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What would if handsome biology teacher approached you two years after you graduated from high school you both had feelings for eachother. Would you creeped out or would accept his advances.  what would happen if you had dreams of him. ans starts to fantasies of kissing, hold him, even make love to him. this what happened when dana lynn did when visiting her medical school dropout turned high biology school whom she could shake off the thought of when she graduated asuming that the handsome guy was married. when she visited he started to hit on her and then she confesssled her love for him. then they make make love for her first time as a was saving for the slim.handsom guy in the lab coat. will her romantic dreams come true.or will this be a one time fling between her and James Country.

Romance / Erotica
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When i was 15

When i was 15 years of age i had to take biology for the next four years not because of an interest or career. If anything i wanted to be rebellious artist. I had no interest DNA medical stuff.... thought was until i had a one Mr. James Country. Niw usually i dont care about dudes in lab coats but when i saw him thin, but handsome my thoughts changed. But i couldn't get to close because age difference and he was kind of creepy and very strict. Country treated his classes like strict university lectures. So i had to work hard to keep my marks anove a c.

I had won him over through hard work but he still upset me despite the good looks. Saw i had to seitch teachers in grade 10. When he heard of this he gently said that he would miss me, that i would be a good a forensic pathologist or some stupid thing. Yeah right.

I was going going to be an artist come hell or high water. But he left a deep impression on my soul i just didnt know it yet but slowly i was fallowing in love with him.

By the time i graduated i was pierced, tattooed, skimpy out fits and a mowhawk. I had to leave my friends behind and even or painful leave his presence.

But i am sure that he saw me.

Right after graduation i hesitate on the art school and spend the next few years looking at medical schools in secret.

I just could not shake James Country off my back let on my soul. As song as i graduated i started with dreams.

This all started when i was 15.and would continue for a long time.

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