Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Twelve


I saw the whole city under my feet, my reflection was visible in the glass wall. I smoked, my mind crossing every possibility to destroy them in the worst of the worst ways.

I heard a knock on my door,

“ Come in.” I said simply, my voice stone cold. My black eyes stared at the reflection of the person that just entered my office, I continued to look ahead with an emotionless face.

“ Everything good Boss??” Cage said, I motioned him to join me, standing besides me, but a little back, he took the cigarette and the lighter from my hands, lighting the cigarette and letting out a puff.

“ The team has 7 players, the leader is Sebastian Salvaton, only child of the famous lawyer, Givinot Salvaton. Mother’s a dentist. He rarely talks but when he does, it’s either his whole team or these four boys.” Cage said, his yellowish green eyes staring at me, he had a tan skin and was muscular. He had light brown hair and perfect lips and was tall.

“ Who are they??” I asked, my voice intimidating.

“ Brook Evan, Mike Smith and Gray Holden, close friends and popular kids along with Sebastian, belongingin to rich families.” Cage said, I turned my body to face him, I let out a puff and said,

“ Bring them to me....” My eyes filled with evilness and pure lust for blood. I couldn’t take this shit any longer. Cage let out a blow with a smirk plastered on his face and replied,

“ With pleasure, Boss.” I turned around, titling my head and smirking.

“ Your meetings for the day are over Mr.Montiago, some important documents need your signature and your jet is ready for tonight.” Marco said while walking behind me,

“ Send me the documents and prepare my villa in Prague.” I spoke coldly,

“ Yes Sir.” He replied, I walked out of the building, the bright sun welcoming my body. I got inside my car and drove off, shortly after I was out of the city. I drove and drove, my mind needed some space but my body needed her, this logic was simple but I wished it would’ve been difficult.

“ What have you done to me Kitten...” I said, my black eyes staring at the empty road. The desire of wanting her was as strong as the desire of being successful, not that I’m not.


My classes were finished, I saw the boys waiting for me outside the class, as soon as I stepped out, they smiled at me and took me with them without a second word. I saw Sebastian following from behind, his light blue eyes had sparks and his face was covered with a beautiful smile.

“ where are we going??” I said, they didn’t answered me, they pushed me inside a room. When I looked around, it was the college’s basketball court, I turned to them and frowned,

“ What are we doing here??” I asked, bewildered.

“ You are here to watch us play.” Brook said with his mischievous grin, I sighed and said,

“ But-“

“ No buts, you are going to watch us play and you will come to Brook’s party as well, we will see what that Leonardo can do!!” Gray said, making Mike chuckle, I could see the amusement in Sebastian’s eyes. I told them that I can’t make it to the party, I told them about Leonardo not liking me being friends with males, and all they said was,” Your not his toy to control.”

I sighed, I made my way towards the benches and sat down, the boys slyly smiled at me and I frowned, What was that for?? What were they planning on doing??

I saw Sebastian picking the basketball, he started to dribble the ball, making his way towards the rest, his eyes ahead, standing in the middle of the court, it was him against them.

“ Blue, do you think you can throw the ball in the air??” Sebastian’s voice echoed in the court, I stood up slowly and walked towards him, my heart beating fast. I took the ball from his hand, his eyes fixed on me. When our skin made contact, I felt shivers run down my spine.

I backed up and threw the ball in the air, it flew in between them. Mike was fast enough to grab it but Sebastian was faster to grab it from his hold, dribbling it around his legs before throwing it up to the bucket and scoring a 6.

My eyes watched with excitement, never did I knew I would enjoy watching sports. I walked back to my seat and walked them play, cheering for whoever scored. I was so busy in seeing the match that I didn’t noticed my phone ringing.

After 30 minutes

The boys lost to Sebastian, they were all covered in sweat, the boys sat on the bench that was one seat down from me while Sebastian walked up to me and sat right next to me. I passed my water bottle to them, Brook took it and opened the lid, drinking some water.

“ Hey!! save some for us as well you Jackass!!” Gray said, I chuckled, I felt Sebastian’s eyes on me. I turned my head to look at him, he smiled at me and I smiled back. What was happening??? I broke the eye contact before it could get any more intense, I saw the boys fighting over water.

“ Hey come on now, you all sound like some 5 year old.” I scolded and they made a pout, I saw Sebastian roll his eyes but I could see the amusing smile crawl up to his lips.

“ This piece of trash won’t give me water.” Mike said, pointing his finger at Gray who had a “ I don’t know what your talking about brother” face. Mike snatched the water bottle from him and drank up. I laughed.

“ Oh, we didn’t left you some.” Mike said, staring at Sebastian.

“ Don’t worry, I will get him some.” I offered but they shaked their heads and got up,

“ We three will get him water, you two talk.” Brook said with an unknowing grin. What the duck?? After they left, the atmosphere changed, it turned intense again.

“ Do you know??” Sebastian said, his gaze on me, I turned my head to look at him and frowned,

“ What??” I said confused,

“ That you are beautiful,” He said, coming closer to my face, I felt my body warm, I felt my cheeks turn red. I froze.

“ Do you see this Princess??” He said and I felt my cheeks turn even more red at the nickname, I was only used to Leo calling me these nicknames, hearing it from him made me feel....different, good or bad can’t testify.

I let my eyes roam over his wrist, that had a tattoo of a lion, but it felt incomplete,

“ It feels incomplete.” I stared bluntly, he chuckled and said,

“ It is, the lion is waiting for his Queen.” I looked at him and found him staring at me, he brought his lips closer to mine,

“ My Queen is you Princess.” He said, our eyes locked, and soon after, our lips locked in a deep kiss, it felt so damn.......wrong. I didn’t enjoyed the kiss, I felt terrible, I felt like a cheater.

We broke the kiss and I flinched due to the door opening with a loud thud, came in Leo, storming like a thunder, his look, his movements, his presence changed the atmosphere, it turned terrifying!! I was so so afraid to even think what was going to happen next.....

To Be Continued

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