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Trapped (RATED)

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“ You fuc•ing dare to look at any other man, and I will show you why I am known as a ruthless bastard!!” ________________________________ Everything was fine until her family died in a car crash. She became an orphan in a blink of an eye. She became homeless. She lost hope to live but had no idea why she never tired to die. Was it because something was waiting for her?? Or someone?? When adopted by the richest family in the entire world, she felt her life changing in a good way but it didn’t last long. When his devilish eyes laid on her angelic ones, he knew she was going to be his Queen. By force or by will............(18+)

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Chapter One


The car lost it’s balance,

“Mark!!” a lady sitting in the passenger seat yelled, she looked at the baby in her arms, who was unaware of the situation and peacefully sleeping, the lady opened her car door and softly threw her daughter out on the snow, the child woke up, unhurt, and saw her mother sadly smiling at her while waving goodbye, before...

The car fell off the mountain and an explosion was heard later on.

I woke up drenched in sweat, that nightmare still haunts me like a vivid memory. I curled up in the bed and cried silently.

“ I miss you...” I whispered as I stared at my late parents image. We three were smiling and my father had his hand around my mother and I stood in between them, like a little bear. I closed my dark blue eyes and let my tears fall. Reminding myself that if they were here, they wouldn’t be pleased with me crying.

I hugged the photo frame of my family and closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep....

I sat on the window, the warm breeze gently hitting my pale face. My pure black wavy hair softly moved when the breeze fell on it. I closed my dark blue eyes and inhaled deeply, my long eyelashes almost touching my skin, my maroon lips curved into a small smile.

I couldn’t fall asleep once again thanks to that nightmare. It’s been 7 years since I was brought into this orphanage, I can walk in this place with my eyes closed. The nuns here were very sweet, so were the children but I never interacted with anyone. Not the nuns nor the children.

I was what they called a lonely Angel. My parents died in a car crash when I was only 10. I was forced and left here by some strangers. I always found myself wide awake every midnight, I would always assure myself that everything will be okay although I know it won’t, I have to face the bitter truth that my family is no longer here with me. I am all alone.

“ Blue...” a gentle and calm voice called out for me, disturbing me from my thoughts, I turned my head to see Sister Lucy, one of the nuns here coming towards me.

“ How did you find me??” I said, the only person I did talk with sometimes was Sister Lucy, I don’t know why but whenever I wanted to talk to someone, I would always end up at her office. And she would listen to me like a mother and console me.

“ Come on now child, we both now that you love books more than anything.” Sister Lucy said, she was a middle age woman, with a beautiful face. I remained quiet and looked down at the novel I ended.

“ Did you had something to say??” I said quietly, she smiled at me and patted my head,

“ Yes child, two married couples are here. They are the ones who helped us in our hard times. I want you to go and greet them like the rest of the kids.” Sister Lucy said softly,

“ But...” I said, trying to decline,

“ They are also the people who filled this small library with life.” Sister Lucy said, I gazed her with a soft smile,

“ Okay Sister Lucy.” I said and she smiled, she placed a soft kiss on my forehead and got up, leaving me alone. I sighed and got up, wearing my flats. I walked towards the shelve and placed the thick novel back inside. Soon enough, leaving the library.

I have always found books interesting, even before my parents died. I still remember the first time I entered a public library with mother. I was stunned to see how big and beautiful it was. The lady there told me that books unleash a wave of perfect imaginations in our minds. I was curious and and tried my very first book, ever since then, I continued to read.

I walked down the stairs and took a turn, entering the orphanage’s backyards. I am the eldest among here. I am 17. I didn’t knew why but no couple would want to pick me. Not that I minded. I saw the decorations all around. My eyes scanned everything for a moment. I felt a pair of eyes on me, I looked up and saw two people dressed in a fancy clothing smiling at me.

I remained emotionless. I heard Sister Lucy calling for me, she stood besides them. I slowly walked towards them.

“ This is Blue, she has read every single novel in the library.” Sister Lucy said, the couple smiled and nodded,

“ Sister Lucy!!” I heard Sister Trea say, Sister Lucy excused herself and went towards her. Now it was just me and them.

“ I am Caroline Romulas Montiago.” The lady said with a genuine smile, I smiled slightly and shaked her hand.

“ And this is my husband, Xander Romulas Montiago.” The lady said pointing to her husband, he passed me a smile and said,

“ Hello Child, I am Xander, What’s your name??” The man said while extending his hand, I shaked his hand and replied,

“ Blue.” They nodded,

“ Well Blue, you are very beautiful I must say.” The lady said to me, I didn’t knew what to say, it was the first time someone complimented my beauty.

“ T-Thank you...” I said and they chuckled,

“ Excuse me.” I said as I left.


I saw Blue leave the garden, I smiled at her. She seemed to be 16 or 17. When I turned my head, I saw Xander staring at me, I smiled.

“ Did Blue Leave already??” I heard Sister Lucy say as she came towards us, I smiled and said,

“ She is not found of talking I think.” I said and Sister Lucy chuckled,

“ Blue has always been like that,” Sister Lucy said, Me and Xander looked at her,

“ She was 10 when her parents died, she was left here by some strangers. She was never adopted by anyone. She has always mainted her distance from the nuns and the children. She has lived her life staying mostly in the library reading or sitting in her bed crying.” My heart ached at the Sister Lucy’s words.

That child has gone through a lot,

“ How old is she??” I say,

“ She is 17.” I sighed in relief, I turned to Xander with a knowing look, he smiled at me and said to Sister Lucy,

“ Can we adopt Blue??” I saw Sister Lucy’s eyes turn wide and her lips turned into a bright smile,

“ Of course Mr and Mrs. Montiago, I will go and get the papers and Blue.” She said leaving, I smiled and hugged Xander,

“ I will love her more than anything.” I said and Xander hugged me back,

“ We both now you will, I hope she adjusts into our lifestyle.” I heard Xander say. Finally I will have a daughter.

To Be Continued

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