulder earning him a scowl from the alpha. "Whatcha do?"

Instead of answering the question, Kade stood and walked away.

Jake looked at me curiously. I felt my eyes burn with unshed tears. Jake sat back and let me be sad knowing better than to pry.


It was dinnertime but I couldn't bring myself to see Kaden so I told my dad that I had a stomach ache.

Apparently Kade was also not 'feeling well'. I decided to head to one of the spare rooms to read a book while I waited for my dad to take us home.

I happened to walk by Kaden's room. His door was open a jar. I curiously glanced in seeing him sleeping. I suddenly had the urge to know. I told myself that regardless of the results, nothing would change. He betrayed me and that's that.

I quietly slipped in. He laid awkwardly on his stomach on his bed with an arm and a leg partially hanging off. I slowly reached out and touched his hand that hung from the bed with my index finger. My heart raced in my chest. I held my breath waiting for any indication.

It was there. The tingles.

He flexed his hand making me jump back. He felt it too.

Standing with a saddened sigh and a heavy heart, I left. Leaving behind my mate and my childhood crush.

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