Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Five


I got ready for my first day in Jaguars, I heard quite compliments about that place, not to mention, it’s the most famous college in this city. I wore a pair of black jeans, a white crop top and a black sweater above it. I wore a pair of black sneakers. I didn’t used make up because I never liked it. I let my hair down and walk out of the bedroom, of course with Fluffy in my arms. I walked towards the backyard and saw everyone there, sitting on the dinning table, including Leo. I gulped as he stared at me with a piercing gaze.

I sat next to him and gave Leo to Margart, who took him to the kitchen to feed him. I turned to my parents and smiled at them,

“ Morning Guys.” I said and they smiled at me and said,

“ Goodmoring sweetie.” I glanced at Leo who was drinking his coffee while staring ahead, he wore a black suit which hugged his muscles, his hair was styled handsomely. He wore a watch which I assumed is very expensive similar to his outfit.

He place the cup of coffee on the table and turned his head to me, caught red handed!! I blushed and looked away, I felt his eyes staring at me and my outfit.

“ I was ready to tore down your outfit if it were revealing, even the tiniest of bit.” Leo whispered as his hand rested on my thigh, I turned red. T-Tore it??

I ate my food silently and once I was done, I got up and said,

“ I’m done.” Mom and Dad smiled at me and Dad said,

“ The driver will take you to your college, have fun.” I smiled and was about to leave but a voice interrupted me, saying,

“ I will drop her off, I don’t want her going with a stranger in the same car.” Leo said as he grabbed his phone and got up, daring anyone to object to his decision. Mom and Dad exchanged looks and stared at Leo’s leaving figure, I looked at them with a pleading face but they just smiled at me and said,

“ You should trust him, he will never harm you. Go get going before he starts yelling.” Mom said and I sighed, dragging my body out of the Mansion with a pout. I hate him!! But do I??

I saw his body rested against the Black matte Lamborghini Veneno, I heard there were a limited edition of these. Well, these people are crazy rich, you can always expect these things. Especially that Devil!!

I walked towards him while clutching the straps of my bag tightly, I was still pouting. He smirked at me and got inside the Lamborghini. I moved towards passenger side and got in, annoyed. He turned on the engine and drove off,

“ What’s with the pout Babygirl??” Leo said and I turned to him,

“ Nothing...” I said facing the road ahead, he took my hand in his and kissed it, I blushed, what was happening???

“ I love your smile better.” He said and I looked at him, he looked at me for a moment before turning to the road. Why is he acting like this?? Aren’t we supposed to be siblings, I know he made it crystal clear that he isn’t taking me for his sister, but still!!

Throughout the ride to the college, our hands were intertwined. He stops the car a little away from the gate, he turns to face me with his usual smirk and kisses my cheek, my face turns red.

“ Have a good day Princess, but don’t you dare to let any man near you.” He said serious as hell, I nodded to which he growled,

“ Words Babygirl.” He said and I opened my mouth to speak,

“ Yes.” I bit my lower lip in nervousness, Leo’s gaze fixed on my lower lip, he cursed before smashing his lips on mine. I devoured in the kiss, after awhile we broke the kiss, I was out of breath, he cupped my cheeks before kissing me again. We stayed in the car kissing each other, I pulled back and said,

“ I will get late, bye.” I said as I literally dashed out of his car, I could hear Leo chuckle as I got out of the car, my heart beating like crazy. Soon enough I saw Leo car leave ahead of me, I slightly smiled. Wait why am I smiling???

I entered the college and oh my, it was crowded. I saw couples, friends, bad boys, cheerleaders, all heading towards the entrance of the school. I sighed before going inside, thankfully people were too busy in their own things to even pay attention to me. I was never the type to socialise, I was always alone. Crowded places made me anxious to death!! I hate crowded places.

I walked towards the Principal office, I remember Leo giving me directions in the car. I chuckled at the reason, he said he didn’t wanted me to ask anyone, especially a Male. I don’t understand why he’s being so possessive of me?? Does he like me.....??? No, it can’t be. But then again, Mom and Dad fell in love the same way, could it be history repeating itself???

I knock out of it as I reach the Principal office, I knock on the door and hear a come in, I inhale and exhale before opening the door. I saw the tension in the air, I examined the office, I saw a group of boys there. They were 4. They wore a black jacket, it said “Jaguars Pride” on the back of it. Who were they??

I saw them staring at me, I look away and stare at the Principal, I greet him with a smile to which he smiles back,

“ Hello Sir, I am Blue-“ I was cut off by the Principal saying,

“ Oh Blue, yes, yes. I hope you enjoy it here, have you always been homeschooled??” The Principal asked while taking out something from his drawer, I bit my lower lip and replied,

“ Yes....” The Principal nodded, he handed me some papers and said,

“ This is your schedule, a map of the college and locker number and here,” he said pulling out a key,

“ Your locker key, enjoy Blue. I hope you adjust in here. Goodluck.” He said with a smile, I smiled back and said,

“ Thank you Sir.” I said as I left the office, throughout the conversation, I felt their eyes on me. I shrugged it off and walked towards my first class which was English Literature, my favourite!!

The classes went by fast, I introduced myself simply saying my name and sat down. I didn’t made any friends but I am glad. I don’t want any, I just want to go home and play with fluffy!!! I was walking down the corridor and I heard some girls say,

“ Have you seen Sebastian’s outfit today??”

“ He looks like a whole meal!!”

“ I bet he would be so damn good in bed!!”

The girls discussed their not so pure views on this Sebastian’s dude. I couldn’t care less. I walked towards the library and got inside, I greeted the librarian who was a middle age woman but pretty with a smile and said,

“ Where are Business books kept at??” I said and the librarian said with a smile,

“ Right there.” She said pointing with her fingers, I nodded and thanked her before going there. After I was done taking the books I needed, I sat at a table. I failed to notice the boy group sitting on the table beside me, they were at a little distance.

I took out my pen and notebook and started to joint down points. A strand of hair fell on my face, I moved it behind my ear and continued to write down notes. Suddenly I felt my phone ringing, I picked it up and saw Leo calling me. I accepted the call and held the phone near my ear,

“ Hello??” I said in a low tone,

“ Where are you Princess??” He questioned,

“ Library.” I replied simply,

“ Is that why your talking so low??” He questioned again,

“ Yes.” I replied again,

“ Are you done with your classes??” He asked and I nodded,

“ Yes I am but I need to make some notes so I will be here for awhile.” I said,

“ Alright, text me when your done, I will come and pick you up.” He said and I felt my body getting excited,

“ Okay, anything else??” I said and he chuckled, that devilish chuckle.

“ No, nothing else Princess, carry on.” He said and I smiled slightly,

“ Bye.” I said as I end the call, I kept the phone in my jeans pocket and continued to do my work.

“ Hey.” I heard a voice say, it was deep and attractive, but not as attractive as Leo’s, wait what!!! What is happening to me???

I looked up to see a man with emerald green eyes, tan skin, well built body, he was taller than me. Wait, he was one of the boys that were at the Principal’s office.

“ Yes?” I said staring at him,

“ I am Brook, I was wondering if you could help me and my friends with some business questions.” He asked, before I was going to answer, I heard Leo’s threats ringing in my mind. I looked at him and said,

“ I am sorry, I don’t think I can.”

“ Please, you seem like an intelligent girl, and we really need to get these questions done so that our class would be able to go to the college trip.” He said and I looked at him,

“ But why can’t you solve them yourselves??” I said,

“ Because we are not business students, the teacher who gave us these questions is a major jerk and our enemy.” He said and I chuckled, Leo isn’t here, so maybe I can help them once.

“ Alright.” I said and he smiled widely,

“ Thanks Girl.” He said, I got up and we both walked towards his group, I noticed the rest from before. One of them got my gaze, he seemed to stood out from the rest. He was fair white, he had black hair, red lips, pointed nose and light blue eyes. He was muscular and well built, he seemed to be tall. Actually all of them were.

“ Hello, your Blue right??” One of them asked as I sat down next to the one who had light blue eyes. He seemed to be cold. I looked at the guy who talked to me, he had brown skin, blonde messy hair, light brown eyes, and was well built and tall. The last one had grey eyes, light brown hair, and was well built and muscular. All right, they all were handsome. Point to be noted.

“ Yeah, You??” I asked,

“ I am Gray, this is Mike and that’s Sebastian’s, our leader.” He said, the grey eyes one was Mike and the guy besides me was Sebastian, the one that the girls were talking about,

“ It’s nice to meet you.” I said with a smile, Gray smiles and says,

“ Nice to meet you too.” I smiled before turning to brook,

“ Where are the questions??” He handed me a paper and I went through the questions, I chuckled and the boys gave me a look, I shaked my head and started to solve them. They were to easy, they were actually taken from a book, and I had read that book. I have the ability to never forget things.

After 20 minutes, I was done. I handed Brook the paper and said,

“ Who is this Professor??”

“ His name is James Collie, we like to call him shorty because he’s short.” Brook said chucking, I smiled,

“ Wow Girl, your fast.” Gray said while smiling to me, I smiled back.

“ Thanks for the help.” I heard Mike say with a smile, I smiled back and said,

“ Your welcome.” I replied,

“ Is that all??” I said as I eyed Brook, he smiled and said,

“ Yeah, thanks a lot Blue.” I smiled,

“ By the way, can I ask you something??” I said, I didn’t realised that Sebastian was watching me,

“ Sure.” Mike said,

“ Why do you guys wear these jackets??” I asked, pointing at their black jackets. I heard a husky voice reply,

“ Because we are basketball players, we are the pride of Jaguars.” I heard Sebastian say, the others were shocked and surprised, I turned my head to him and said,

“ And why is that??” He smirked and said,

“ Because we have never lost a single match, we always win.” I nodded,

“ Well then, it was nice meeting you all, I will go and do my work.” I said as I got up, they all flashed me a sweet smile except for Sebastian. The boys got up and left the library after biding their goodbyes to me and saying thank you but of course, Sebastian didn’t said anything.

After 30 minutes

I was done, I had texted Leo 10 minutes earlier telling him that I was done. I packed my stuff and placed the book back in the shelve. I exited the library after saying goodbye to the librarian.

I got out of the college and saw Leo’s car, I walked towards it and got inside. I was welcomed with a deep kiss on the lips, taking my breath away.

To Be Continued

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