The Lycan King

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Chapter 11

Falling asleep in the chair by the window had come to be a thing with me. For the last several days, I lived, slept, and ate in this blasted thing. Though I tried to exercise here and there, being trapped in this room was starting to cause me to lose my sanity. Being trapped in such a confined place was against my nomadic nature.

When I heard the locking mechanism click in the door, I didn’t even bother to look at who entered. No doubt it was someone bringing me breakfast, and I had no interest in making small talk with anyone that refused to talk to me.

Already, I had attempted to set my plan in motion, but it was hard to pretend to be compliant when Kallan refused to see me. Either that or the servants refused to pass on my messages.

So, there I sat at my usual window, the defeat in my whole body started to make me ache as I continued to stare outside.

“What smells so bad?” A woman’s voice rang into the room, loud and offended. I cast her barely a glance before returning my eyes to the view outside. The woman sniffed the air and then gagged. “You reek!”

I had only been a couple of days without a shower, and I have been known to go a few more for good measure. “If you don’t like it, leave,” I said simply.

The woman had hair of silver that flowed gently down her back. It was due to the very color of her hair that I presumed she might be older than me, but lycan genetics kept her skin smooth and blemish-free. Lucky her!

The woman wore a loose-fitting dress that fell clear to the floor. When she walked, her feet would peek out from beneath the hem adorned in beautifully beaded sandals. For those that traveled, her clothing was impractical.

A small pang of jealousy surfaced with the reminder that her life has been so very different from mine. She was at the top of the food chain and was not concerned about where she would get her next meal, or even what kinds of clothes she would be able to keep to pack light and travel comfortably. No, this woman was more refined in her movements and gestures, and would certainly never have to know the life we have had to live.

The woman with the beautiful silver hair down her back made an effort of holding her nose against the stench that was me. “This won’t do at all,” she muttered as she placed the tray of food on the dresser with as much finesse as she could with one hand.

She was quite the sight, actually. One hand pinched her nose while the other was fisted against her hip. It reminded me of a mother figure who was about to reprimand her teenager. Had I ever taken that stance with Tala?

“If you want to leave this room, you are going to have to shower. I cannot let you out of here if you are only going to stink up the whole place.” The serious look on her face was very motherly with a tinge of displeasure.

The words leave this room barely rang through before she had my full, undivided attention. “Wait! You came to let me go?” Hope stirred in my chest, and I felt a twinge of gratitude move through me.

“Not like that, I won’t.” Her gaze pierced me with a meaningful expression.

Standing, I was ready to comply with her every wish to be free of this walk for a greater distance than mere feet. “How do I know this is not a trick?”

The woman huffed, and it came out sounding very nasally as she still held her nose shut tight. “I suppose you don’t. You will either have to trust me, or you will have the servants delivering your food by cutting a hole in the floor above, and dropping it in to avoid the very smell of you.”

I grinned at the thought. Maybe I could squeeze through that hole. “Are you letting me go, or taking me somewhere?”

“I suppose you will just have to shower to find out.” The woman was not backing down, but her face softened briefly before she added, “If you are not happy with where you end up, I will take you somewhere that I know will.” I stood still, regarding her and her offer until she lifted her brows in return. “I do not plan on standing here all day waiting for a reply,” she grumbled. “I might pass out due to asphyxiation if I try.”

That made me outright laugh with pure merriment. It couldn’t be helped. The woman’s eyes lit with a brief amusement dancing in their depths, but then she slowly let them narrow on me with meaning. I sighed. “Alright, alright. I’m going.” If she was here to release me, I was going to start putting my plan into action. Let’s just see how far playing along worked in my favor.

As I disappeared into the bathroom, I heard the woman grumble as she neared the chair I had claimed as mine. “This thing will have to be burned!” It made me laugh. Nice to know it wasn’t all that hard to repel these beings if I chose to.

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