Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter TwentyFour


I woke up feeling energetic. I opened my eyes and sat on the bed but gasped loudly and almost had a heart attack.

“ What the actually hell!! You all scared me!!” I complained as I saw Mom and Dad sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling at me brightly. Behind them were Juliet and Cage, Cage had Juliet wrapped to him. I smiled at them. I didn’t saw my man though...

Suddenly yesterday night recalled in my mind, the scene of Leo stabbing Sebastian replayed in my mind, but he must have a valid reason for doing this. I shouldn’t act up without knowing the whole story. I should let him explain first.

Suddenly his scent filled the room, I looked up and saw him coming towards me with a big and joyful smile. He sat on the bed next to me and hugged me tight before kissing my forehead. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

I heard a click sound, I turned my head and saw Juliet taking photos of us, I smiled at her and said,

“ What is up with you all??” I asked, they all were so happy?? What was all this about??

“ Well, we are grateful to you.” Cage said, he was recording everything. A confused smile took over my lips and I said,

“ What??” I turned my head to look at Leo, he smiled at me and kissed me. He broke the kiss and said something that had my whole world shook,

“ We are going to become parents Babygirl.” He exhilarated, I felt my heart beat faster. Tears were building up in my eyes, I stared at him and then at me belly. I softly touched it and smiled. Leo placed his hand on mine while we smiled at each other.

“ Congratulations you two!!” They yelled in unison. We laughed while our foreheads collided against each other.

After breakfast, Leo handed me some pills.

“ Pregnancy pills, take them daily Princess.” He replied as if he had read my mind, I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. I placed them in my mouth and swallowed them with a cup of water.

“ Bitter!!” I said while turning to Leo, he laughed and hugged me, he kissed my head and said,

“ I love you BabyBlue.” I blushed and replied,

“ I love you too Leo.”

After breakfast, we all sat in the living room. Everyone was excited about the child. I couldn’t help but feel so lucky to have all them. Especially Leo.

The boys gave us an explanation for yesterday and I felt so angry towards Sebastian and the rest, they tried to kill them!! Did they go insane?? I and Juliet were glad that Leo and Cage were okay. But I couldn’t help but to feel bad for Sebastian and the rest, they were my friends.....


I was so excited to hear about Blue’s pregnancy, I hope everything goes well for her and Leo. I glanced at Cage and saw him smiling widely while chatting with Leo.

“ If you love him, just say it.” I heard a whisper, I turned my head in the speed of light and saw Blue smiling at me.

“ What??” I said while blushing,

“ Come on now, he loves you, you love him. Just say it, Hell with the fear.” Blue said and I blushed hard, I stared at her but quickly looked down out of shyness,

“ I-Is it that obvious??” I said, now staring at her. She smiled at me warmly and wrapped an arm around my shoudler and said,

“ If you love him, just say it. Don’t let your fear get you, who knows, you might regret not telling him this later on.” She spoke, I listened to her closely and smiled at her.

“ He’s too good for me.” I said, Blue gave me a look and said,

“ You need to get that thought out of your head, you two are made for each other, I can see it. Just go for it Juliet, trust me.” She said, I was going to open up my mouth to speak but she cut me off by saying,

“ You don’t mess with a pregnant lady.” I laughed at her comment, she smiled at me. But what happened yesterday. The boys did have us an explanation but Cage is a Mafia....

But I will love him and trust him no matter what, Mafia or no Mafia, he saved me and helped me, I trust him with my whole life. I love him...

After hours of talking, none of us realised when the day ended. The night had embraced us, Mom, Dad, Leo and Blue went to sleep. I was searching for Cage, I entered our bedroom and my heart started to beat faster as I saw him in the balcony, shirtless and smoking. My eyes stared at his tattoos on his back, I felt my steps slow down. I slowly walked to him. I was standing in the doorway of the balcony when he suddenly turned around.

He stared at me while smoking, I felt my heart seized. He let out a ring of smoke before throwing the cigarette down and crushing it with his feet. While doing so, his eyes were fixed on me. His hair was messy, making him look handsome as hell.

He passed me a smile and I just stared at his lips, wanting to taste them desperately. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him, our bodies collided against each other and I blushed hard. I slowly gained my courage and looked up to him.

“ C-Cage...” I said, his name slipping from my lips rather seductive. He growled wildly and buried his face in the crook of my neck.

“ Cage...t-there is something I want to tell you...” I said, he removed his face from my neck and stared at me.

“ What is it Juliet??” He said softly, my name from his lips sounding like a great sin. I looked down at our intertwined hands and took deep breaths before looking back at him.

“ I...” I said, I stared in his enchanting eyes, unable to speak while he stared at me with curiosity yet lust.

I am deeply in love with you Cage.” I said unconsciously, I realised what I said and blushed hard. I felt Cage freeze, oh no!! I don’t want him to hate me!!

I could hear his heart beat. He stared at me and said,

“ W-What...??” I bit my lower lip and slowly looked up to him, afraid of the aftermath.

“ Juliet, are you serious??” He asked, not believing me.

“ I’m not hallucinating things, right??” He asked, his tone indicating excitement. I stared at him and said,

“ You’re not hallucinating, I really love you Cage.” Cage smiled widely, my heart seemed to be at ease now. He hugged my tightly and nuzzled his head in my neck. He grabbed me up in the air while I smiled.

“ Oh my god, I can’t believe this Princess. I love you so much Juliet!!” I heard him say, my smile widened and my eyes were teary. Those words were never spoken to me nor did I ever imagined anyone to say it to me. Never did I ever thought that a guy like Cage would say those magical words to me.

He placed me down and kissed me deeply, his hands wrapped around my waist while I smiled and kissed him back, wrapping my hands around his neck. I broke the kiss and inhaled deeply while we stared at each other,

Come with me Babygirl. I want to make you the happiest girl on earth, come with me Juliet.” He said, I couldn’t help my tears, I felt so damn lucky. I smiled brightly and nodded, ready to go with him and live our lives.

To Be Continued

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