Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Seven


We were 10 minutes away from Leo’s house, my heart was beating faster, I bit my lower lip nervous. I had no idea to why he effected me so much. I just hope he wouldn’t find out about me hanging out with the boys. They were actually sweet and loved me as their little sister, all except for Sebastian. He rarely spoke and was very mysterious, he has good grades and good looks. I found out that he was the most popular boy in Jaguars.

“ How was college Babygirl??” Leo asked, his hand rested on my thigh, rubbing it a little. I turned my head towards the window and stared at the clean crystal blue river flowing besides us, it was alitte down from us.

“ It was good.” I replied. His house was 2 hours away from Mom and Dad’s, the snow begin to fall down, my eyes lightened up, I always enjoyed winter, I was born in December. My parents used to call me the Winter Queen.

A sad smile crept on my lips, I missed them. We enter a road, it was a little dark. There were trees and more trees. We got in deeper until I saw a huge pitch black gate, it was strong and designed beautifully, it had golden touch to it. The gates opened up automatically.

Leo drove in, we drove for awhile, there were trees, a huge front yard with a big black fountain in the middle, it was majestic. I saw deadly looking men all around the place with guns. My eyes poped out when I saw a pair of black panther, a pair of white lions and tigers. As the car passed by, they stared at it deadly. They were held by three muscular man with tattoos, their chains were made out of real gold, they had leashes around their neck made out of diamond that revealed their names.

My jaw hit the floor when a huge castle came into my view, it stood out proudly, touching the sky. This house was probably the biggest house I would have ever laid my eyes on. It was bigger the Mom and Dad’s. The way it was built and designed seemed so rare, it was modern yet royal. It was breath taking. Leo parked the car at the main door, we got out. Leo tossed the keys to what seemed his driver while maids came through the huge brown double door with beautiful design.

“ Take Blue’s stuff into my room.” Leo said as he walked in, wait what?? His room??? Why?? Can’t I have my own room?? What the fuck??

I followed him, maids bowing to me. Umm okay, what?? I bowed back to them. None of this happened back in Mom and Dad’s house.

I followed Leo up the stairs, taking in the beautiful architecture of the castle, no matter how many times I would see it, I could never get enough. I loved it. I heard that his house had costed him around 3 or 4 billion dollars. It’s way expensive than the Buckingham Palace.

The door opened after Leo puts in the passcode. I follow him, I stand still as I stare around the beautiful office, it was perfect. His entire house was perfect. Leo sat down on his chair behind the desk, staring at my stunned figure.

“ Was there something you wanted to say Kitten??” He said, bringing me back to my senses. I blushed and played with my fingers as he pulled out some documents and started going through them. Cold.

“ I...I want a separate room.” I said trying to sound strong but failed as my voice came out as a whisper, when heard, Leo looked up from his papers to me. His expression was unreadable. He gestured me to come towards him, I widened my eyes a little and backed up. He growled and got up, his body towering over me as he reached me. I turned around ready to leave his office but the door was closed. Wait, when did it closed??

Before I could do anything, Leo trapped me with his body, my front pressed against the door, he intertwined our hands and I could.....feel him. He brushed my hair to a side, revealing my bare neck and shoulder to him. He inhaled my scent, sending goosebumps all around my body.

He pressed his lips on my warm skin, making me moan. He smirked at my reaction while I mentally cursed. He left dark purple love bites. I couldn’t help myself from moaning. He chuckled and broke his contact with my skin, leaving me empty. He brushed his lips on my skin before turning me around with a force, letting me be welcomed by his devilish black eyes which stared into my soul.

“ Why can’t we share a room Babygirl?? It’s not like you can escape from me.” He said and my heart stopped beating for a moment. I swallowed hard and stared at him in fear, what was he planning on doing??

“ I-I want my own bedroom....please..” I said and he smirked, he placed his hands on either side of my face and brought his face closer to mine, his breath on my lips and his eyes darkened,

“ Why??” His voice came out very intimidating and frightful. A tone that would make you speak the truth unconsciously, a tone that would dare you to lie.

“ I-I-I d-don’t think I will be comfortable.” I spoke slowly in a low tone, I felt his body tightened and his jaw clenched, I slowly glanced at him, only to find his face filled with rage,

“ You’re not hanging out with a male, are you now??” His smirk was back, but it was out of anger. I gulped and looked away, he grabbed my chin harshly making me whine in pain, he made me face him. The scientists need to search if there’s a darker shade other than black because right now, his eyes were so damn dark. As if it had made a colour of it’s own.

“ Answer me!!” He yelled in my face, I flinched and fought back the tears, I looked at him and tried to push him with all my will, but it seemed to anger him even more, he growled devilishly and pinned my wrists to the door.

“ L-Leo...L-Leave m-me.....” I pleaded, but he only chuckled, his dark chuckle send currents all around my body, but this time they weren’t pleasuring, they were frightening.

“ Now, now, Kitten,” Leo said staring in my eyes,

“ Just because I have been gentle with you does not mean I cannot be harsh, I can and I will, if you anger me again,”

“ Now, be an obedient little kitten and tell me,” He said staring me dead in the eyes, I felt my body weakened. I don’t like this, not even one bit.

“ Are you hanging out with a boy??” Leo questioned with his brows raised, I didn’t knew what to do. All this intimidation, dominance and possessiveness has me stuck. At the end I did what I thought was the best, lying.

“ N-No...” I stuttered, terrified of him finding the truth. I felt his grip loosened, I sighed in relief. I looked up to meet his gaze, he released my wrists from his tight grip and I immediately rubbed them, they were bruised. Leo grabbed my waist and plucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, while staring at me.

“ You fucking even dare to look at any other man, and I will show you why I am known as a ruthless bastard!!” He whispered in my ear, his tone still filled with angered.

I bit my lower lip, nervoused. Leo caught me in the act and watched me all nervous and terrified, he smiled, not genuinely or anything but devilishly. He kissed my lips roughly yet with such passion that had me drowned, I forgot that he just fucking threatened me, I forgot everything. The more I tried to distance myself from him, the more attracted I was to him.

I gripped his shirt, telling him I needed to breath, thankfully he broke the kiss, there was some blood on his lips. No, it wasn’t his, it was mine, he bit my lower lip with such force that it started to bleed nonstop. I licked some of the blood, feeling the metallic taste roam in my mouth.

After sitting on his lap and watching him work, we finally went to his bedroom, I was tired as hell, plus I had college tomorrow. The door opened up with his voice lock, I walked inside, Leo followed behind. Closing the door, he saw my “awe” face. Although he was a Devil, but his house was a beautiful palace. In the middle of the room was a modern big king sized bed with black silk sheets, there was a big balcony reflected by the moon light and star filled sky. There were two doors, double doors. I am assuming it is the bathroom and wardrobe.

I froze as I felt his cold hands underneath my shirt, pulling it up. W-What was he doing. I turned around, preventing him from pulling it. I didn’t dared to look him in the face, he was still mad, I could feel it.

“ I-l will take a bath.” I said, I walked towards a door and opened it, luckily it was the bathroom. It was huge, with a beautiful marbled sink, and a huge mirror, with a bathtub and a shower. It was all expensive and modern. I stripped and hopped inside the shower, I used his shampoo and conditioner since I didn’t brought mine, when I poured some of the shampoo in my hand, I smelled this amazing indescribable smell.

After I was done showering, I wore a black robe. I walked outside, and was welcomed by the cold wind. I glanced outside and saw Leonardo on the balcony, hands on the fence while smoking a cigarette. His well built and toned body was in view, not to mention, his tattoos that covered his one arm fully, starting from the shoulder to his wrist. There was a Devil tattooed on his back. He felt someone staring at him, he turned his head slightly, but when he saw me in the robe, he turned his body completely.

His muscular, well built and tall body now rested against the fence, he eyed me from head to toe as if I was wearing a beautiful ball gown, looking all pretty. He let out a puff of smoke while his eyes ate me alive. He motioned for me to come towards him, I bit my lower lip and slowly made my way towards him.

He grabbed me by my waist and tightly held me, staring in my eyes. He looked up to stare at the sky while letting a ring of smoke escape from his mouth. I grabbed the cigarette from his hand and threw it. He looked down to me and I stared at him,

“ Smoking is unhealthy.” I said before turning around and going towards the wardrobe, little did I know, I missed a rare view of Leo smiling sweetly at my leaving figure.

To Be Continued

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