Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Sixteen


It’s been a week but honestly it felt like an enternity. I missed him like crazy. His eyes, his hair, his possessiveness, his lips, his body, I missed him all. During this whole week, Leo didn’t called me or texted me. But he had every right to not care about me or be mad at me, I broke his trust. I made up my mind that I will apologise to Leo.

During this week, I and Cage got to know each other better. He was a sweet guy but dangerous at the mean time. He told me about Leo, his likes and his dislikes. I walked out of the wardrobe wearing a dark blue skirt and a white crop top, a leg length dark blue sweater and a pair of white scandals. I brushed my hair into a pony tail and walked out of my bedroom.

I walked towards the backyard, the chatting and laughter echoed through the hallways, it was a daily thing now. I entered the backyard but stopped in my tracks as I saw him. He was smiling handsomely, his skin shined in the bright light. His black eyes fell on my frozen figure but he averted his gaze back to mom and dad and ignored me as if we were strangers. The feeling of being ignored by someone that you love hurts.

I slowly walked towards the dinning table and sat next to mom. Leo was facing me, he sat across from me with Cage to his right while Dad sat in the head chair. I glanced at him and found him talking to Cage. He didn’t even bother to look at me. Cage saw me glancing at Leo and he sent me a brotherly smile, I smiled back slightly. Leo now stared at me but his expression was normal, it was as if he didn’t cared now. Did he not care???

I stared at my food, my inside exploding with sadness. I kept my head low,

“ Goodmoring Sweetie, did you sleep well??” Dad said, smiling at me. I faked a smile and nodded. After which they continued to talk.

After breakfast, we all sat in the garden. Leo didn’t talked to me or stared at me during breakfast and I barely ate anything. They were talking and laughing while I listened, I would stare at Leo, minute after minute, but he wouldn’t even spare me a glance. It was painful. Mom and Dad asked Leo about his business trip,

“ It went well but it was tiring.” Leo replied,

“ Okay, I don’t even want to imagine how much work a workaholic like you did to say you were tired.” Cage commented, making mom and dad laugh while Leo shot him a smirk. Cage was Leo’s childhood friend, his parents died in a plane crash, even since then he became a part of the family.

They continued to talk and the fact that Leo was so angry at me that he wouldn’t even talk to me or stare at me was killing me. I couldn’t take this anymore, I got up making everyone stare at me,

“ My head hurts, I will go and get some rest.” I said before making my way inside. As soon as I entered my bedroom, I cried and slid down on the door. I sobbed and placed my head in the palm of my hand.

Dinner was eaten while talking and laughing. Mom asked me if I was feeling okay since I wasn’t eating my dinner but I just shrugged it off by saying I ate earlier. I barely ate anything in the entire day. I had lost my appetite. After dinner, everyone bid each other goodnight and went towards their rooms. Leo didn’t bid me goodnight and just left, I didn’t bid him goodnight either because I knew he wouldn’t answer, and I don’t want mom and dad worrying about us.

I walked towards my bedroom, but my feets continued to walk. I walked passed my bedroom and entered a known hallway. I stood in front of his bedroom door. I gulped,

“ You have to’s now or never!!” I thought, I bit my lower lip. Despite telling myself everything would be okay, I couldn’t help but to be nervous. At last, after gathering all my courage, I knocked on his door. I heard a cold,” Come in.”

I opened the door and walked inside, all this time I kept my head low. I felt his eyes staring at me. I closed the door behind me and stood there. I inhaled and exhaled deeply before raising my head to look at him. The sight had my breath hitched.

He laid in the middle of the king size bed, shirtless. His toned abs and sexy tattoos were in display. The silky black blanket covered him till his waist. He had an arm behind his head, supporting his posture as he held a book in his other hand. He broke the eye contact and turned his attention back to his novel while I stood there dazed.

Although the words “ I’m sorry” were imprinted on my mind but my mouth betrayed me and I stood there in silence. I saw him turn a page in the novel, it was as if there was no-one in his room. Just him and his book. Did I became a nobody to him??? Even thinking of that brought pain to me. Is love always this painful??

“ L-Leo....” I said breaking the dreadful silence in his room, he didn’t raised his head to look at me and turned another page in his novel. I took a few steps forward, my heart beating faster. I bit my lower lip and stared at him.

“ L-Leo....” I called out for him again, this time, he stared at me for a second before turning back to his novel. I inhaled deeply, again my feets moved on their own, I stood near the bed,

“ L-Leo...please talk to me..” I said, tears were building up in my eyes but I pushed them back. Leo ignored me, I walked closer and sat on the bed, besides him and grabbed his hand. He stopped his actions. He titled his head to look at me,

“ Please talk to me...” I begged, he caressed my face with his free hand and said,

“ Why should I?? Don’t you have enough male friends to talk to and even make out with.” I stared at him in disbelief, he got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. I cried while sitting on his bed. I didn’t moved from my place. I waited for him to come out, I wanted him to be possessive of me, I wanted him to hug me and hold me in his embrace.

After 10 minutes, Leo came out. He started to walk towards the door to leave the bedroom but I got up and blocked his way. He stared in my teary sea blue eyes.

“ Let me tell you something,” I said, my tone a mix of sadness and anger. He crossed his arms and continued to stare at me.

“ It’s true that we kissed, but I felt nothing, I didn’t felt the sparks or the pleasure that I do when you kiss me,” I said, staring at him while tears poured out of my eyes,

“ And so what if we kissed, why does that bother you?!?! Aren’t I just a possession to you??,” I said, my voice breaking,

“ And for your kind information, he kissed me first!! I wanted to break the kiss as it felt so wrong, it felt like I was cheating on you although we weren’t anything to begin with, but as I was about to break the kiss and reject him, you bursted inside!!!!” I said as I stared at him and found him listening to me with an unreadable expression.

“ I never knew I would end up saying this, but I love you Leonardo, I love you more than anything. Seeing you not talking to me breaks me so much!!!” I said,

“ You can torture me, you can beat me, you can do anything to me but please, don’t ever ignore me, the pain of being ignored by you is so much worse than that of being tortured, please...” I begged and in a speed of light I was pushed against the wall, my wrists pinned to the wall and my eyes widened in surprise, he pressed his lips against mine and our lips locked in a wild and lustful kiss, our bodies pressed against each other.

To Be Continued

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