Trapped (RATED)

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Chapter Nine


Classes went by fast, after that incident, nothing interesting happened. I sat with the boys during lunch and they invited me to this party happening at Brook’s place. I said I will see, I probably can’t go because if Leo found out about this, I am doomed.

I walked out of the college gates, I saw a different car with a driver that I recognised, it was Leo’s driver. He bowed to me and opened the back seat door to the rolls Royce. I got in, thoughts building up one by one in my mind. Why didn’t he came?? Is something wrong??

I bit my lower lip, my nervousness mixed with fear eating me up alive. My heart was beating faster.

The ride to the Mansion was like hell, my body started to tremble as the car parked in front of the main door. I walked out, I went inside the mansion. I went to our room and was about to took off my bag when....

“ Fun wasn’t it...” I heard his voice, making me shiver and stare up to him, he was in the balcony, smoking. His expression was frightening, his tone was animalistic and devilish. He was wearing his suit from the morning, I saw him coming towards me. I could sense it that he was mad, very, very mad. It was as if an angry and hungry predator was let on loose.

He grabbed my arm forcefully making me throw my bag to the floor, my body touched with his. He stared at me while letting out a puff of smoke, right at my face. I coughed and looked away, but he grabbed my chin and made me face him. Why was he being like this?? What did I do??

“ Close.” He said and the curtains covered the entire room, making it dark in here, but not long after, the lights brightened, making it light again. He pushed me to the bed harshly and started to untie his tie while smoking and staring at me emotionless.

“ W-Why a-are you being l-like this Leo??” I said, tears dwelling up in my eyes. I was afraid to death, Mom, Dad, Where are you??? I moved back, and continued to do so until my back hit the the end of the bed. I gasped and turned around, when I turned back, Leo’s dark eyes came into view, his face was close to me, he let out a ring of smoke and threw his cigarette.

“ You should know better Love.” He said, his tone was nothing but harsh and intimidating. I knew for a fact that once he’s angry, it’s hard for him to cool down. What did I do to make him so angry??

“ L-Leo...please...” I said, crying up. He chuckled, it was dark and devilish.

“ I’ve had enough of you trying to push me and disrespect me, and I’ve had enough of being a gentleman which is the complete opposite of me,” He said, staring in my teary eyes while I listened quietly, not daring to say anything.

“ I was trying to be sweet to you, I didn’t wanted to push you Princess, I didn’t wanted to force you, I didn’t wanted to hurt you at all,” He said, as his hands reached for his suit, he took it off, leaving his white shirt.

“ Remeber, whatever is going to happen to you now, no-one but you, and only you would be responsible for it Babygirl.” He said, he took off his belt and tied my wrists with it, before pushing me down on the bed and tying them onto the headboard. I cried harder, feeling helpless.

“ L-Leo p-please....l-let’s t-talk!!!!” I begged, my vision was blur due to my tears which flowed out like a river,

“ Shush...” He whispered in my ear, my body got goosebumps instantly.

“ Liars like you don’t have a say in this Princess.” He said taking off his clothes and ripping mine afterwards. We both were left in our underwears. When Leo’s words registered in my mind, I looked up to him,

“ I-I-I a-am s-sorry L-Leo......” I stuttered, hoping that he would stop. He chuckled while running a hand through his hair, his face came near mine and he brushed his lips on mine.

“ The next time you even think of lying to me, this moment shall make you rethink thrice, Princess.” He said, smashing his lips on mine, not letting me say anything. He kissed me aggressively, his fingers playing with my womanhood roughly, he wasn’t being gentle at all. The pain my lower part was facing right now was terrible. He had two of his fingers inside me, moving in a fast speed while tears left my eyes.

He broke the kiss and started to assault my neck, leaving dark and big purple hickeys. I bit my lips to stop myself from moaning, Leo smacked my ass roughly and I yelled,

“ Don’t you dare to prevent yourself from moaning...” he said as he played with my breasts. He took off my bra while his fingers still thrusted inside me, leaving me weak. He kissed and sucked on my breast, he bit my nipples, the sensation I received from that was quite sensitive. He had me hooked up on this feeling although he is not showing any sign of mercy.

After marking my breasts and covering them up in purple and red hickeys, he brought his lips back to mine. His breath was warm, his eyes were dark. I didn’t noticed that I had stopped crying.

“ What do you want Kitten??” Leo said, brushing his lips on my skin, I moaned and replied,

“ Y-You...” He stared at me and said,

“ Will you ever talk to any male??” His brows were raised, a Yes could (maybe) calm him down but a No could make him lose it, not that he already hasn’t.

“ I won’t....” I replied, I moaned all of a sudden as I cummed on his fingers, he pulled them out after a few more thursts, licking them clean. He tore my panties, and pulled down his boxers, his huge and thick length came out, it’s going to be painful.

He thrusted inside me roughly, not letting me adjust to his size. Less than half of his length was inside me and it was already hurting like hell!! I cried and moaned out of pain. Leo grabbed my neck, choking me while thrusting inside me like a wild beast.

“ Who do you belong to Kitten??” He whispered, our bodies moving in a rhythm and covered with sweat,

“ Y-You....” I said, I felt like my womanhood was going to tore apart. I moaned loudly when Leo added more of his length, filling me to the edge. He hit my g-spot and continued to hit it.

After 20 minutes of intense fucking, he pulls out and cums, I had already cummed numerous of times, my body was warm. I was exhausted.

“ Don’t you dare to fall asleep, I’m not done with you Love.” He said, I gulped. There was more....???

He untied me and pulled me to his lap, I didn’t dared to see him in the eye. I felt his hands on my hips, before he spanked it, hard. I closed my eyes in pain.

“ Open your eyes if you don’t want more Kitten.” He said, I opened them up, tears flowing out. He spanked me again, this time harder. He continued to spank me while I cried and yelled out of pain.

After 30 minutes of spanking my butt, he touched them and it burned, I hissed in pain. I looked at him and found him looking at me, still in rage. My hips were probably red right now.

“ Why would you make me angry Babydoll?? You know I was trying my best to stay on my good side with you.” Leo said, I felt disappointed. I placed my hands on his chest and looked down to my lap, while tears came out of my eyes.

“ I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to hurt you....” I said, he grabbed my chin and kissed me.

“ Don’t you ever fucking lie to me again, Princess.” He said while burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“ I won’t....” I said softly.

To Be Continued

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