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Unbreak me

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Lively broke up with the love of her life Chase. He was always her best friend growing up, and the two were inseparable. They started dating in college and were incredibly happy. Lively knew he was the man she was going to marry one day, until lively caught him, lip locked with another woman. Her heart shattered, and she knew she would never love a man again the way she loved him. He tried time and time again to make things right with her, but lively was too broken to accept him back. Two years go by, and she is surprised to see him again, while accidentally being invited to the same party. Will he be able to unbreak her heart? "If humans could bottle Endorphins. It would be the most used drug in the world. Love surpasses everything." He smiles down at our hands, while rubbing my hand in his. My heart swells. "Are you saying I'm your drug Chase?" His eyes snap to mine, as if a realization just hit him. "You are the only drug worth taking, getting addicted to, and possibly losing my life over Lively."

Romance / Drama
Arabella Cintron
4.8 9 reviews
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(1) flashbacks

It’s April 7th, the anniversary of the day I lost my heart forever, to a man that I wanted to be mine forever.

I rub my tired eyes. I know I sound pathetic, okay? I mean it’s been 2 years since the split, but I can’t get in out of me, no matter how hard I try. I’ve dated many guys since then, but none of them... we’re him.

I walk into my shower letting the hot water burn my freshly woken skin.

As the water hits my back I let myself re-live my life back when I felt happy.

Flashback #1:

I’m walking down the halls in high school making my way to art class when out of nowhere I get slammed into by one of the jocks running in the hallway. I fall onto the ground hard. My books scatter everywhere, and I’m more embarrassed then I am physically hurt.

The jock shrugs at me.

“Should have watched where you were going sophomore.” He says before chuckling and walking away.

Some people look at me curiously, but don’t help me, they just observe and walk to class, whispering to their friends. I try to get myself up feeling weak and humiliated when out of nowhere I hear my best friend’s voice, echo down the now-empty hall.

“Lively, what the hell are you doing on the ground? Did someone push you? You’re crying sprinkles.”

I didn’t even realize I was crying until he pointed it out. He looks at me worried for a split second, as he wiped at my tears, but then he looks pissed off.

“Tell me Lively. Who did this to you?” He asks this in a demanding tone, but I can’t tell him. He has already gone to juvie for me before, when he found out that my ex-boyfriend slapped me across the face.

What can I say I’m a magnet to terrible guys, except for Chase... he and my brother are my only exception.

“It’s nothing chase, I just fell, that’s all,” I say this as I compose myself and stand up, collecting my books off the ground. Chase just stands there silent. I can tell he doesn’t believe a word I just said.

I grab my last book and suddenly Chase pins me against a locker. My heart reacts immediately to his closeness. Although his body language is demanding, his eyes are like a safe portal I can travel into whenever I want.

“Please Sprinkles, please tell me who is bullying you, or I will have to find out the hard way.”

I shake my head at him, knowing exactly what he means by ‘finding out the hard way.’

“Chase...I...I can’t.”

He sighs.

“Okay, I’ll just have to find out the hard way.”

He places a kiss over a tear falling down my face before he walks away with his fist balled up, looking around like he is about to kill someone.

Damn it. What mess have I just created?


Chase POV:

I’m walking into the boy’s locker room. The rest of the football team is getting changed, but I don’t bother putting on my uniform as I charge in and I bang on the lockers trying to get everyone’s attention. Some of the guys whisper to each other ignoring me.

“Everyone listen up!” I yell and the room falls silent. Even the coach walks in and looks at me with a raised eyebrow, but he doesn’t say a word. He knows better not to.

“Somebody here has been bullying my best friend Lively, and I know this because you scums like to talk a lot of shit about her. So whoever it was who pushed her this morning, come forward if you’re a real man. Take on someone your own size!”

Everyone remains quiet as they look around the group curiously, trying to figure out who it was.

My gaze lands on Jimmy, and I find him glaring at me like he’s shooting laser beams.

“You have anything to say to me, Jimmy?” I ask walking towards him and he clenches his fist by his sides.

“Yeah, I’ve got something to say. Why are you defending the nerdy, pathetic sophomore instead of keeping your head in the game?”

I found him. I see red as I real my fist back and go to punch him but someone strong hands hold me back and pushes me away. It’s coach Brigs, giving me a warning look.

“You don’t wanna do this Chase, you are the best Goddamn quarterback that’s ever stepped foot in this school, I’m not going to let you ruin your scholarship, for this low life!”

Jimmy’s mouth hangs open, before shooting me another glare.

“Okay. Fine coach. I’ll forget about it for now.”

I nod at him and he releases me, before walking away.

“I’m not finished with you Jimmy, you’re going to either apologize to Lively or your face is going to eat dirt,” I tell him as I walk past him, and he just looks away uncomfortably.


Flashback #2:

It’s prom night and I canceled on my date today telling him I feel sick. To bad for me, my date is the most stubborn guy ever, and he knows when I’m lying.

*knock knock knock.* I hear someone at my bedroom door and I jump.

“I know you’re in there lively and I’m sure you look drop-dead gorgeous. I can’t wait to see you, Sprinkles. Open up.”

Chase’s voice never fails to make my heart skip a beat. Mom must have let him in since we pretty much grew up together in this Miami neighborhood.

I walk up to my door and only open it a little bit. I can see a little bit of his tux through the crack and he’s growing smile.

“Chase I know you are only taking me out to prom because you felt bad that no one asked me out. I feel pathetic.”

He lets out a hearty laugh.

“Oh Lively, do you wanna know why no one asked you to prom?”

“Why?” Ask annoyed.

“Because I told everyone I was taking you before prom was even announced, and people know not to mess with what’s mine.”

Mine? My heart swells as I swing the door open and I let him in. He stands by the door frame looking at me fully, and his eyes go wide, and he shakes his head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe I’m taking the prettiest girl to prom.” He says as he walks forward and wraps his arms around me. I can feel his warmth even though his tuxedo. He smells like expensive cologne, and I didn’t think he could get any more handsome but he just did.

His thick brown hair is slicked back, and I can’t help but run my fingers through it. It’s as soft as always. He chuckles as he pulls away.

“You look great too Chase.”

“And you’re obsessed with my hair Lively.” He points out with a smirk.

“It’s just so soft, all the time. What shampoo do you use?” I ask as I run my fingers through it again and he shuts his eyes as if enjoying the feeling of my touch.

“Ah, ya know just the blood of my enemies.” He jokes and I smack his arm, As I giggle.

He loops his arm through mine and I can’t help but blush at his gentleness.

We walk into the living room where mom stands there with a Polaroid camera. She smiles at us.

“Let me take a picture of you two before you leave, yes?” I try not to cringe because I love my mother but I don’t want her to get any ideas.

“Okay, mom.”

“Yes! Smile.” Chase pulls me closer to him to take the picture and she beams at me.

“Here I almost forgot to give you this Lively.” Mom disappears in her room for a moment and I share a confused look with Chase. She comes back and slides something into my purse.

“What was that mom?”

“Don’t worry about it just open later. Bye baby and Chase take good care of my daughter will you.”

“Always will.” He tells her and hugs her as we walk out.

“So what did your mom slip in your purse?” He asks as he drives us to prom in his old pickup truck.

“I don’t know, let me see.” I fish out the item, and when I pull it out I gasp.

“It’s a freaking condom! Does she really think we’ll be doing that?”

He laughs deeply.

“Let me see that.”

I hand it to him and examines it.

“First of all, it’s expired, and second of all it’s too small.” He throughs it in his back seat.

I squint my eyes at him, deciding to let it slide, but my imagination goes haywire. I really shouldn’t be picturing my best friend naked.

We arrive at the prom and we waste no time and start slow dancing together. His body felt perfect on mine, and he is light on his feet.

I look around at the eyes looking at us. Many girls look at me like they hate me for dancing with one of the hottest guys on the football team, but what they don’t know is that, there is more to him than his looks. I would know this first hand. I feel lucky. They roll their eyes at me, and gossip like usual, and I feel a twinge of annoyance.

“Relax, don’t pay any attention to them, just pretend it’s just you and me, Sprinkles.”

I smile up at him.

“That’s easier said than done.”

He smiles back warmly and holds me closer to him. No inch of space between us. Our breaths mingle, our eyes get lost in each other, and my heart is beating hard. He pulls his gaze away from my eyes, down to my lips.

I’ve never kissed anyone in my life, but the thought of kissing my best friend, and the guy I have always had feelings for, makes it so tempting.

“Chase?” I whisper slightly out of breath as I get closer to his face, but stop short.

“Kiss me Lively. Put me out of my Goddamn misery.” He says in a husky way, that sets me on fire.

With that, I finally get the courage to press my lips softly to his. He groans at first touch and runs his fingers through my hair. He kisses me back with more force and passion.

Each time we pull away we become more and more breathless. I moan, surprising myself, but it only encourages him to grip my hair and kiss me deeper. I feel his tongue, warm over mine, tasting of mint. My hands roam over his back, as his slide down my curves.

“Ah shit Lively.” He whispers against my lips as he slowly pulls away.

“What? Why did you stop?”

“It’s just that now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, I need you, all the time.”

I let out a deep breath.

“Like... like an addict?”

He chuckles.

“Exactly, now kiss me again, sprinkles.”


*Knock knock knock.*

I get pulled out of my flashback, and I’m pretty upset about that.


“I ordered some Chinese food for us, it just got here, come out before it gets cold.” My boyfriend Conor says through the door.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a minute!” I yell back actually showering this time.

Sitting at the table with my boyfriend I realize something.

“You know we don’t ever really go out to eat anymore, even when I offer to pay. We never go.”

I tell him and he drops his fork, and it falls on the plate with a pang. He gives me an annoyed look.

“We have already talked about this, and I just hate going out Lively. Drop it.”

I stare at him in disbelief, take my plate and walk to my bedroom, locking the door on him. How dare he talk to me like that. Lately, he’s been so cold and rude.

I eat my food in silence and he doesn’t come looking for me, instead, I hear the living room tv turn on and the war game he always plays.

I sigh and push my plate away not wanting to eat anymore.


*Hey everyone! I’m currently re-reading all my books and fixing all of my typos, so anything you read after this chapter may have a few typos.

Some people may think I don’t know how to write, and it embarrassing, but the truth is that I write a lot of my chapters on my phone so my phone oftentimes changes certain words to different words, as many people experience during texting, but I’m in the process of fixing it.*

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