Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Fifteen


I was excited to see Mom and Dad. I was in the car with Cage, he was supposed to be Leo’s friend. He said he worked for him. We were 20 minutes away from their house. I wore the same outfit because I didn’t had the energy to change.

“ When will Leo return??” I asked unconsciously, Cage gave me an eye while driving and replied,

“ He won’t be back until next week.” His tone was as cold as his, no wonder why they are friends.

“ Can I ask you something??” He asked, I stared outside the window and hummed in reply,

“ Do you know Sebastian Salvaton??” I looked at him and replied unsure,

“ Yeah, why??” I said,

“ Look, I know it’s non of my fucking business but trust me, whatever Leo is doing right now, he’s doing it for your own good.” He said and I scoffed,

“ You mean shooting my friends??” I said, he stared at me and said,

“ They aren’t who they seem to be Blue.” He said, his statement had me curious and bewildered. Before I could question him further, we entered the mansion.

He parked the car and I got out, he took out my luggage and handed it to one of the maids. I saw Mom and Dad waiting for me by the main door, I ran towards them not caring if my body was in pain and hugged them tightly.

“ I missed you guys!!” I said, I heard them chuckling before wrapping me in their embrace.

“ We missed you too Sweetie.” Dad said, I smiled. At last, I would be at peace for awhile. Well that’s what I thought, never did I ever thought that having him away from me would cause me to miss him like crazy, despite the fact that he tortured me to death!!!

“ Let’s go inside and talk. Cage honey, do come in.” Mom said, Cage smiled and followed her. Me and dad went inside.

“ How was your stay at Leo’s??” Mom asked with excitement, I felt my mood change but I didn’t showed it,

“ It was good.” I said, we all entered the living room and sat down in the sofas. Mom handed me a box and smiled at me, I looked up to her and frowned,

“ It’s a present, open it up.” She said and I smiled, I pulled the golden strings and the silky ribbon fell from the box, I opened the box and saw a book. “ Their Dark Romance” was entitled with golden writing, this was the first edition. This book was very popular, and the first edition was with it’s writer who lived in Paris. I saw a letter in black envelope, I picked it up, I opened it the envelope and saw a black paper which had something written in gold. I read silently,

Dear Blue,

your name sounds enchanting and I am sure so is your beauty. I was informed by your parents that you love to read more than anything, for a teenage of this generation, I was quite surprised. I always wanted my books to be read by someone who would dearly enjoy it, and I think no-one else can enjoy my first edition more than you. I hope you love it,

Yours sincerely,

Victor Beckham

I squealed in excitement, I could literally die right now, he was a great author and having a personal letter from him meant a lot to me. I got up and hugged my parents while saying,

“ Thank you!!!” They chuckled and hugged me back. I broke the hug and thanked them again, I kissed their cheeks and they laughed. I saw Cage chuckling, and it was a normal and sweet chuckle, I guess they are different in chuckling.

I sat down and opened the book, the smell of freshly printed pages filled my nostrils. You see, every book had its own scent and so far, I enjoyed Victor’s book scents more than any book.

I saw the first chapter and my heart stopped, the book was titled as the “best seller book in the world”. I started to read while the maids served tea and snacks, Mom and Dad talked to Cage and asked him how has he been. I was in my own world, this book had me occupied and thrilled.

I was in my bedroom, I sat on my bed, I closed the book as I finished it. The book reminded me of us, in the book, the hero is all rich and famous, he falls for a girl and becomes possessive of her. He hates seeing her with any other male, he crosses every limit to make sure no man talks to her. The heroine gets tired of his abuse and leaves him although it was very difficult for her as she loved him dearly. At the end, she found out that all he did was protected her, from all those men who she thought were her friends but were actually trying to kill her. When she goes back to him for seeking his apology and tell him that she loved him, she found out he was dead, he was killed by the men who she thought were her friends. She cried and cried while holding his dead body close to her, she kissed his dead body and said that she was sorry. She couldn’t take the fact that her love was dead because of her, she regretted it so so much and so killed herself.

I sighed and closed my eyes, a tear dropped from my eye. What if Leo was trying to protect me?? What if I judged him wrong?? What if he died because of me. I never thought that only thinking of him being dead made me so sad and crazy. I don’t know what I would do if he actually died. No, wait. Why would he die, he is powerful and strong, he won’t die. He can’t die....he can’t die....he can’t die.....because.....I love him.

I realised it now, my feelings for him are stronger than I thought, I realised it now why my heart ached when he was mad and disappointed at me. Why my body reacted to him that way. Why him calling me those nicknames sounded so pleasing. Why that kiss with Sebastian seemed so wrong. It’s because my heart was robbed, and the bandit was him.

I fell asleep, hugging that book to my chest tightly.

To Be Continued

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