Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Four


It’s been two days since Leo last talked to me, I still remembered the way he gripped me, the way he pinned me to the wall. Oh God!!! I felt my cheeks turn red at that intense memory.

I was sitting in the library with Fluffy on my lap, I was reading a romantic novel. I was so drown into the novel that I didn’t noticed the library door opening and closing.

I let out an excited squeal when the hero kisses the heroine. A tall figure leaned against the shelve at the end of this row. I smiled while reading the novel and playing with fluffy’s soft hair. The figure smirked.

It walked towards me and sat next to me, talking the book from me. I turn my head in anger and was about to give an earful to that person when I saw who it was.

His perfect lips parted and his gaze was fixed on the book, if that book were a human, it would have peed in it’s pants by now. Leo smirked as he turned his head to me,

“ I didn’t knew you liked romantic stuff, Baby Blue.” He said in his husky and deep tone, I snatched my book from his and tried to ignore him. I continued to read but his intense black eyes staring at me was a big distraction.

“ Are you angry with me BabyBlue??” He said and I replied while sticking my face in the book,

“ No.” Leo grabbed my chin with a force but made sure not to hurt me and made me face him, I gulped while staring into his pitch black eyes that stared into my dark blue ones.

“ I don’t like it when you don’t talk to me BabyBlue.” He said, I could see him trying to control his anger. I gently placed my hand on his and separated it from my chin. I moved closer to him and hugged him. I didn’t knew what I was doing, it was as if I was enchanted.

I felt him freeze, I tightened my hold on him until a heard a small and cute yawn, which brought me back to my senses. I broke the hug, my face red as hell. I mentally curse myself for doing that.

I ignored his gaze and patted Fluffy who was yawning, he got off my lap and stretched his tiny body. I chuckled at his actions. I felt someone staring at me, I turn my head to see Leo staring at me with a smirk, OH MY!!

I blushed and grabbed my book before stuffing my face in it, I heard Leo chuckle deeply, he took the book from me and made me sit on his lap. Now, his body rested against the shelve and I sat on his lap, in a straddling position.

My heart beat increased, my lips became dry. I was nervous and bit my lip. Leo stared at me as if I committed a great sin, his large hands held my tiny ones. He brought his face closer to mine before his lips kissed mine.

My breath hitched and I felt the time stop, I felt currents travel throughout my body and they felt so damn good!!! My hands unknowingly escaped his hold and found themselves around his neck, deepening the kiss to which he smirked.

I heard Flurffy’s little bark which brought me back to my senses, WHAT WAS I DOING?!?!! I broke the kiss and was about move back but Leo grabbed the back of my neck and linked our foreheads together, his eyes stared in mine while a smirk crawled up to his lips.

“ BabyBlue, your in great trouble now.” He said with a husky tone, I felt goosebumps.

We all sat down on the dinning table, I was sitting next to Leo while Mom and Dad were sitting across from us. The food was served and we started to eat, I felt Leo’s hand on my thigh, I tried my best not to give any reaction.

“ Leo, how did the business trip went honey??” Mom asked and he smiled at her while replying,

“ It went well, better than I expected.” His parents smiled at him, so that was reason why he wasn’t here, he went on a business trip.

“ Blue honey, I have talked to the principal of Jaguars, you can start from tomorrow.” She said and I smiled while nodding.

“ Why does she need to go there??” I heard Leo say while his hold on my thigh tightened. I tried to remove his hand from my thigh but Leo shot me a deadly look, and I swear if looks could kill, I would’ve been dead by now.

“ Why, is something wrong with Jaguars??” I heard mother say, Leo turned his head to her and said,

“ I don’t want her to go there.” WHAT!! Who is he to decided where I would study??? Like hell I am listening to him!!!

“ It’s mom and dad’s choice, not yours.” I said, Dad chuckled while Mom widened her eyes in surprise, Leo turned his head and whispered with a smirk,

“ I will deal with you later BabyBlue.” My eyes widened, shit I should’ve just kept my mouth shut!! I don’t know what he will do but it surely can’t be anything good.

“ Leo, we chose that college because that’s where you studied and moreover it’s safe.” Dad said and Leo stared at him while drinking his wine,

“ Dad, the boys there are jerks.” Leo said, wait what!!?!?! Why does he care if any boy touches me?? Yah!! He’s so damn confusing!!

Mom and Dad chuckled and said,

“ It’s okay Leo, nothing will happen to her.” Dad said, Leo growled and got up. Mom sighed while Dad smiled,

“ Was I really like this Love??” Dad asked mom,

“ You were worse Love.” Mom replied making Dad go “ What??” while I laughed at them. I glanced at Leo’s plate and saw that he barely ate anything. Wait why am I worried?? Is it because he’s my brother?? I don’t think so....then what is it?? Argh!!

After telling myself that I won’t worry about him atleast a millionth time, I ended up at Leo’s bedroom door with a tray of food in my hands. I knocked on the door before going in, I closed the door and my jaw dropped. His room was perfect, but it was sort of dark. I heard that he rarely stays here, he usually stays in his own mansion.

I looked around to see if he was here, since he wasn’t I am going to assume he is taking a bath, I placed the tray of food on the nightstand and turned around, just then the bathroom door opened. Came out a half naked Leo. He wore a towel around his waist while his Greek like body was in display, water dripping from his dark brown hair, he looked sex- wait what!!

I looked anywhere but him, I saw him walking towards his walk in closet. He opened it and went inside, did he not see me?? Good, let’s just tiptoe and leave.

But as I was about to take my first step, I heard,

“ Don’t you dare to move, BabyBlue.” I froze on my spot, I didn’t moved like an obedient pet. But why??? I saw Leo coming out of the wardrobe dressed in a black sweatpant and nothing else. He walked towards me and grabbed me by the waist, his gaze fell on the food settled on the nightstand. He smirked and stared at me,

“ Worried about me??” He said in a teasing tone, I blushed and said,

“ You wish.” I heard him chuckle at my words, he threw me on the bed and hovered above me. He pinned my wrists to the bed while his black eyes pierced holes in my body.

“ If you disrespect me again BabyBlue, you will see a very bad side of me and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see it.” I gulped at his words, bad side?? wasn’t he bad enough??

“ You haven’t seen my dark side yet Babygirl, don’t make me show it to you.” He whispered as he licked my earlobe, what was happening?? I tried to escape from his grip but failed. It was as if I was trapped by a strong wall.

“ If I saw any boy near you BabyBlue, I won’t waste a second to kill that guy and punish you badly, got it Princess??” He said dominatingly, I refused to obey him and said,

“ Why?? I can be friends with however I like, it’s not upto you.” My words angered the Devil within him. His dark eyes darkened and his grip on my wrist tightened, leaving me in pain.

“ SAY.THAT.AGAIN.” He said in rage, tears made their way out of my eyes.

“ I-I-I am sorry...” I whispered, he smirked,

“ It’s going to take more than a sorry, Babygirl.” He said and lifted me up, I sat on his lap while his hands went inside my shirt, I gasped while looking at him. His hands roamed around my body giving me those currents, He was about to unclip my bra when I said,

“ Don’t, please...” my eyes were teary, he growled while staring into my eyes, he took out his hands from my shirt and wiped my tears.

“ Leave.” He said coldly, I got off of his lap and left his bedroom. Why was he being like this??

To Be Continued

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