Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Eight


I woke up feeling a hand wrapped around my waist, the heat from his body keeping me even warmer. I stared at his sleeping face and I would lie if I said he didn’t looked adorably sexy. He was a Greek god with a devilish personality.

I smiled while tracing my finger on his nose, down to his perfect maroon lips, caressing it.

“ Mesmerised Babygirl??” His deep and husky voice made me look up to him, he was smirking while looking down to me. I blushed and turned to the other side but he turned me around, he placed a deep kiss on my lips, waking me up completely. I wished I could stay with him in the bed all day long, cuddling and kissing. Okay, my mind really needs to go on a long vacation.

Leo dropped me off at the college, I couldn’t help but to admit that he looked so damn hot in his personally designed pitch black suit, it was matte. The suit hugged his body like a second layer, his muscles could be seen. Leo kissed me and said,

“ Have fun Princess.” I tried to hold back my smile and nodded,

“ I will, bye, have a good day Leo.” I said as I walked out of his car, there were some stundents and they eyed me like a was some undiscovered specie. I ignored their stares and started to walk towards the college gates. I saw Leo’s car drove ahead of me. I bit my lower lip while entering the flood of people.

I successfully entered the college, but as I was walking towards my locker, I bumped into somone, I looked up, apologetically. The girl was chewing on her gum and stared at me with a glare,

“ Can’t you see dumbhead??” She spitted, I looked away and said,

“ I’m sorry.” I tried to move but her friends blocked my way, I stared at them in confusion, I apologised what else do they want?? The girl scoffed and turned to me,

“ You really are something bitch, bumping into me means death, and you think your stupid sorry can fix anything, well it can’t.” She said, chewing on her gum faster. I felt something rose in my body, anger.

“ What?? Slut’s angry??” She said as she smirked, I scoffed and looked at her with a dark gaze, I had enough of her shit. She looked at me with a glare,

“ Lower you eyes.” She said and I smirked,

“ Make me.” I said, she signalled her friend to slap me, they came close to me and one of them was about to slap me.....

Everyone stopped what they were doing as they eyed at the group of boys that just entered the scene, Sebastian stared at the girl (who was about to slap me) with a deadly gaze, I saw the rest of the boys behind him. The girls widened their eyes and stumbled back.

The girl tried to free herself from his grip but he only tightened it, at last he freed her with a thud, making the girl fall back. I heard the other guys chuckling with pure amusement.

“ Why are you protecting this bitch!?!?!” The girl who I bumped into said as she came forward, not even bothering to help her friend get up.


Me and the boys came out of our sportcars, the stares we were getting were increasing day by day, gosh these people are so damn annoying. I rarely spoke because I never wanted to engage with them. I only spoke with the boys and my team, that’s it.

We all wore a simple outfit, ripped black jeans and black shirt with our team’s jacket on top of it. I loved our jacket, it was not only prideful but it also showed our closeness. We entered the college and walking a little further, I saw the commotion Brittney was making with her friends, they were again picking up on a student. I hate them to the core and they know it, but nonetheless they still try to flirt with us. Whores.

“ Hey, isn’t it blue??” Mike said while the others looked, I tilted my head and saw Blue. She was wearing a baggy black shirt, full sleeved, with a pair of black jeans and a pair of black sneakers. She was all black and clothed, not revealing even the tiniest bit of her skin.

I saw Brittney’s friend raising her hand to slap Blue, something inside me got me triggered and I walked towards them. The shock and surprise was visible in everyones eyes. The boys followed me from behind, I grabbed her wrist and she stared at me with wide eyes, she tried to free her hand from me hold but I only tightened, by now, it would have left a bruise. I stared at her with dark eyes before leaving her with a force, making her fall back.

I heard the boys chuckling from behind, Brittney came to the front, she didn’t even bothered glancing at her “ friend” or helping her out, she stood in front of me and said,

“ Why are you helping this bitch!?!?!” I stared at her with the most hateful and intimidating gaze,

“ Watch your fucking mouth unless you want to end up like your slutty sister ” I said, my voice filled with intimidation. She gulped and looked away.

“ Leave.” I said and they went running, Blue stared at me with wide eyes and a little smile. I don’t know why but I think I am attracted to this girl. I moved on, leaving for my class while the boys asked her if she was okay. My heart refused to leave her but my brain told me otherwise. I don’t want to listen to my heart and get myself weak but at the same time, I can’t help it. I know what I want, and I will get it before someone else does.

I smirked while entering my classroom,

“ You should watch out, BabyBlue.” I mumbled while staring at my tattoo on the wrist, the half loin waiting for his lioness.


I came out of the meeting room, my sixth meeting just got finished, my P.A, Marco, following besides me, I sipped my coffee while walking towards my office. I sat down on my chair behind my furnished table, I took a sip of my coffee before placing it on the desk, I moved my chair to my left and right alittle, and continued to do so, I closed my eyes and saw Blue.

“ What’s on schedule Marco??” I said my eyes still closed. I missed her, what would she be doing by now?? Probably studying, she is too innocent to go out and bunk classes or kiss some dude like the other girls or should I say, sluts.

After yesterday, I had a strong feeling that my Kitten was lying to me when she said she wasn’t hanging out with a boy, and I hate lairs. At first, I wanted to send someone to spy on her, but then I crossed that thought out, I said to myself that I should trust my Princess. After all, she is mine and no-one can do anything about that nor can someone steal her from me. Once Leonardo’s possession, always Leonardo possession.

“ Sir, you have an email from Mr.Vatoa, he is calling for a business week in Prague, should I say Yes??” I opened my eyes and stared at my P.A, he gulped and I smirked, I nodded before straightening up and typing on my laptop.

“ Sir, you have a meeting with Mr.Fin, he wanted to discuss some new models for our new project.”

“ Sure, anything else??” I said as I went to google, I needed to search something, unconsciously I opened up the YouTube. I growled annoyed at myself and was about to close it but something caught my interest, a video, it said “Jaguars Pride”. I know that, it was the basketball team, when I used to go to Jaguars, I was the most popular and smartest boy, I always got straight A+ and sometimes distinction. I was the leader of Jaguars Pride.

I clicked the video while Marco started to tell me if I had anything else to do or attend,

“ No Sir, you are free afterwards.” He said and I nodded, he bowed and left my office. My eyes were glued to the screen. I saw a guy protecting my Blue from a group of girls, after the girls left, the guy left aswell and I could see the slight smile on Blue’s face. His friends came up to Blue and asked her if she was okay. I closed my laptop and clenched my fists tightly until my knuckles got white, I poked my mouth with my tongue. I got up, slamming my fists on the table. I threw my laptop to the floor. My eyes were filled with rage.

“ You fucking fucked up Kitten....” I said, gritting my teeths, she has called for this on her own, and I won’t stop until I am satisfied....

“ You’re dead Princess.”

To Be Continued

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