Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Seventeen


We broke the kiss and I stared at him while he did the same. He caressed my face and pressed our foreheads together.

“ I’m sorry for being a dick, Princess.” He said, I stared at him in pure shock, Leonardo was apologising?!?!?

“ The truth is...” he continued, now staring into my dark blue eyes, making me shiver in delightness.

“ Ever since I first saw you, I fell for you Princess....hard,” He said and I felt my body turn warm, I felt butterflies in my stomach, I felt pleasurable currents flow through my body. My eyes were filled with tears of joy.

“ I was possessive of you...not because you were my possession but because you were my beloved. I know I told you that you were my just my possession, but it was wrong of me to tell you so,” I looked at him and smiled,

“ I always heard from my parents that love is a dangerous game, a game that will have the greatest of winners lose. At first I thought it was all bullshit, I thought nothing like that would happen to a Devil like me,” He said while caressing my lips,

“ But I was wrong, when my eyes laid on you for the very first time, you had my breath hitched, you had my Devil surrendered to you, you never knew but ever since then, you became a part of my world,” his black eyes sparkled with lust with every word he spoke,

“ For a sinner like me, you’re the best sin I have ever committed, a sin that I love so much, a sin so dangerous that makes me want to commit it again and again.” I was crying pools, I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist while kissing him deeply. He wrapped his arms around my waist and walked us to his bed.

He climbed on the bed and laid me in the middle, gracefully. His eyes never leaving mine. He hovered above me and pinned my wrists on either side of my head. His perfect dark red lips pressed on mine, I devoured myself in that kiss.

His hands left my wrists and went towards my skirt, he pulled it down along with my panties, I closed my eyes as his cold hands touched my warm thighs, my womanhood was soaking wet for him. He removed his hands from my thighs and grabbed the hem of my crop top, pulling it over my head and taking it off. He took off my bra and threw it on the floor along with my other clothing. I was naked in front of him...again. But this time I felt my body excited, impatient and needy for him.

He kissed my neck, collarbone, and breasts, leaving huge purple coloured marks. He kissed my stomach and my breath stopped, he trailed his kisses around my belly in a circular motion while his hands massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples, making me moan.

I gasped when his warm breath hits my womanhood, I looked at him and found him smirking at me before kissing my womanhood and sucking on it, I immediately closed my eyes due to the indescribable pleasure. He probably left a purple mark there as well. I moaned while closing my eyes and gripping his hair. He deepened his assault on my womanhood. I felt my walls tightened, my body arched in pleasure as I released a white fluid in his mouth, he swallowed it up while staring at me with a predatorious look, his lower lip had a drop of that white fluid, I got up and kissed his lower lip, tasting that fluid. It was warm and sweet.

He broke the kiss and stared in my eyes,

“ You’re so fucking addicting, Kitten.” He said, pushing me down on the bed. He positioned himself in between my thighs, he teased me while I pouted, he kissed me pouted lips and entered me. I moaned loudly, he waited for me to adjust to his size, after awhile he started to move and the pleasure filled every piece of my soul. His thrusts were deep and strong, we both were moaning and our bodies moved in a rhythm. He continued to kiss my neck while our hands were intertwined tightly as he thrusted inside me hard and fast.

We made love for about 30 minutes, he pulled out and released. Our bodies were warm and drenched in sweat, he was still on top of me, he smiled at me and kissed me.

I broke the kiss feeling the need to breath, he chuckled as I inhaled and exhaled deeply, his chuckle was not dark or devilish, it was soft and pure. He stared at my face and said,

I love you my Queen.” My eyes popped out, my heart stared to beat like a crazy horse, my body became warmer. He laid besides me and wrapped me to him, I nuzzled my tiny body into his and said,

I love you too my King.” I could feel him smiling, he kissed my head and we both fell asleep comfortably and warm in each other’s embrace.

Next Day

I felt a pair of lips travelling around my neck and collar bone. It went up and landed on my lips, I opened my eyes and grabbed the back of his head while kissing him back. I could feel him smiling, well we both were smiling. We were happy.

We broke the kiss and stared at each other while smiling, I blushed at his lustful staring,

“ Good morning Love.” He said softly. I blushed hard, what was wrong with me?? It wasn’t the first time he called me those nicknames?? Or is it because of what happened yesterday??

His huge, tattooed and muscular arm rested on my waist, while the other one was behind his head, supporting his head as he stared at me while I blushed like crazy.

“ Goodmoring Leo...” I was able to speak, he smiled teasingly and I blushed again, I buried my face in his broad chest, while he laughed, hugging me.

I smiled shyly and wrapped my arms around his waist. We bathed together, well more like made love in the shower. I gasped as I remembered something, Leo who was pulling the strings of his gray robe together turned his body to me and smiled,

“ What’s wrong Love??” He said as he pulled me close to him. I stared at him as my breast touched his chest. Although I was wearing a robe, I still felt shy. He grabbed my chin gently and kissed my lips.

“ Everything okay Babygirl???” He said again, his beautiful body, his poisonous dark black eyes, his dark troublesome red lips, his Greek God face, all these things made it so damn difficult for me to speak. He smirked as he saw where my eyes landed on, his perfect dark red lips. Knocking out of it I stared at him with a red face,

“ I need to go to my bedroom to change into my clothes.” I said, he stared at me and said,

“ Just wear my clothes.” I looked at him and said,

“ But what will Mom and Dad-“ he cutted me off by saying,

“ They already know that I like you, they are just waiting for me to make it official.” He said and I blushed hard, official??

“ W-What do you mean by making it official??” I said trying my best to stare into his eyes,

“ Telling the world that this beauty here is Leonardo’s girl.” He said and I bit my lower lip, not out of nervousness but out of excitement and joy.

“ If you keep biting your lips like that, I might not be able to control myself Princess.” He whispered in a husky tone, I didn’t realised that I bit my lower lip again. He cursed and smashed his lips on mine while I giggled.

I wore one of his baggy black shirt and a pair of black sweatpants with a black hoodie on top. While he wore a white shirt and dark blue ripped jeans with a dark blue sweater. We walked out of his bedroom together, I felt my heart beating faster due to nervousness, I bit my lower lip. I felt Leo give our intertwined hands a slight squeeze, he sent me a gentle smile and I smiled back. I never knew that he could be like this.

In the hallway we met Cage, he smiled at me and Leo but his smile turned into a teasing smirk when he saw our hands intertwined.

“ Oh, I see!!” He teased while I blushed making them chuckle.

“ Finally gonna make it official, huh??” Cage asked with a smile, I blushed as Leo replied,

“ You know it.” Cage laughed and nodded, the three of us walked towards the backyard together, I saw Mom and Dad talking and laughing, they had their hands intertwined. I was nervous, although Leo said that they knew he liked me, but I just couldn’t help it. Well, until Cage yelled....

“ LEO IS OFFICIALLY GONNA ANNOUNCE IT PEOPLE!!!” My eyes went wide, my jaw hit the floor. I saw Leo laughing at my reaction while Cage sent me” Your welcome” look, I sent him a “ Fuck you” look to which he laughed. I saw Mom getting up, she literally ran towards us and hugged us tightly,

“ At last!!” She said, I smiled knowing it didn’t bothered her and made her happy instead. I saw Dad coming towards us, he joined our group hug, I saw Mom and Dad extend their arms for Cage, he smiled and joined our family group hug. It was blissful.

To Be Continued

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