Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter TwentyThree


We were in the club, the girls were getting along really well and I was somehow relieved to know that because Cage once said that it would be very difficult for him to fall in love but I was really happy for him when he found Juliet.

Me and Cage sat and drank while watching our girls enjoying themselves. At first, when they both came here they were nervous but eventually they gained their confidence and started to enjoy themselves. I stared at Blue, her dress and curves made it difficult for me to control myself.

No man dared to stare at our girls, maybe because they knew the price they had to pay if they did so. I sat back in the sofa completely and drank my wine. My eyes never leaving my Kitten.

“ Does she know??” I asked Cage as I turned to stare at him for a moment. He looked at me and sighed. I turned my head to my Babygirl once again. She and Juliet were dancing like there was no tomorrow, I smiled at her.

“ She doesn’t.” Cage said, from his tone I could tell that he already loved her dearly. I can relate. I turned to look at Cage and said,

“ If you fear, you can never do anything Cage.” I said, he looked up to me and took a sip of his wine.

“ I’m not afraid Leo, it’s just that.....” He said, he sighed and looked up to me once again,

“ I love her, and I don’t wanna lose her.” He said, I looked ahead to my girl and replied,

“ You’re afraid Cage. You’re afraid of losing her, afraid of her finding the truth. But the sooner this is done, the better it will be for you two. And if she was the one made for you, she would never leave you for who you are, Cage.” I said, Cage nodded and drank his wine, emptying his glass.

“ I guess your right.” He said, suddenly we heard gunshots in the club. Everyone was running in terror, I and Cage got up and searched for our girls. I saw Blue and Juliet hugging each other, they were afraid. We ran towards them and pulled them in our embrace, they both said that they were afraid.

“ Don’t worry girls, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” I said, I and Cage took out our guns. We took the girls to a safe place.

“ Stay here girls.” I said to them,

“ Be safe girls, and here, use it for protection.” Cage said handing them a gun, the girls had a shocked expression on. I kissed her forehead and said,

“ Stay safe Babygirl, I will be back.” I said and went with Cage to deal with these low level thugs. I saw men in white and some very familiar people. We smirked at them and I said,

“ Such a pussy, didn’t even had the balls to come up here all alone, shame.” I could see the fire in Sebastian’s eyes, he pointed his gun at me and said,

“ I will show you what this pussy can do.” With that he shot me in the stomach, I held my stomach while Cage started shooting at them, killing his entire gang within seconds. The only people that were left were Sebastian and his friends.

Sebastian pointed his gun to Cage and shot him in the arm, Cage cursed and stared at him with fire. Soon enough I heard footsteps, and in a blink of eye they were surrounded by my men. I could see the shockness and surprise on their faces.

Me and Cage stood straight and laughed at them,

“ Did you dumb bastards really thought you could easily access our Club and kill us?? What a pity..” Cage said in a mocking tone, I smirked at them. Me and Cage took off our bulletproof vase coats and Sebastian was burning with fire, the others were left speechless, now they realised that they got played.

“ I always do what I say and I wasn’t kidding when I said you all had to pay the price,” I said while walking towards Sebastian and staring at him with my devilish eyes,

“ Cage.” I said and he walked up to me and handed me the dagger, my Devil was unleashed. I stabbed him in the stomach while he yelled at the pain. I twisted the dagger in his stomach and he groaned loudly and cursed. I pulled out the dagger and stared at my security head, he nodded and took them away.

I threw the dagger on the floor and took out my handkerchief, cleaning my hands as I turned around to face Cage. I found him staring at something in fear or someone.

I saw Blue and Juliet staring at me and Cage in pure shockness but I didn’t saw any fear. I and Cage stared at each other and nodded before slowly walking towards them. The girls didn’t moved, they stood there frozen.

Cage touched Juliet’s hand and she just stood there, he hugged her and Juliet slowly hugged him back. I could see Cage relax. I stared at Blue and our eyes met, we stared at each other as I walked towards her.

I was afraid for the first time in my life, I was afraid that she might leave me. I was afraid of losing her, but if she really was my Queen, she would never leave me no matter what. And I was sure she would understand, I trusted our love bond more than anything.

I slowly touched her hand and suddenly she placed a hand on her head and her eyes closed. She was about to collapse on the floor but I was quick enough to hold her in my arms.

“ Blue!!” I heard Juliet yell, Cage stared at us with wide eyes. Without a second thought, I carried her bridal style and ran out of the Club.

In less than 15 minutes, we reached the Villa. I had already contacted my doctor. I carried Blue to our bedroom in a rush, I laid her on the bed and caresssed her face.

I was dying out of anxiousness, I saw Juliet and Cage standing in the doorway, worried as hell. Soon, the doctor came and he bowed to me, I nodded quickly. He got the point and sat next to Blue. He checked her forehead with his hand, then her neck. He took out his stethoscope and checked her heart rate, he touched her belly with his hands and checked her heart rate once again.

I was tempted to know what happened to my Princess, I have never been this worried or afraid in my entire life!!!

The doctor got up and smiled to me,

“ There is nothing to worry about Mr.Montiago, she just fainted due to tiredness.” He said and we all sighed in relief,

“ But we didn’t even danced that much.” Juliet softly said, the doctor smiled at her and said,

“ she didn’t fainted because of that,” he said and had all of us curious and confused,

“ Then???” Cage asked,

“ She is pregnant, Congratulations Mr.Montiago.” He said and my eyes went wide. Cage and Juliet squealed out of excitement and joy. I stared at my Angel’s sleeping figure and smiled brightly.

“ Here are some medicines for pregnancy, make sure she eats them every day. Congratulations once again Mr.Montiago, I will take my leave now.” He said and I nodded, the Butler showed him out.

I sat next to Blue and kissed her forehead, I felt a light pat on my shoudler and I looked up to see Cage smiling at me,

“ Congratulations Man, you’re going to become a father and I an Uncle!!!” He said with excitement, I chuckled. I saw Juliet smiling at me sweetly,

“ Congratulations Leo, you and Blue will be the best parents ever!!” She said with pure honesty and love, I smiled at her and thanked her. I was so so happy. I couldn’t have been more happy.

I can’t wait for her to open her eyes and to know this...

To Be Continued

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