Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter TwentyFive


It’s been two weeks, we came back from Hawaii. Juliet came with us and lived with Cage. She became a part of the family. Blue and Juliet became good friends. Dad and Mom were happy, the family was finally completed. Oh wait, not yet, our little one had yet to come.

Everyone had been so excited about our kid, Blue’s belly grew up a little, she was so happy. I came back from office, I went to our bedroom and saw Blue sleeping. She slept a lot these days.

I smiled at her and walked towards her sleeping figure, I sat on the bed and kissed her lips. She smiled and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“ Welcome back babe.” She said, I smiled and kissed her lips once again.

At the evening, everyone came over to my place. It was a daily thing now, they all wanted to see Blue. I smiled at my family as thy talked to Blue.

“ When are you going to do it Leo??” I heard Cage say, I turned around and saw him holding two wine glasses with a smile. I chuckled and took a glass, drinking some wine. He stood besides me, watching everyone laughing and talking. Mom and Juliet brought Blue some gifts while Dad was talking to her about my childhood and how he felt when I was born.

“ I will do it soon, damn I fell so bad for her.” I said, watching Blue laugh. Cage laughed and nodded,

“ I know, when collided with the right woman, you can’t help but to fall for her deeper. And I am telling this from my personal experience.” Cage said, I turned my head to him and laughed while he chuckled.

“ Cheers to our girls then.” I said, raising my glass. Cage laughed and we climbed our glasses before drinking it.

One Week Later


Lately, everyone had been acting so joyful and excited. It was as if they were hiding something from me. I was in the bedroom, I had a blindfold on while these makeup artists got me ready.

“ Can I at least know where are we going??” I questioned Juliet and Mom,

“ No.” They both replied in unison. Gosh...what is happening.

After three hours, I was finally ready. I couldn’t see how I looked because the blindfold was still on my eyes. But I could feel the long dress, it was a princess type of dress, I could tell this. I wore heels, probably high heels.

Juliet and Mom took my hand and walked me down from what seemed to be the stairs. We got inside a car and soon enough the car started to move.

“ Guys, at least tell me how I look??” I said, I heard Juliet and Mom chuckle,

“ You look breath taking Sweetie.” Mom replied,

“ Just like a Queen.” Juliet added, I smiled at them. I must look good if they are saying it like that. I felt nervous, I bit my lower lip. I just wanted this blindfold off.

I swear today has been so weird, Leo went to work earlier then the other days. And after one hour of him going to work, Juliet and Mom came to the mansion and said that we are going somewhere very special and dragged me out of the mansion without a second word.

Ever since then, I had this blindfold on, they wouldn’t tell me where we were going and when I asked them to remove the blindfold they would reply me with a scolding. They said that I could take it off once we reached that place.

After a century, we all reached that place. The door opened and I heard Dad’s voice,

“ Welcome BabyBlue.” I smiled at his voice, he helped me out while I still had the blindfold on. He started to take me somewhere. I heard some chattering but it all stopped, I felt eyes on me. I bit my lower lip nervous as hell. Suddenly the blindfold was removed. I blinked my eyes alittle to adjust to the bright light and saw......

I saw Leo dressed in a beautiful black suit, he was looking so handsome. I saw Cage standing behind Leo, dressed in a black suit, he looked handsome as well. I saw Mom and Juliet dressed in some gorgoues dresses, standing across from Leo and Cage. I saw people to my left and right, I turned to Dad while he passed me a smile.

A tear escaped my eyes while I saw Dad’s arm intertwined with mine. I just realised what was happening....I was getting married with the love of my life.

We started to walk towards the aisle while I cried, Leo smiled brightly at me. His expression was priceless when he saw me. Leo took my hand in his and Dad left to stand besides mom. Mom and Dad tool seats in the front row and smiled at me.

I turned to Leo who was smiling at me lovingly, I hugged him tight and heard a lot of awws.

I love you so so so much Leo!!” I said, he smiled and wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me close to him.

“ I love you too Princess.” He said. We broke the hug and I smiled at him. I can’t believe this!!! This is like a fairlytale.

The priest started speaking, and in a matter of minutes I became Mrs.Romulas Montiago. Leo kissed me and I kissed him back. We heard loud yellings of Congratulations and clappings.

This is the best day of my life, all thanks to you my Queen.” Leo whispered in my ear, I smiled and kissed him once again.

My life became perfect.

To Be Continued

Hey Guys. So, yeah this is the end. Love you all and thank you so much for your support. Please Like,comment, share and give your reviews for the last chapter. I achieved a lot of your love in this book, I am really grateful for that. Once again, Love you all. By the way my new book, which is a sequel to Nightmare is going to come out either today or tomorrow. The title is “ Don’t Question, Just Obey”, I hope you all can read it.

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