Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Fourteen


I woke up on something soft and silky, I let my eyes trail down to see what I was lying on, it was his bed. I closed my eyes and recalled the horrible and terrifying night. He made cuts on my body, he tortured me to death!! He held me in pure pain. He controlled me....

I tried to get up with all my might, it was difficult as hell since my body was in so much pain. He surely was a Devil and what happened yesterday confirmed it. I walked towards the bathroom and took a shower, when the warm water made contact with my wounds, I hissed in pain.

After cleaning my body from all the dried blood and cum, I walked towards his wardrobe. I picked out a baggy black hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. I wore a Lacey black underwear underneath.

I walked out and collapsed on the bed, I couldn’t move. I felt my body numb. I was glad he wasn’t here, but deep down I felt guilty. I promised him that I won’t talk to the boys, yet I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was the reason for all this disaster. I bit my lower lip and thought about it.....was I really the main reason for all this???

I felt a warm liquid escape my eyes, I wiped my tears and sat in the bed. How were they?? I remembered Leo shooting them. I sighed, even if I want to, I can’t call them. I sobbed and curled up in the bed, I wiped my tears quickly as I heard a knock on the door.

Holding the bed, I walked out of it. I slowly made my way towards the door and opened it, I was greeted by a sweet smile of one of the maids.

“ Miss, Master Leo told us to give you breakfast.” She spoke politely, and that was when I noctied the tray of food, I smiled at her and said,

“ Thank you for your efforts but I’m not hungry.” She frowned, she looked at me and said,

“ But Miss, Master Leo strictly told us to give you your meal and make sure you ate it, please Miss.” She begged, why should others suffer because of that Devil. I sighed before taking the tray of food and thanking her. I closed the door and placed the food on the nightstand. I didn’t even touched it and laid on the bed, I closed my eyes and thought,

“ I hope they are okay....” before drifting to deep sleep.


I walked out of the elevator, talking on the phone while heading towards the meeting room. My P.A and some other important workers following behind. I left for Pargue yesterday night.

“ Can’t wait to meet you guys.” I said and ended the call after a goodbye. I sighed while entering the meeting room, I was talking to Mum, she informed me that they were coming today. I was greeted by the other businessmen, they stood up and smiled at me. I kept my emotionless face on and walked towards the head chair, settling down while the others followed my actions.

I saw Vatoa smiling at me and saying,

“ It good to have you here Mr.Montiago.” The others nodded their head, I played with my lighter and said,

“ What’s this about??” I asked, looking up to meet his gaze, when he saw my expression, he, along with the others gulped. I was feared by everyone, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

“ W-Well you see....” he started off, talking about the reason why we all were here.

After 3 hours

The meeting was longer than I expected, mainly because this year’s projects were brilliant, I loved their work.

“ The deal is sealed with the final price of 5.5 billion dollars.” I spoke, they all had wide eyes and their jaw literally hit the floor, well I was paying quite a generous amount for their ideas. They got up and bowed to me in respect,

“ Send the further information to the H.P department, and you shall receive your price. It was nice talking to you all, hope you all have better ideas next year.” I said, they smiled and nodded, I walked out of the meeting room.

“ Sir, Mr. Cage called, he said that it was important but you were attending the meeting.” Marco said while handing me the phone, I took it as I walked out of the building, the guards were having a tough time holding the media and fangirls.

My driver opened the backseat door for me, I sat inside my car while he closed the door and walked towards the driver’s side. Starting the car and we drove off. I closed my eyes and pushed my head back, resting it on the seat.

I opened the phone and called Cage, soon enough he picked up,

“ Boss, where are you??” He said, his tone calm and relaxed.

“ What is it Cage??” I spoke while taking out my cigarette and lighting it up.

“ Found something suspicious about them.” He said, I let out a puff and waited for him to continue,

“ You shot them right??” He questioned,

“ Hmm..” I replied while smoking,

“ So they should be resting in hospitals, not throwing a goddam party at Brook’s place, and guess what, Blue was invited to that party, doesn’t it sound like a plan Boss??” He said,

“ What do you have on your hands, Cage??” I said while letting out another puff, he chuckled and said,

“ The leader is the grandson of Vacado, our second rival.” He said and I smirked,

“ A lawyer son and a Mobster father, how ironic.” I said while chucking darkly,

“ Want it to be in the headlines tommorow??” He asked,

“ Nah, first threatened that old man, if he refuses to give us what we want, surely give this piece of thrilling news to one of the news company.” I said, smoking.

“ Of course, Boss.” Cage said with amusement,

“ Anything else??”

“ Well, there is this Mafia meeting happening in Russia next week.” I heard him say, I sighed and said,

“ Attend the meeting, but if they try anything funny, end them and their families.” I said, letting a ring of smoke escape my lips. He laughed and said,

“ Will do, Boss.” I chuckled,

“ But Boss,” He said,

“ What should we do about Blue??” It was the second time he mentioned her, I felt anger building up inside me. Not only did she broke my trust but she fucking kissed some bastard. She likes to play with feelings, then be it.

“ Keep a strict eye on her. Mom and Dad are coming today, receive them at the airport. Introduce yourself to Blue and take her to Mum and Dad’s house, make sure she doesn’t leave the house, I won’t be back until next week.” I said,

“ Yes Boss.” With that I ended the call, I threw the phone and it landed on the other side of the seat. I grabbed my cigarette and threw it out, before closing my eyes. God why does she have to appear in front of me every single fucking time!!!

This shit is starting to get annoying!!

To Be Continued

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