Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Two


After I was done beating the shit out of that son of a bitch, I moved towards the sink and washed my bloody hands. I turned towards the almost dead man chained up with metals.

“ I-I...a-am...s-s-sorry...” He was able to speak, but his voice came out as a whisper. I chuckled evilly while walking towards him.

“ You are what??” I said as I took the metal bat rested against the wall. I walked towards him with a smirk. He looked up to me and shivered in fear, his eyes were teary. Weak ass bastard!!

“P-P-Please......” He said and that only made my smirk grow wider. I loved it when they begged for their lives. I loved it when they were tortured. I loved it when they screamed out of pain. This would give the rest a lesson about what happens when you mess with me!!

My punishments are made calculating how bad did the man do to me or my men. If it’s talking trash, you are tortured but lucky enough to be alive. But if it’s betraying me then you die a slow and painful death!!

I swinged the metal bat, he screamed in pain. There wasn’t one part in his body that didn’t witnessed pain. His body was bloody and broken. I smirked at my artwork. I saw him taking in his last breaths.

“ This will teach you a lesson on what happens when you betray me.” I said as I swinged the bat once again. He groaned in pain. And slowly, I saw him closing his eyes. He died, his body still chained.

“ Unchain him and get rid of his body!!” I said to my right man, Cage. He nodded and I walked out of the abandoned factory. The driver opened the backseat door for me and I got in. As soon as I did my phone started to ring.

I checked the caller’s ID and accepted the call,

“ Hello my little baby!!” I heard my mother’s exciting and joyful voice through the phone,

“ Hey Mom.” I said rather exhausted,

“ You should take rest aswell, don’t be a workaholic like your father.” I chuckled at my mother’s statement,

“ So, everything good???” I asked,

“ Yeah everything’s fine, I just wanted to tell you that me and Xander, we....” I saw mother hesistating. I am known for a couple of things, short tempered being one of them. Family, friends or workers, if it’s something that would make me angry, I show no tolerance.

“ What is it Mom??” I asked, I heard mother sigh before saying something so fucking unexpected,

“ We adopted a girl.”

“ WHAT THE FUCK??” I yelled, my anger finding it’s way easily to me,

“ Honey, please, listen up.” I took deep breaths, trying to control myself,

“ She reminds me of my childhood, I went through a lot of pain, I just felt the strong need to adopt her.” I heard my mother saying in a pleading voice, I gritted my teeth and asked sternly,

“ Where is she???” I heard my mother hesitating to tell me,

“ She’s at the Mansion.” I ended the call,

“ Drive to the my parents house.” I said to my driver,

“ Yes Sir.” He said and started to drive towards my parents Mansion.

My dark black eyes stared outside the car’s window. My fair white skin got along with my eyes and dark brown hair with a touch of golden. My dark red lips pressed against each other as I tried to control my fuming anger.

“ This is so not done!!” I thought, I let out an angry growl.

After a goddam hour, we entered our parents mansion, the car stops and I come out, my well built and toned body perfectly revealed in my dark blue suit. I made my way inside, purely in rage. I saw Butler Wang coming towards me,

“ Where are they??” I said with cold tone, he stepped back in fear and said,

“ In the backyard.” I walked towards the backyard, my blood boiling every goddam second!!

I saw my parents laughing while sitting on the table, I walked towards them and said,

“ Where is she??” I said, my mother gulped and my father got up,

“ Son, relax.” Dad said but my face turned even colder,

“ Where the fuck is she dad??” I said, I was not to be messed with when angry. My father sighed and pointed with his finger,

“ There.” I turned to look at her, I saw her playing with a puppy. She was smiling like an Angel, her dark blue eyes sparkled with joy, her beautiful maroon lips were smiling, she was slim and small in height. She would probably reach my chest. My anger was long gone just by looking at her. My parents were stunned that I didn’t walked towards her and harm her by now.

She looked up from the puppy to me and froze. Her breath hitched. I can tell she was mesmerised by me. Her eyes travelled from my head to toe. I turned to my parents and said,

“ I am not treating her as my sister at all!!” I said, my parents sighed,

“ But Leo you need to, we adopted her.” My mother said, I chuckled,

“ Without my will.” I said, my parents sighed,

“ What do you want to do Son??” My father asked, I turned to look at her and saw her staring at me. I smirked to which she blushed and averted her gaze from me.

“ I will not treat her however I please but not as a sister.” I turned to look at my parents,

“Fine.” I heard my mother say. The truth to be told, I was never attracted to any woman in my entire life. But something about her is pulling me towards her.

“ I hope she can take the pressure I will be putting on her.” I said with a smirk.

To Be Continued

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