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Chapter TwentyOne


I was jumping around like a little kid, Leo and Cage were laughing so hard at my actions. I was excited for this, although I didn’t really needed a trip but I love my babe for doing this for us. I can’t believe that we are okay, I am no more intimidated for him and he...

He just loves me like his Queen. I know that I shouldn’t have said yes or got all emotional when he was apologising and gave it some time but my heart was already stolen, him apologising didn’t made it any better. But I am so glad that I forgave him, who knows what would have happened to us if I didn’t??

We were walking inside Leo’s family villa in Hawaii, it was beautiful in ever way. My hand was intertwined with Leo’s. At the main door, I saw two figures and I ran towards them, pulling them in a tight hug.

“ Hello Sweetie, how was the flight??” Dad asked while chuckling, Mom rubbed her hand on my back and kissed my cheek while I did the same for them.

“ Hey Mom and Dad.” Cage and Leo said together, they laughed. We all smiled.

Mom and Dad pulled Leo and Cage into the group hug and we stayed like that for a moment. We broke the hug and Mom and Dad smiled at us,

“ Come on in kiddos, we were expecting you!!” Mom exhilarated. I laughed and we all walked in.


We all reached our destination, we all parked our cars and got out. We walked inside the hotel and took our keys to our bedroom, getting inside the elevator, Mike asked,

“ Are you sure this is okay??” I turned my head to him and smirked,

“ Destroying him and getting my girl back, of course it is.” I didn’t cared if I sounded like a legit Devil, I just wanted Blue. That one kiss had me tangled up, I wanted to feel her more.

We were in Hawaii, we knew they came here and I will do what we all planned to do. I will have her in my arms soon.


I came out of the bedroom with Mom, we both were wearing floral dresses, keen length. We went downstairs towards the living room and saw the rest wearing black shorts and white shirts. Leo had his sleeve rolled up to his arm, his tattoos made him look so sexy, I always found myself drooling over them.

I came towards him and hugged him while he smiled and kissed me. We broke the kiss and I giggled. We all walked out of the house and walked towards the beach that was near the Villa.

We got on this gigantic yacht and soon I found myself surrounded by blue water everywhere. Dad and the boys started their fishing, challenging each other on who will catch the biggest fish. Me and Mom changed into our bikinis and sat on the yacht, enjoying the cold breeze and view. Mom grabbed my hand and said,

“ Have you ever jumped into the sea while your heart was beating like crazy??” I nodded, only by imagining about that would have my heart beating like crazy.

The next thing I knew was that Mom had pulled me up and we both were falling from the yacht and *SPLASH* into the sea.

I heard more splashes and when we reached the surface, I saw the boys and dad, they were shirtless. Dad came towards mom while Leo came towards me, he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and smiled. I blushed.

We all swam for awhile in the sea before going back to the yacht. Dad and the boys continued their fishing while I playfully glared at Mom for making me jump, she laughed and hugged me.

At night, Dad and the boys made BBQ and we all ate while talking and laughing. It was a sweet memory that I will always have captured in my mind.

“ Cheers to our blissful family.” Cage said while rising his glass of wine, we all smiled and raised our glasses before clinging it. We drank our wine and continued to talk. Cage was recording everything, mainly teasing me, Leo would give him an earful but Cage would continue, they were acting like two silly kids making us laugh hard.

By the time we reached the Villa, I was exhausted and asleep. Leo carried me to our bedroom in bridal style and laid me on the bed, he changed my clothes into his baggy shirt and covered me with the blanket, he kissed my forehead and said,

“ I love you my Blue.” I smiled internally. Leo changed his clothes and slept besides me. His warm body collided against mine. He wrapped me to him, my legs were over his thighs, while his arm was over my waist. We slept in comfort.


I couldn’t sleep, I don’t know why though, it never happened to me. I walked towards my wardrobe and changed into a dark blue ripped jeans with a white shirt that hugged my muscles and revealed my tattoos on my arms. I wore my black matte combat boots and black leather jacket. I grabbed my black gun and tugged it in my jeans, just in case. I picked my Dark Lust” and wore it on my left wrist. Spraying some perfume and running my hand through my hair, I left my bedroom.

Everyone would be asleep by now so I tried to be as quiet as possible. I didn’t wanted to wake them up, especially Dad because you don’t want to mess with a sleepy Xander Romulas Montiago.

I chose to walk to my destination. I checked my worst and saw the time, 1 am. I was walking until a heard some faint mumbles, since the streets were so silent, I was sure of it. I turned my head towards the direction of the mumbles and saw an alley. I frowned, I wasn’t able to help my curiosity and walked towards the alley that was located on the other side of the street.

When I entered it, the sounds became more clear. I heard some men grunting and cursing. When I reached the sight, I froze. There were three men harassing a girl, her shirt was tore, revealing her bra and she was crying rivers. One of the man had his hand on her mouth. I felt rage building up inside me.

I saw the men staring at me, the girl had a pleading look on her face.

“ Who the fuck are you??” One of them spoke,

“ Can’t you see we are busy, get going if you don’t want to get hurt kiddo.” Another one spoke, the third one sent me a grin. Are they really threatening someone who has killed tons of people?? How very amusing...

I smirked and chuckled making them frown at me, I took out my gun and shot one of them in the leg, he groaned and fell down on the floor while holding his blooded leg. The other one came towards me, trying to fight me, but little did he knew, I was a champion in martial arts. I grabbed his arm and twisted it, he groaned in pain. I used the back of my gun and knocked him out. I faced the third one who was holding the girl, fear radiated from him.

He left the girl and ran but I pointed my gun to his back and shot him, the bullet surpassing his shoulder. I shot him in the leg and stomach once he was on the ground. I walked towards the girl who was crying badly. I noticed the bruises and wounds on her arms and stomach. Her shirt barely hid something. I took off my leather jacket and placed it over her shoulder, I made her get up and I zipped the jacket.

I met her light brown eyes and she slightly smiled at me and said,

“ T-Thank y-you...” She walk past me but groaned and held her leg, I looked down to her leg, it must be bruised. I walked towards her and picked her bridal style.

“ Where do you live??” I asked her as we walked out fo the alley, she stared at me in surprise and mesmerisation. I stared at her and actually saw how beautiful she was. Her white skin shone brightly even the street lights, her natural blonde hair went well with her light brown eyes and her beautiful pink lips.

“ I-I was sold...” She said, making me stare at me,

“ Sold??” I asked, it was clear that she didn’t had a home, I started to walk towards the villa.

“ e-e-elder b-b-brother s-sold me....” I felt my blood boil, how can family betray each other??? This is disgusting!!!

I saw tears building up in her beautiful eyes, I don’t know why but I felt the strong need to protect her.

“ What’s your name??” I asked, she looked at me and spoke softly,

“ Juliet.....” She said as I entered the Villa, the guards bowed down to me. I could see the shock and surprise in Juliet’s eyes.

I walked inside the Villa and went upstairs to my bedroom. I opened my bedroom door and closed it behind me. I laid Juliet in my bed and walked towards the bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit and a bowl of water with a cloth, I went back to the bed. I saw her sitting on the bed. She looked up to me and stared at me.

I placed the first aid kit besides her and the bowl of water on the floor as I bent down. My hands went for the zipper but before I pulled it down, I stared at her for permission. Surprisingly, she nodded with a nervous smile. I slowly pulled down the zipper and saw her creamy white skin. I just realised how long her hair was, it reached her waist. I took off the jacket carefully and picked the cloth damped in water and placed it on her wounds and carefully cleaned it up.

She bit her lower lip to endure the pain, I felt her staring at me. I cleaned her wounds and placed the cloth back in the bowl, I took out the alcohol and bandages, I damped the cotton with the alcohol but before placing it on her wounds, I said,

“ This is going to hurt Juliet.” I felt her body warm, I looked up to her as I placed the cotton on her wound, she was staring at me and acting as if the alcohol didn’t burn her at all, but what really effected her was me.

I knocked out of it and continued to medicate her wounds, I placed the bandages on her wounds and grabbed the stuff, putting it back in their places. I went towards the wardrobe and grabbed a baggy shirt. I walked out and saw her struggling in wearing the jacket back, I grabbed her hand softly and place them down.

I took off the jacket once again and wore the baggy shirt on her. My hands went towards her jeans, I felt her breath hitched. I looked up to her and she was staring at me with nervousness but at the mean time I could feel it, she trusted me.

She stood up and I slowly pulled down her jeans, I was sitting on the floor. She turned her head to a side, blushing. I completely took off her jeans and placed it on the floor. I got up, towering over her. She turned her head and stared at me.

“ I’m Cage. You can sleep here, I will leave you alone. If you need anything, I will be downstairs.” I said, she just stared at me. I started to walk towards the door to leave the room but before I could open the door. I heard my name,

“ Cage.” I stopped, I slowly turned around and saw her playing with her fingers and staring at them. She looked at me for a second but then quickly looked down to her fingers.

C-Can you s-stay w-with me....p-please??” She said softly while blushing. I felt my heart blooming with joy. I don’t know why but I walked towards her and pulled her to me, hugging her. I felt something towards her, something that I never knew I could feel, and that too so fast. Was I in my right state?? Or was it just love at first sight???

To Be Continued

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