Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter TwentyTwo


I was staring at him, I never knew that after what I went through, I would be able to fall in love. But what bothers me is that does he feel the same way??

I caressed his face, he was gorgeous. He was sleeping next to me. I was thankful to him for saving me yesterday and letting me stay here but I should leave. Although I fell in love with him in the first sight, I shouldn’t become a burden to him just because he is being sweet to me.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, his beautiful yellowish green eyes staring into my ligh brown ones. He smiled and said,

“ Goodmoring Juliet.” His voice was beautiful, he deserves better than me. I am weak and pathetic. I am not good enough for him. With those thoughts, I tried to bury my love for him. I looked at him and smiled slightly,

“ Morning Cage.” He smiled at me and I felt his hand on my waist, I felt sparks. He pulled me close to him and our noses brushed against each other,

“ What are you thinking about??” He asked, he plucked a strand of my hair behind my ear while I blushed,

“ N-Nothing special.” I said, he smiled and we cuddled. I felt like he was made for me and I for him.

He allowed me to use his bathroom and gave me his clothes. I wore a black sweatpants and a baggy black shirt. When I came out, he was on his phone.

“ Alright, I will tell Boss.” He said in a cold tone and ended the call. He turned to me and smiled.

“ You look good in my clothes.” I blushed at his words, he smirked at me and pulled me into a hug.

“ I will go take a bath, wait for me here.” He whispered and I felt goosebumps all over my body. He left me in the bedroom and went towards the bathroom. I sat on the bed and waited for him.

After 10 minutes, he came out. He was wearing a black jeans and black shirt. His sleeves were rolled up to his arms, revealing his tattoos. I was curious to know what he did, because in my town, people thought only the bad people had tattoos.

He smiled at me and said,

“ Let’s go, the others must be waiting.” He said and had me nervous and curious, others??

He seemed to have noticed my nervousness, he bent done to stare at me and caressed my face,

You have nothing to be afraid of, I am here for you Juliet.” Those words were something that no-body ever told me, I cried and hugged him.

“ Thank you Cage.” He was smiling and he hugged me back, he nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck while rubbing my back.

After a moment of being like that, he pulls away and wipes my tear and says,

“ Let’s go.” I nodded with a smile. He takes my hand in his and we walk out of his bedroom. We walk downstairs and just now I noticed that his place was breathtaking.

We entered the kitchen and it was beautiful. I saw four people there, they all seemed to be couples. One couple seemed to be elder, probably in their 40s while the other one seemed to be young. The two ladies were beautiful, especially the blue eyes girl. She was deadly gorgeous. I saw the two men, they were handsome. The younger one was deadly handsome and was the carbon copy of the elder one, I am assuming they are related.

They all turned their heads to us except for the young man, I felt nervous. When the young man turned his head to us, my jaw hit the floor. H-He was....Leonardo Romulas Montiago!!!

No wonder why he seemed familiar, but how did Cage knew him???

“ Cage honey, whose this???” The elder woman spoke softly and sweetly, she was beautiful. Cage replied with the same sweetness,

“ This is Juliet, my girl.” I felt my body turning warm at his words, his girl?? I blushed while staring at him while he smiled at me and back hugged me. I turned to see their reactions and saw them surprised yet happy. But wait, he addressed that lady as his mother, does it mean??? NO WAY!!

“ Omg!!” I heard the dark blue eyes girl saying, she got up from the stool and ran towards me. She was adorable. She hugged me tightly and said,

“ I am Blue, Cage’s friend and sister.” I heard the others laugh at Blue’s excitement, I smiled at her and said,

“ I’m Juliet, you are very beautiful Blue.” I said, she looked at me with a smile,

“ I can say the same about you Juliet.” She said, she’s sweet.

“ Come on now, let’s eat.” She said and grabbed my hand, pulling me away from Cage. They all laughed again. I sat next to her and besides me sat Cage. The elders were sitting across from us.

“ I am Caroline Romulas Montiago and this is my husband, Xander Romulas Montiago.” The lady said, smiling at me. I smiled back and said,

“ I am Juliet, it’s nice to meet you both.” They both smiled at me and this time Mr.Montiago replied,

“ Same here child, feel free to call us Mom and Dad.” He said with a genuine smile, they are very sweet and loving.

“ Juliet, this is my boyfriend and Cage’s brother, Leonardo.” Blue said, okay I was confused now. How can a sister date her brother?

“ She’s not Cage’s sister, they are like siblings.” I heard a deep and husky voice say, I saw Leonardo drinking his wine and looking ahead. Okay, he’s stone cold. I nodded at him and turned to Cage, he whispered in my ear,

“ It will take him some time to be normal with you, till then, don’t mind him.” I nodded with a smile,

“ I didn’t minded him.” I whispered back, Cage sent me a smile.

We ate breakfast, I got to know them better. Leo would talk to me rarely but I knew this was his personality but I was quite stunned how lovingly he acted to Blue, they made a perfect couple though.

I wished for something like that to happen in my life. Me, Blue and Mom were sitting in the backyard while the Cage, Leo and Dad went somewhere 20 minutes ago. Blue and Mom were sweet and they very even more sweet and kind to me when I told them how I met Cage, how my life was a misery.

“ We are here for you Juliet.” Mom said,

“ I suffered as well, Mom did too. Mom and I were orphans, but just because we suffer doesn’t mean we should take our life for granted, who knows what blissful thigh might happen to us??” Blue said and I knew what she meant by the word blissful, Leo. I smiled at her and said,

“ Thank you guys.” I got up and hugged them both while they laughed.

We all continued to talk for awhile until the boys and Dad were back. Leo and I stared at each other and he slightly smiled at me, WHAT!!!

Overcoming my shockness, I smiled back. Cage sat next to me while Leo sat next to Blue. Dad sat next to Mom.

“ Guys!!! I am bored!!!” Blue said in a childish tone, Leo and Cage laughed at her, Leo wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek making her smile widely.

“ Let’s go clubbing.” Cage said, he stared at me and kissed my cheeks, making my body heat up immediately. Did he knew what he was doing?? My heart was beating like crazy. I felt so warm all of a sudden.

To Be Continued

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