Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Twenty


I sat on my chair behind the desk while smoking on my cigar, Cage’s body rested against the wall across from the desk while smoking.

“ What is this about Cage??” I asked while blowing s ring of smoke, he smirked devilishly and said,

“ They reacted.” He said, I rested against my chair completely comfortable with a sly smile on,

“ Let them do what they want to for now.” I said, smoking. He grinned evilly and nodded. They are calling for this on their own.

“ As you say Boss.” He said waving me and leaving my office, I heard a feminine voice greeting him and he replied sweetly. I already knew who it was.

I saw my Queen coming inside, she smiled at me. Her clothes changed into a dark blue silky nightsuit, I chuckled at the thought of her not liking those dresses that women would kill for to buy, she surely is different from the rest.

She sat on my lap and wrapped her tiny hands around my neck and smiled,

“ Leo...” she said, her tone sweet like honey,

“ I want to go on a vacation!!!” She said, I chuckled while smoking on my cigar and replied while caressing her face,

“ Where does my Kitten want to go??” I said making her all but red, she bit her lower lip, the lust filling her soul.

“ Somewhere where no-one would disturb us.” She whispered in my ear seductively. My wild side was turned on, I grabbed her hips and placed her on the desk, kissing her hungrily.

She smiled while wrapping her body to mine, my hands grabbed the hem of her silky shirt and pulled it up alittle, my ice cold hands touching touching her warm skin, making her breath in heavily with a moan. I licked her lower lip for entrance, she opened her mouth and our tongues were caught in a battle once again.

In a blink of eye, we were both naked. I licking on her womanhood like a hungry beast while she gripped my hair and moaned. She releases in my mouth and I lick it up. She pushed me down on the chair and bents down, sucking my dic•. I moan as she sucks harder.

I release in her mouth and she swallows it while staring at me, asking for more. I smirk and pull her up, placing her on the desk once again. I spread her legs wide and position myself in between her legs, entering her slowly.

She closed her eyes as I started to thrust inside her, her breasts moved, our bodies moved in a rhythm. Her moans were so damn seductive. I kissed her lips while our hands intertwined. Her back arches up in pleasure as she cums on my di•k, I moan as I cum inside her. I pull out and kiss her once again.



I woke up due to my alarm cloc, I groaned as I got up and turned off the alarm on my phone, Mafia or no Mafia, everyone likes to sleep, me being on the top list. I jumped out of my bed and walked towards my bathroom, I turned on the shower and took off my sweatpants and boxers, hoping in the shower, I grabbed my shampoo and poured some on my palm.

After shower, I wore a white shirt, black leather jacket and ripped black jeans with my black combat shoes. I grabbed my bag and placed it over my shoulder while walking out of my walk in closet. My hair was pushed back, but some strands of my hair were still on my forehead. I placed my bag on the island while making myself a cup of coffee, I drank my coffee and walked out with everything of my penthouse.

I walked towards the garage and got inside my customised Lamborghini, I threw the bag to the passenger seat and started the engine before driving away to the airport.

In less than 20 minutes, I was there. I saw Leo’s private jet, the guards and cars. I parked my car and got out after taking my bag and throwing it over my shoudler once again. I saw Leo and Blue, hands intertwined, Leo wore the same outfit as me while Blue wore a light blue crop top and white ripped jeans, she wore a pair of blue sneakers. She was cute, Leo was lucky to have her. I liked her, she’s the first woman that would choose excellence over looks, that impressed me. She’s like a little sister that I never had.

“ Goodmoring Cage!!” Blue greeted me with her usual sweet smile, she broke away from Leo and hugged me, I laughed and hugged her back. I could see the jealously in Leo’s eyes but we all knew that I and Blue were like siblings, plus I would never cheat on my brother.

We broke the hug and I went and hugged Leo, he hugged me back. I patted his back and said,

“ How you doing you brother??”

“ Good, ate breakfast??” He asked knowing it usually skip my breakfast and the he forcefully feeds me breakfast. I chuckled and nodded, he smiled and said,

“ Let’s go then, Mom and Dad must be waiting for us.” Leo said, I knew where we were going. Leo called me yesterday and said that Blue wanted to go on a vacation, so here it is. I am glad for Blue to appear in our lives, I swear I have never seen Leo smiling or acting all sweet to ANYONE!!

Guess love warms even the coldest of hearts. We all walked inside the jet and sat down. Soon enough the jet takes off. I really needed a vacation but little did I knew, this was going to be more than just a vacation for me.

To Be Continued

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