Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Eleven


What happened yesterday was overwhelming, I don’t think I would be able take another session of that. After yesterday, I felt his feelings for me. I don’t know about my feelings for him. Is what we did yesterday okay??? I have no idea....

I sighed while making my way inside the college. Leo, surprisingly allowed me to attend college, he didn’t mentioned anything about talking to the boys but I assumed I should keep my distance from them although it would hurt.

I wore a pair of jeans, baggy shirt and hoodie. It covered my body and honestly I couldn’t have been more grateful, Leo had left these purple marks all over my neck and shoudler.

I saw the wired looks that people were giving me. I hated it. I walked towards my locker and opened it up, I saw the boys walking towards me, I averted my gaze from them. I quickly took my books and left, but luck wasn’t on my side, Brook held my arm and turned me around, I saw the eyes staring at us. I tried to free myself from his grip, he let me go and turned to glare at the students who looked away as if nothing happened.

He turned to me, the other boys lined up aswell. They stood besides each other, all except for Sebastian.

“ Blue, are you okay?? Why were you trying to run away from us??” Brook said with concern filled in his voice, I know they all treated me like their sister and I couldn’t have been more grateful for having friends like them but....Leo.

“ I don’t want to see you all...” I said in a low tone, my head down. I could sense the worry radiating from them.

“ But Why??” Gray said,

“ Did we do something bad??” Mike said,

They all were worried, I couldn’t hold it anymore and broke into tears, I turned around but was crashed into a wall, looking up my eyes met with a pair of light blue ones. He stared at me with wide eyes, his hand reached for my face and he wiped off my tears.

I let him before I came back to my senses, I backed off, making him move his hand from my face. I was about to run away when Sebastian grabbed my wrist tightly and dragged me somewhere, the boys following behind.

“ Let me go!!” I said, he opened the door and pushed me inside, it was their room, they four had this room all to themselves and no-one else could use it. The boys enter as well and Mike closed the door, I fell on my knees and cried louder, the boys rushed towards me and comforted me, while Sebastian saw the scene with rage.


I saw her fall to her knees, she cried louder, I felt my heart aching. I knew for a fact that she was my lioness, my other half but I never knew my feelings for her would grow so strong overnights.

“ Blue, it’s okay, stop..” Mike said with concern,

“ Stop crying Blue, it’s hurting us...” Gray said,

“ Blue, talk to us please, please stop crying...” Brook said. I walked towards them and kneeled down, I grabbed her face softly and wiped her tears, I smiled and said,

“ Goodgirls don’t cry.” She stopped and sobbed while staring in my light blue eyes, gosh her eyes are enchanting. Once calmed, the boys took her and made her sit on the couch. They said they were worried about her, that they had a bad feeling, and today when I saw her not talking to them, I was sure of it aswell.

“ Blue, are you okay??” Brook said, she looked up to him and smiled slightly while nodding, the three of them sighed in relief while I smiled at them. They sure were like siblings.

“ Blue, why were you crying?? Is something bothering you??” Gray said,

“ Is there a boy teasing you?? If so tell us his name and we will beat the shit out of him for you Blue.” Mike said and she chuckled,

“ I-It’s not that....” she said, she took deep breaths, she looked at all of them, her blue eyes met mine, e stared for alittle longer than we were supposed to, she broke the eye contact and said something that had us all shocked to death,

“ I...M-My full name is Blue Romulas Montiago.”


“ WHAT!!!!!!!” The boys yelled at her, I stared at her in shock, I don’t remeber Leo having a sister or is she, not possible, he’s a cold hearted person, probably the coldest one on the planet. He was the perfect definition of Devil. He knows no love or mercy.

His excellent skills in basketball and studies are still heard of today, either from the Principal, professors or the students. He sets up examples and makes his own rules, a man out of the world, a man with everything.

“ Your a part of “The Romulas Montiago” family??” Brook asked with complete shock, the Romulas were like royalties, everywhere they go, the river of reporters, paparazzi, and fans would create a huge chaos, sometimes they would stay outside the hotel that they rarely stayed in as they owned mansions almost all around the world and would make stay there until they came out.

“ Y-Yes....” Blue answered,

“ But “The Romulas” don’t have a daughter??” Mike said as he asked Blue,

“ I am adopted by Mr and Mrs.Montiago.” She replied, that explains, there were rumours of a girl being adopted by them, but you can never trust rumours unless you have a solid evidence.

“ So, you like with them??” Gray asked, the excitement clear in his voice, gosh they were acting like some creepy fangirls,

“ Yeah, I live with mom and dad but since they have left for a trip to Paris few days ago, I am staying with Leo in his house.” She said, everyone’s eyes went wide, well mine aswell.

“ You mean Leonardo Romulas Montiago??” Brook said and Blue nodded,

“ Wow, I heard his house is over 4 billion dollars.” Mike said,

“ He wears clothes that cost no less than millions let alone his house, by the way, how is he?? Is he sweet to you??” Gray said with pure enthusiasm, I rolled my eyes, they have official lost it.

“ possessive of me.” Blue said softly and her head down, her hoodie moved to aside, revealing alittle but of her neck, I saw something on her neck. My eyes flashed with rage, I walked towards her and grabbed her, making her stand. I heard gasps and I bet their faces would be filled with shock and surprise but I couldn’t care less.

I slightly revealed her hoodie, I saw the dark purple hickeys on her skin, her eyes were wide and her cheeks were red, her body was warm, I could feel it.

“ Who did this??” I demanded, she looked away, she freed herself from my grip and turned to the boys,

“ Leo and I don’t have a sibling connection, we see each other as a man and woman, and our parents are okay with it.....” the boys frowned upon her words,

“ What??” Gray said with a confused smile,

“ Leo is possessive of me as his girl, he likes me...” She said while biting her lips, I felt my heart break. Did she like him too?? Did he did this to her?? The boys were more than shock, they could literally die due to the amount of these unexpected news.

“ L-Leonardo likes you??” Mike asked,

“ Yes.” She replied,

“ Do you like him too??” I said unknowingly, I felt everyone’s head turn towards me, Blue saw my expression and I bet she could feel it to, just day No and I will fight with the world to get you, just say No and I will fight with Leonardo for you, just say No BabyBlue.

“ I don’t know, my feelings are confusing me.” She said,

“ Are you refusing??” I asked again,

“ Maybe, I have no idea.” She said, that’s it, I am claiming her as mine. Don’t care if he has laid his hands on her, I will not let him touch her again.

To Be Continued

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