Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Eighteen


I announced our relationship exactly 5 minutes ago and by now, the whole world was aware of the fact that I had a girlfriend. I have been attending congratulations calls from all over the world, mostly from my allies.

I growled annoyingly as I heard my phone ringing again, my beautiful girl giggled following the rest. I stared at my baby and she smiled at me,

“ Sorry.” She mumbled, I shaked my head and picked up my phone from the table, I accepted the call and as expected, another congratulation call. I think I attended at least thousand or maybe millions of these calls. I have better work to stare at her.

I ended the call with another “ Goodbye”. I turned off my phone and kept it far away from me. One more call and I would go crazy!!! I was repeating the same thing to everyone who called, gosh I felt like a robot!!

“ So, what now??” Dad said, staring at me and Blue.

“ Move into my place.” I said while drinking my coffee, Cage gave me a smug look while I smirked at him. I felt Blue getting excited. If I knew my one apology and one I love you would change everything between us for good, I would’ve done it earlier because it was during the business trip in Pargue that I realised if I wanted her as my Queen, I must treat her like my Queen. Which included no controlling, no abusing, no indimidating.

And I loved it when she expressed her feelings for me, when she touched me, when she nuzzled her tiny body into mine, when she smiled at me, I absolutely loved it when she kissed me on her own. I realised that my love for her was true from the very beginning, but my way of expressing it to her was wrong.

“ Blue honey, are you okay with this??” I heard Mom say, all eyes were on Blue now. She stared at mom and then at me with a bright smile and nodded her head like a little kid who was being asked if she was okay to ride a little pony alone. I smiled at her and kissed the back of her hand, making her blush.

I heard a phone ringing, they all looked at my phone which was THANKFULLY black. I saw Cage taking out his phone from his jeans pocket. They all went back to what they were doing?? I stared at my parents with a look that said ,” Are you serious??”. My dad smiled at me cheekily while my Mom chuckled and drank her tea. I felt like my parents were some 4 year old. Not that I mind, I actually enjoyed them being themselves.

“ Oh yes, wait a minute.” I heard Cage say to the caller, he placed a hand on the speaker and said,

“ Because of you, people are banging on my goddam phone!!” He said in an amusing tone, I groaned irritated while the others laughed. He handed me the phone and I talked with the caller, I ended the call with another “ Goodbye” and slid the phone over the table to Cage.

I saw my Princess eating a piece of cake, I chuckled at her. She seemed so focused that it made me laugh. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek, making her freeze and stop her actions. I smiled and placed another kiss on her red cheek. She turned her head to me and I kissed her lips. I felt all eyes on us.

“ I feel sick!!” Cage commented, I felt Blue giggling in between the kiss. I broke the kiss and turned to Cage,

“ A loner like you doesn’t know what love is, right Dad??” I said, Cage gave me a look,

“ Son, as far as I know, you were a loner as well.” Dad replied, making Cage laugh and bang his hands on the table. While I turned to my father and gave him a “Did you had to ruin it???” look while he slyly smiled at me.

After breakfast, Mom and Blue went upstairs to pack her stuff. While the three of us went to Dad’s office, we sat there and talked about business.

“ How is the empire coming along??” Dad asked and I knew he was talking about our Mafia Empire,

“ It’s good, there was one attack made but the problem is now solved.” I said,

“ Just say that you killed them!!” Cage said in an amusing tone, Dad chuckled.

“ That’s good to hear, anyways I heard about what happened at Jaguars.” Dad said, I wasn’t surprised that he knew about it. I am sure Mom knows about it as well but they just didn’t wanted to make it obvious to Blue.

“ That issue will be settled in a week or so, the boys are in the torture cells.” Cage answered while we three smoked on our cigars, Dad nodded his head in approval.

After talking about the rest of the businesses, we three walked back to the living room. I saw Blue dressed in a beautiful dark blue dress, her curves were shown. I felt the strong urge to have her right now and here. She blushed as I eyed her from head to toe, I walked towards her and pulled her close to me. I kissed her beautiful lips before breaking the kiss and whispering,

“ You look enchanting Princess.” I licked her ear lobe making her shiver in pleasure.

“ Alright, her stuff is all packed.” Mom yelled from the stairs, she came towards us and said,

“ Treat each other rightly and don’t fight, if he does anything come to me and I will teach him a lesson.” Mom said pointing towards me, I gave her a look while the rest laughed,

“ Very well, we will leave now.” I said, my mom chuckled and smiled. She kissed our cheeks and hugged us,

“ Oh boy, when did you grew up Leo??” Mom asked, I chuckled at her and hugged her while kissing her forehead.

We all bidded our goodbyes before me and my Angel got inside my car. I started the engine and drove off. Throughout the ride, Blue talked. I never knew she was talkative but I was glad about the fact that she was comfortable with me now.


I changed my bandages, I sighed while staring at me reflection in the mirror. I had to pay the price for kissing his girl and the boys had to pay the price for being good friends with his girl. Note the sarcasm.

I walked downstairs and saw Brook, Mike and Gray sitting on the couches. They were angry. I collapsed on the couch and sat next to Brook. Mike and Gray sat across from us. There was a glass table in between us.

“ He almost killed us!!!” Mike said,

“ He has to pay the price!!!” Gray yelled, angry. They were talking about Leo.

“ Not only did he shot us and tortured us but he also claimed Blue as his!!!” This statement from Brook had me angry now, I snatched the phone from his hands and saw that he had made an announcement about him and Blue being together.

My eyes were filled with lust for revenge. I will kill that son of a bitch!!!

“ He’s deadmeat!!” I said with rage.

To Be Continued

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