Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Nineteen


It’s been one week since I have moved in with him, and this one week had to be the best moment of my life. Every morning I was showered with kisses, we would walk in the evenings and talk, at night we would make love.

Today I was going to go with Leo to his office, I was anxious but all my worries vanished away as his muscular arms wrapped around my waist, back hugging me. He kissed my cheek, then neck and continued to kiss my skin, leaving me in pleasure.

“ Leo...” I said, blushing. We both couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves, we were addicted to each other. I turned around and grabbed his collar before smashing my lips on his. He smirked and pressed our bodies together. My body went back and was pressed against the wall, Leo grabbed my right thigh and raised it to his waist level, he caressed it while I moaned.

“ Jump Babygirl.” He said dominantly, I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. His length pressed against my womanhood, I moaned while staring in his dark black eyes. He smirked and kissed me. I let my hands roam all over his body.

Suddenly, I felt my panties moved to a side, I felt him entering me and filling me to the end. He started to thrust inside me, my hands were pinned above my head and intertwined with his fingers. He kissed my breasts and sucked on my clothed nipple as he thrusted inside me.

I moaned loudly as I cummed, don’t ask me how I know that word now. My Devilish and super handsome babe ruined my Angel. He pulled out and cummed, he stared at me and smirked, I blushed. He placed me on the floor with such gentleness and care which had me think of myself as a fragile thing.

He kissed me and played with my legs, slowly going up to my soaking wet womanhood before inserting an finger inside me. I flinched. He and his horny needs!!! But that’s what I liked about him....

I wore a white office designer dress, it was beautiful. Leo wore a dark blue suit, personally made by the top designer, looking dashing as always. We sat in the car, I had my head laid on his shoulder, he had his hand rested on my bare thigh. He looked so sexy while being so focused, he was typing on his laptop, his grey eyes were aroushing. His beauty could make the dead come back to live. I bit my lip out of neediness, but he didn’t stared at me. I pouted and started to throw light punches on his arm. He averted his gaze from his laptop to me and smiled while placing his arm around my shoulder and gently rubbing it while I pouted, my eyes squeezed slightly to show him that I was angry, but I wasn’t.

He continued to smile and said,

“ What is it, Love??” Gosh, his seductive and deep voice, I gulped hard and was about to give in and nuzzle my body closer to his but before I could, I rearranged my thoughts and continued to keep my angry face on.

“ You!” I said in a childish angry tone, he laughed, damn that laugh!!! It’s not fair that even his laugh is attractive as hell!!! I am jealous...

“ What??” He said while chuckling, he caressed my face and kissed my cheek. His eyes met mine and he stared at me.

“ You ignored me!!” I was able to say and keep up my angry face on despite the strong urge to nuzzle into him!!!

“ Did I now??” He said while chuckling, he pulled me and made me sit on his lap, my back touched the table that had his laptop settled on it, the table was a part of this amazing car. My hands were around his neck as he stared at me, his hand rested on my thighs, caressing them while we sat in a straddling position.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately. He broke the kiss and said,

“ I love you, Babydoll.” He said and had my heart beating like a marathon with those words.

“ I love you too baby.” I said, he smirked at the nickname while I slapped his chest playfully, he laughed and hugged me.

After awhile, we were near his office building, and oh boy it was G.I.G.A.N.T.I.C, I could see the tall glass building standing proudly, it was the tallest building in this country, not to mention the most luxurious one as well. Leo liked his buildings being different from the rest. I saw a flood of people crowding the main gate which led to the building. The people moved aside as they saw his car coming, I felt all the gone nervousness coming back to me.

The car entered and the dark black metal gates closed, the people tried to get inside through the gates but failed. More guards were called to clear the crowd. I was so nervous that I didn’t noticed Leo leaving the car. I heard L.O.U.D, very loud screamings filling the area. Leo opened the door for me and extended his hand for me while smiling handsomely. I smiled while biting my lower lip and placed my hand in his.

I stepped out of his car and I heard cameras snapping, people yelling and reporters questioning. I turned my head to have a look at the gates and was left stunned, that was quite a lot of people, did the whole country gathered outside his building gates??

I felt my body in pleasurable currents as Leo grabbed my chin gently and kissed me, I heard the yellings increase, I was at the edge of becoming deaf. He had his hands around my waist and pulled my body closer to him, our bodies had zero percent space.

I broke the kiss and smiled at him while staring right in his eyes,

“ This was for all of them to know that I am crazily in love with this woman in front of me and also to shut them up but guess it took a u-turn.” Leo whispered in my ear and I laughed, he stared at me with a smirk and grabbed my hand in his, leading the way to his office entrance where I saw some of his workers waiting for him, they bowed and he ignored.

Once in his office, he wrapped me to him and we kissed, when he told me that,” Just come with me and watch me work.” I never thought he would mean this. He picked me up by my hips and I wrapped my legs around him, he took us to his desk and I sat on it, my thighs still wrapped around his waist, making me feel his growing length.

He smirked and was going to continue but a knock on the door disturbed him, he growled, certainly not having any of it while I pushed him back slightly and jumped off the desk, his face was turned towards the door, glaring at it as another knock was made. I grabbed his chin and kissed him almost instantly, he was surprised, boy I love it when he’s surprised and all. He snapped out of it and kissed me back lustfully, a third knock on the door made me chuckle and break the kiss while Leo growled, it was dark and wild.

“ What the fuc-“ He was about to curse when I placed my tiny index finger on his lips, making him shut and look at me,

“ Come in please.” I spoke politely, I could see the lust in his eyes.


She placed her tiny finger on my lips and said,

“ Come in please.” She was so polite and sounded so professional, my black eyes darkened with lust. Well, whoever thta bastard was, I will deal with him later on. I saw my P.A coming in, he froze as he saw me and my girl, she still had her finger on my lips. Well that fucker just realised that he disturbed something very important!!!!!

I sent him a death look to which he gulped hard and sweat formed on his forehead. I growled when my Princess removed her finger from my lips, I love her touch.

“ S-Sorry sir, but M-Mr.Karlos is waiting for you.” He said, fear indicated in his tone, before I could give him a death threat, my Kitten responded,

“ Please tell him he will be there in 5 minutes, thank you.” Again, her professional side had my lust grow. Marcos replied with a nod and bow before leaving the office, FINALLY!!!

I turned to her to kiss her but she stopped me and said,

“ Meeting Now!!” Her tone was dominant to which I smirked, I brushed my lips against her ear lobe and whispered,

“ With that tone, I don’t think I will ever follow your orders, you sound rather more sexy and it’s making me want to fuck you so badly, kitten.” I could feel her body getting warm, when I looked at her she was red, she is one adorable Angel when she blushes for me.

I kissed her for a minute and broke it,

“ Wait for me Kitten.” I said while caressing her face, she nodded with a smile and got on her tiptoes to kiss me although she was wearing heels. I kissed her back and left before I actually fucked her right there.

I walked towards the meeting room while undoing my middle suit button, I entered the office room and saw everyone there. They got up and bowed to me while I walked to the head chair and sat, they followed.

They started the meeting without another word.

After an hour,

I sighed the papers and got up,

“ 3 months, after that I want the design ready.” I said before walking out of the meeting room, on my way to the office, my phone rung. I took it out and saw Cage, I picked it up,

“ Leo, we have some problems.” Cage said, he only used my name during calls when it was something important,

“ I’m coming.” I replied before ending the call.

To Be Continued

Hey Guys, I know I took awhile to upload the net chapter, I sincerely apologise. Here is the new chapter, hope you enjoyed it. I hope you all had a wonderful day, thank you for your love and support, means a lot. Love you all,


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