Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Six


I was at my mansion, although it was difficult staying away from her, she’s just like a drug, the more I have it, the more I’m addicted to it. I sat in my office, smoking on my cigar. I let out a puff while closing my eyes and resting my head against the seat, her ocean blue eyes recalled in my mind.

I chuckled and opened my eyes, I took a look at the documents kept on my desk. I let out another puff and started to do my work. My life has only one motive, success.

After I was done going through the important documents, I smirked and threw them in the dust bin, before burning them. I watched the fire rise, those documents were about my rival gang, now I could crumple them and destroy them in every possible way they wouldn’t have even imagined.

I was both, a successful Buissnessman and a feared Mafia. I learned the chess of business and mafia when I was only seven, ever since then I had a goal, I was ambitious to become the most powerful man on earth. At the age of 18, I had already achieved that, but along with that, I had earned the title of “Ruthless Lethal” in the underworld. I had both, the world of fame and success and the world of crime and blood under my feet.

I called Cage and he picked up

“Yes Boss??” He said,

“ Send the video to his wife, I’m sure she would like to have a look at that.” I said with a devilish tone, I heard Cage chuckle evilly before replying,

“ As you say Boss.” I chuckled before ending the call, I finished my cigar and walked out of my office. Walking down the stairs, I had one thing set in mind, BabyBlue.

Unable to fight the urge, I went towards my garage, it had three floors. First floor had my customised cars, second floor had my royal cars and the ones which were limited edition, last but not least, the third floor, it was filled with bikes, customised and limited edition.

I walked towards my black matte Bugatti and started to drive out of my garage, I started to drive towards my parents house, hand out of the window holding my cigarette. I smoked while looking ahead.

BabyBlue would have returned from her second day at the college. I had to distance myself from her to stop my beast, although I wanted her badly, I tried to control myself, I don’t know why but I wanted to be gentle with her, and my inner Devil didn’t seemed to have any objections to it. Unless she does something that would make me angry, I will try my best to be gentle with her.

After 2 hours, I arrived at my Parents Mansion, going inside through the white gates, I parked my car at the the main door, letting the driver take care of it. I walked out of my car, I wore a simple outfit, black ripped jeans, white T-shirt with a leather jacket on top of it and a pair of Black sneakers, I wore my “Dark Lust” on the wrist, It was the most expensive watch company in the world. Only a few people could afford to buy it, me being on the top list. I was personally given the invitation to buy it.

I walked inside after tossing the keys to the driver. I entered the living room, I saw my Parents and BabyBlue, they were talking. I walked inside further, coming in their views. My mom smiled brightly upon seeing me, she came and kissed my cheek and hugging me,

“ Hey Mom.” I said hugging her back,

“ Hello Honey.” My mother said tightening the hug, I chuckled, I broke the hug and kissed her cheek. I walked towards my dad and hugged him. He smiled while hugging me, I saw BabyBlue behing my dad, I winked at her with a smirk to which she blushed and looked away, that adorable little kitten.

I broke the hug and my father smiled at me,

“ Welcome home Son.” Dad always says that, I chuckled and said,

“ Thanks Dad.” I saw BabyBlue playing with her fingers, I went and hugged her tightly, she froze while I nuzzles my head in her neck and whispered,

“ Hello my tigresa, missed me??” I licked her ear lobe slightly, not caring if mom and dad were staring, they probably didn’t saw it but I won’t mind if they do. I felt her heart beat increase, her breathing hitched, her body became weak all of a sudden,

“do I effect her so much??” I thought while chucking.

I broke the hug and turned to Mom and Dad,

“ So, What did I miss??” I asked as I sat down on the sofa, Mom and Dad chuckled and sat across from me, I pulled Blue and made her sit next to me. She blushed hard, her body became warm.

“ We need to go to France because one of your father’s colleagues threw a party, and Blue is refusing to go with us.” Mom said, I stared at Blue and she looked away,

“ If she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t have to, simple.” I said turning my head to my parents,

“ It’s not that simple Leo, Blue can’t stay here alone, it’s dangerous.” Father spike and I chuckled,

“ Dad, she doesn’t need to stay here, she can stay with me until you guys are back.” I said and my parents exchanged looks, by now, they would’ve guessed that I like her as my woman. They smiled to me and said,

“ We have no objections, if that’s okay with Blue, let’s do that.” Dad said and we all turned to Blue, she gulped and replied,

“ I...will stay with him..” she said in a low tone, I chuckled at her cuteness.

“ Alright then, our flight is tonight, Blue’s suitcase is already packed, I will go and double check our suitcase.” Mom said as she got up and dashed towards upstairs.

This is going to be fun....

To Be Continued

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