Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Ten


I saw her sleeping figure, she was like an Angel. She was a beautiful sin, she was sinful for stealing my heart, she was sinful for making me fall for her, she was sinful for making me want her more than anything.

The silky black blanket covered her body till her hips, half of her body was in display for me. I smiled slightly and pulled up the blanket to her breasts, covering her up. I’m still angry with her, but I don’t know how longer I will be able to stay mad at her. I kissed her forehead softly and got up.

I walked towards my wardrobe and wore a pair of dark blue sweatpants, I walked out and headed towards my balcony, taking out my cigarette and personally customised lighter which was pitch matte black and had a devilish drawing made on it in real gold. I lit up my cigarette and let out a smoke.

I held my cigarette with one hand while the other one was busy playing with the lighter, I brought the cigarette close to my lips before wrapping them around it and smoking, I let out another puff and saw the fire escaping the lighter when I touched it’s head.

“ You all need to pay the price...” I said, my eyes filled with fire, my body in need of blood. I closed the lighter and shoved it inside my pocket, before removing my hands from the fence and sitting on the couch in the balcony.

I took out my iPhone and went through my contacts, seeing the number, I clicked on it. Not long after, he picked up,

“ Yes Boss.” He said, his tone lazy. I rolled my eyes and smoked while saying,

“ Were you fucking sleeping??” I growled, tonight he was supposed to look after the Herberts and kill them.

“ No I wasn’t, I’m just tired because I had to fight and kill 3 of them myself!!” He complained, I smirked while smoking, he never failed to impress me.

“ Good Job Cage, you can take a few days off, there isn’t much to do anyway,” I said,

“ Thank you Boss, I really needed it.” I chuckled at his words, I tapped my cigarette and saw the ashes fall, i brought the cigarette to my mouth again.

“ Cage, I want you to find out about a group.” I said,

“ Who is it Boss??” I heard him say, I threw my head back and rested it on the head of the couch, I smoked while my devilish black eyes stared at the clouded sky,

“ Jaguars Pride.”

Next Day

I took a bath and wrapped my body in the black robe, I walked out of the bathroom, my dark brown hair dripping wet, I saw Blue trying to sit up on the bed. Her struggles should be satisfying me but they weren’t, instead they were bringing pain to me. I was having a hard time to understand my this side. It never showed up so why now??

I walked towards her and saw the fright yet guilt in her eyes, she looked down to her lap, I sat down right next to her, I grabbed her body which was tiny like that of an ant when compared to mine. I sat her down on my lap and placed her legs on either side on my legs. We sat in a straddling position, I felt my di•k harden.

“ What’s with those eyes Princess??” I said while running my hands through her snow-white skin, just like mine. She looked up to me, crying.

“ A-Are y-you m-mad a-at m-me...???” She said in between her sobs, I growled. I kissed her roughly, my once calmed anger finding it’s way to me like a bulletproot with twice the destruction.

I threw her on the bed while I stood up, seeing her naked body made my di•k go even harder, she looked up to me with those innocent eyes, I stared at her with rageful yet intensive eyes. She didn’t broke the eye contact with me.

My hands went towards the string of my robe, I untied it and took it off, letting the black robe fall from my body, revealing my naked body. I saw my Kitten glup, I sat on the bed pushed her down, now she was lying down on the bed. I positioned myself in between her thighs, without a damn warning, I thrusted inside her while she yelled out of pain.

She clinched the bedsheets tighter while tears left her eyes and she moaned my name like crazy. I fastened my speed with every thrust, breaking her in half. I wanted to destroy her to the core, I wanted her Angel to surrender to me, I wanted to make those dark blue eyes to only one man. I wanted those pretty little lips to moan for only one person.

I felt her walls tightened, and soon after she cummed on my dick, but I was still not done. I refreshed the hickeys I had left on her skin yesterday. I had under my grasp and I fucking loved it.

“ Leo!!” She moned loudly as she cummed the second time, her back arched in pleasure. I stared at her with deep desires. I wanted to do so much more to her, which would pleasure me endlessly but not her.

I pulled out after 15 minutes and cummed, I inhaled deeply, I felt her eyes on me. Looking at my body and my face. I looked up to her and got off of the bed without a second word, I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to distance myself from her for awhile.

I went towards my wardrobe, I picked out my white suit and wore it. Wearing my “ Dark Lust” on the right wrist, I left my wardrobe. I saw Blue curled up and crying in the bed. My heart was made out of stone, my mind was psychotic, my senses were dangerous. But right now, even my cold stone heart could melt up.

I growled while walking towards her, hearing the shoes tapping, she looked up. I grabbed her and she wrapped her legs around my waist, her breast pressed against my chest, her eyes red and puffy.

“ Do you regret it??” I said, she looked up to me and nodded continuously, I sighed, I caressed her face before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

“ I forgive you, but don’t you ever do it again Princess.” I said and she smiled,

“ I won’t, I am sorry Leo.” She said as she wrapped her hands around my neck, her baby like skin brushed against my face, I smiled and hugged her. I placed her on the bed, her legs still wrapped around my waist, she grabbed me by the collar and pulled me into a deep and lustful kiss, our tongues fought for dominance.

I guess work has to wait alittle.

To Be Continued

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