Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Three


I saw a mesmerising man staring at me, he had pitch black eyes with beautiful eyelashes, white flawless skin, sharp jawline, perfect dark red lips, toned and well built body, he was tall. Well, quite taller than me.

He stared at me for a moment before turning to Mr and Mrs.Montiago. I could feel the tension. Who was this guy?? Who were these people?? Why did they chose me?? I had all sorts of questions running through my mind.

I saw the man leave, I don’t know why but I felt sad all of a sudden. I saw Mr. and Mrs.Montiago coming towards me. They smiled at me and I slightly smiled back.

“ Blue, how about I show you around?” Mrs.Montiago said,

“ Okay.” I said softly,

“ Can I take this puppy with me??” I asked looking at them, Mrs.Montiago stared at her husband and he smiled at me sweetly before patting my head,

“ As my daughter wants.” Mr.Montiago said, I smiled brightly. I picked up the baby Rottweiler and got up, following Mrs.Montiago. When I noticed Mr.Montiago wasn’t coming, I stopped and turned around,

“ Umm...are you not coming??” I said while looking at him, he smiled and kissed my forehead. It reminded me of my father.

“ No, you two go ahead. I have some work to cope up with, I will see you at dinner.” I smiled at him and nodded, maybe they aren’t as bad, maybe I can trust them??

Mrs.Montiago gave me a house tour, the place was very big, it had two big living rooms, at least 15 big as hell bedrooms. Two gardens, front and back. underground swimming pool, a big kitchen, theatre room, a pool room, a big library and gym room.

Mrs.Montiago showed me my bedroom, I was left speechless. It was beautiful and big, it had caramel coloured walls, paintings that I recognised to be pretty expensive, It had two doors, a big balcony, a beautiful and modern bed in the centre of the room.

“ Like it??” Mrs.Montiago said, I turned to her and smiled,

“ A lot, thank you very much.” I said and she chuckled, she hugged me and said,

“ You are the type of daughter I always wanted.” I heard her say, I smiled at her words. Maybe I can call them Mom and Dad??

“ So, got any questions for me honey??” She said, I had a lot of questions in my mind. I took her hand and brought her towards the bed. We sat down and I turned to her,

“ I do.” She smiled at me and motioned me to carry on. I sighed and said,

“ Why did you chose me??” She smiled lovingly and caressed my face,

“ Because you reminded me of my bitter childhood, I was an orphanage, I was always alone, I wasn’t adopted by anyone until Xander’s parents adopted me.” I heard her say, wait?? What is that supposed to me??

“ His parents were sweet to me but Xander wasn’t, he didn’t treated me like his sister, it was until I found out the truth that he loved, not as a sister but as a woman.” She said and my eyes widened,

“ Then??” I asked curiously and she smiled at me,

“ His parents found out the reason for his hatred towards me, and they asked me if I felt the same way for him,” she sighed and said,

“ At first, I didn’t knew what to do, I thought to myself that did I really felt that way for him?? and when I closed my eyes and allowed my heart to guide me in this path of love, I said yes.” I smiled, their love story was very interesting,

“ When I graduated, Xander proposed to me and I said yes to him, saying yes to him was the best thing I probably ever did, we got married in the following week and after an year of happy marriage, we had our first child, Leonardo.” She said and I smiled,

“ Wow, your love story is very interesting, do you mind if I write a book about it??” I said jokingly and she laughed,

“ I wouldn’t mind my daughter writing a book about her parents love story.” I smiled at her, I felt like hugging her and I did. We hugged for a moment, not realising there was someone watching us from the doorway.

The figure smiled slightly and left. I broke the hug and said,

“ Who was that guy that came before??” I said referring to that attractive guy that was staring at me in the backyard.

“ He is our son, Leonardo Romulas Montiago. He is the CEO of L.R.M Corporation.” She said and my eyes widened, I read about that corporation, it’s the richest company in the world. It makes billions and trillions every week or month. I can’t even put my finger at how much profit they would earn overall.

The CEO is said to be a handsome Devil. His intelligence is remarkable, every company that has worked with them has reached the top, but of course, no-one could surpass the L.R.M corpt. They say that intelligent and successful people don’t talk to gain attention, their presence themselves hold such confidence that it makes it difficult for others to deny, that was the exact case with Leonardo.

“ Are you okay sweetie??” I nodded,

“ Yes, I am fine.” I said and she smiled,

“ Don’t worry, a lot of people react that way, Leonardo takes after his father, his father was the exact person when he was young, cold, ruthless and heartless. But love changed him. I hope my son changes as well.” She said and I smiled at her,

“ Don’t worry, he will change.” I said and she smiled at me, she kissed my cheeks and we continued to talk. After two hours of talking, mother had to leave to deal with some work. I was all alone in this huge bedroom with my puppy.

“ Hmm, What should I name you??” I said as I looked at the black fluffy baby, who was staring at me with cute eyes while laying on the bed, I chuckled and said,

“ Your so adorable, I will call you fluffy.” I said and he lift his head up alittle, making me smile,

“ Do you like it??” I said but he gave me a look and fell asleep, I chuckled at his cute actions.

“ Goodnight fluffy.” I said while kissing his forehead and nose. He smiled slightly. I heard a knock on my door, I got up from the bed and sat straight, the door opened revealing a handsome man, wait, I recognise him, he’s the guy from before. I gulped knowing who he was, Leonardo Romulas Montiago.

Out of all the families in the world, I had to be adopted by them. Oh God!! These people are very rich and powerful. Especially him!! I heard he’s involved in mafia as well. Could it be true??

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t noticed him sitting besides me. He stared at me, his black eyes were very intimidating. I tried to stare at him with the same intimidation, he smirked, amusement drawn in his beautiful eyes as he looked ahead.

“ W-What...” I said, I mentally facepalm myself for stuttering, he turned his head to me and chuckled, his chuckle was deep and deadly, like a Devil’s. It was as if he was notifying me of my death.

“ It’s amusing how you are trying to act all brave, Princess.” He said while staring at me, I blush at the nickname. I look away, God!! his presence is too much to take!!

“ I am Leonardo Romulas Montiago but call me Leo.” He said while staring at my red face, I nodded and replied with my red face,

“ I am Blue.” He nodded, he turned to see Fluffy sleeping on my bed, he then turned to me and said,

“ You like dogs??” I nodded shyly and bit my lower lip out of nervousness. I didn’t knew that it effected him in a that way.

“ So, how old are you Baby Blue??” He said while staring at me, I blushed hard at the word “Baby”. God where is my mind going, I am sure he meant it in a sibling type of way.

“ 17, you??”

“ 20.” He said and I nodded, he surely is young.

“ How are you this young and so successful??” I asked with curiosity, he smirked at me and replied,

“ Just something called brains.” He said and I turned my head away.

“ Baby Blue, do you have any friends??” He said staring at me, I smiled at him and said,

“ I do, his name is fluffy .”

“ Fluffy Who!?!?!” He said rather angry,

“ Fluffly.” I said pointing at the black small baby who was sleeping peacefully on my bed, I felt him relax and turn to me.

“ When I said friends, I meant humans not animals.” He said and I glared at him to which he smirked,

“ Don’t you dare to speak about my fluffy in that way, and for your kind information, animals are more loyal than humans!!” I literally exploded, he smirked md the next thing I knew, I was sitting on his lap, in a straddling position.

I felt my body getting warm, my face would probably look like a tomato by now. He took my hands and placed them around his neck, we were very close, VERY!!

I stared in his intense black eyes, his hands gripped my waist and our faces were so close that I could feel his warm breath on my lips. Help!!!

“ What happened to the tigress now??” He whispered as his lips brushed against my earlobe. I shivered, delightful. Breaking myself from my thoughts, I noticed our position again, our closeness. I jumped out of his lap and backed up.

“ I am your sister.” I said and was about to leave the bedroom when I felt a hand roughly grabbing my arm and turning me around, he pinned me to the wall and trapped me by placing his arms on either side of the wall. His expression was dreadful, I gulped. Why was I so effected by him and his touch??

“ You are not my sister, you are just some girl my parents adopted. For me, your just a girl and I will treat you however I please, got that Babygirl??” He whispered with dominance and anger, I nodded and said,

“ Y-Yes.”

To Be Continued

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