Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Thirteen


I sat on the edge of the bridge, my reflection crystal clear in the river below me. I smoked while staring at my reflection. I looked around, the place didn’t changed, the same old forest, the same old beauty, the same old bridge. I used to come here whenever I felt like I needed to have some peace of mind when I was a kid.

I closed my eyes and she invaded my mind, her smile, her cries, her laughter, her pain, her joy, her sorrows. I sighed, I took out my phone and called her. I placed the phone near my ear, waiting for her to pick it up as I smoked.

After 30 missed calls, she didn’t picked up nor did she replied to my messages, did something happened?? I felt my feets move on their own, I left the place and went towards my car, opening it and getting inside. I turned on the engine and drove off.

Turning on the GPS I had installed on her phone, I tracked her location. I frowned as I found the GPS saying Jaguars as her current location.

“ What is she doing there up till now?? She should be in home by now.” I said, I found that she was in the basketball court in the Jaguars. My jaw unconsciously clenched, relax Leo, she won’t do anything to make you angry.

I let out a wild and rageful growl, my eyes darkened,

“ I swear if you did anything to make me angry, you will have to pay the price!!!” I said, my grip on the steering wheel tightened.

I drove off limits, not like I ever paid attention to law and shit. I parked the car and walked out, the wide eyes watching me as I walked inside the Jaguars. There weren’t much students by now, but those who were, widened their eyes and stumbled back either out of fear or out of surprise. I walked towards the basketball court, I stopped on my tracks as I saw the view inside through the glass in the door, Sebastian and Blue were kissing.

I closed my eyes and titled my head trying to control my fucking rage, I have never been this in raged before. She’s fucking dead. I opened the doors to the court with a loud bang, I walked in and slowly made my way towards them.

Blue looked absolutely terrifying. Angel, you fucked up pretty badly, be ready to embrace this Devil’s sinful deeds. When I finally reached them, I grabbed Sebastian by his collar, I punched him right in the face and he fell down on the benches.

Blue yelled in terror, she looked at Sebastian whose nose was bleeding and probably broken, his head made contact with the hard side of the bench resulting in his head being broken as well (maybe). He looked up to me while holding his bloody nose.

I reached for my gun in my waist, I pulled out my HRV7 matte black gun with real gold linings, as soon as my fingers touched the trigger, the gun loaded and “Bang”. Blue screamed loudly while staring at Sebastian’s right leg which was shot, bleeding like never. I heard footsteps from behind, I turned my body and saw the rest. I guess it’s a treat.

There faces were shocked but as soon as their eyes landed on their dear friend’s blooded leg, they became angry. How pathetically amusing. I smirked while pointing my HRV7 at Brook, before I could pull the trigger, I felt Blue yell,

“ STOP!!!” I slightly turned my head to have a look at her, your punishment remains Babygirl. I turned back to them and clicked the trigger, the bullet hitting his left arm. He groaned while falling to the ground with his blooded arm. I pointed the gun at the other two, clicking the trigger and shooting one after another.

I smirked seeing them in pain and being nothing but helpless and pathetic. But little did they know, it was just the beginning. I turned to Blue, her face covered in tears, this time my stone cold heart remained stone cold. I grabbed her arm harshly and made her get up.

I made her sit in the passenger side of the car while I moved to the driver’s side. I started the engine and drove off. The ride was filled with her crying and sobs. Which only triggered me more...

When we reached my mansion, I parked the car and got out, going towards her side. I forcefully grabbed her arm and took her with me. I walked down towards the basement, I headed straight towards the forbidden room . Opening the door with my passcode, I pushed her inside. I walked behind, the door closing itself.

She took in the dark aura of the room, the chains and the smell of blood mixed with rusty iron and alcohol. I held her wrist while she tried to free herself from my grip.

“ Leo...Leo...STOP!!!” she said, I turned around and slapped her hard, she fell to the ground. She held her cheek and her eyes were teary. She looked at me as I crouched down to her level, I grabbed her chin and saw that my slap had left a red mark on her cheek. I stared in her eyes and said,

“ dead.” I grabbed her and chained her wrists and her legs. She was a helpless prey. I walked towards the desk and opened the drawer, I heard her sobbing and calling out for me, but this time nothing could stop me, not her tears, not her words. My Devil was unleashed.

I picked out my metal dagger, I walked towards her with a dark intention, she gasped seeing my item. She stared at me,

“ L-Leo....” she said in a low tone, I stood in front of her and brought the dagger to her face, trailing down the dagger from her cheeks to her lips and down.

“ If you try to fight back, you will end up making the situation worse for youself, Babygirl.” I whispered in her ear, I bet she got goosebumps all over her body. I stopped the dagger at her shirt’s neck, giving it a little force, I trailed down the dagger, ripping her shirt apart with it. She cried while gripping the chains tighter.

Half of her body was exposed to me when I took off her bra roughly.

“ S-Stop......” she begged, I chuckled devilishly, as if I am listening to her. I placed the cold metal on her skin and she gasped at the sensation. I pushed the dagger inside her skin, she screamed in pain. I continued to make my art on her skin, ignoring her pleading and cries.

The dagger was covered in her dark red blood, I took a few steps back, examining my art that I had drew right under her breasts, it said “ L.R.M.P” (Leonardo Romulas Montiago Possession). Her tears flowed non-stop, I walked towards her and grabbed her chin with force, before kissing her roughly.

I bit her lower lip and pressed my body on hers. I allowed my tongue to explore every inch of her mouth. I knew she needed to breath, and I wanted to teach her a lesson. I broke the kiss at the last minute of her passing out, she inhaled and exhaled. Her eyes staring at me.

I placed the dagger on her pants before tearing it with it. She closed her eyes and cried. Now she was just in her panties and nothing else. I placed the dagger on her thighs before pushing it inside her skin. She screamed in pain while closing her eyes.

I saw blood coming out of her thighs, I licked it up and she moaned. I tore her panties and stared at her. She looked at me with a pleading look. I smirked and pushed the dagger inside her. She widened her eyes, her breathing stopped, her body froze. She knew that one move, and it could end up being so bad for her. I continued to push the dagger in and out of her while she wasn’t enjoying it, she cried but didn’t dared to move her body.

After 20 minutes of doing that, I took out the dagger, it had some blood on it. I smirked, I showed her the dagger and said,

“ You did a good job there Love.” I threw the dagger on the floor, I went behind her, trailing my fingers on her back. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face backwards, I smashed my lips on her and our lips locked in a rough yet lustful kiss.

I unbuckled my belt and pants with the free hand, I threw them down, I pushed my boxers down and thrusted inside her, she screamed loudly in between the kiss. I thrusted inside her while we kissed.

The tears falling from her eyes fell on my face. I continued to fuck her roughly. I grabbed her waist and balanced her, while fucking her.

After 40 minutes, I pulled out, I cummed and pulled up my boxers and pants. I moved to the front, I saw her exhausted and closing her eyes. I smirked seeing her like this. She chose to play with fire, and everyone knows what happens when you play with fire, you get burnt. I had my eyes set out for her, and there was nothing she could do about that. I get what I want, always, by force or by will.

I grabbed her neck and she opened her eyes, I pulled out my gun and placed it on her head. I expected to see her all frightful but to my surprise, she wasn’t. Her eyes were emotionless just like mine. Her face was blank. I smirked, I succeeded in destroying her little Angel, well that’s what I thought.

“ If you want to kill me, please do so...” she said with a cold tone, I chuckled and caressed her face,

“ Why would I want to kill something of mine?? You are the most beautiful possession I have ever had, I won’t kill you....just torture you.” I said with an evil grin, my tone indicating danger. She looked up to me and her eyes widened, guess I haven’t succeeded in destroying her Angel after all.

To Be Continued

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