The Lycan King

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Chapter 7

“I am guessing you want to stay on my shit list,” I snarled at the good doctor as I shot him my best withering glare, though I am not sure how much it really worked on that man. Irritation flooded over me as I clasped my shoulder that he had recently jabbed that blasted device into. Did he really have to bring the big, bad lycan’s attention to me?

Kallan took a bold step forward, and I watched his movements carefully as I took a sharp intake of air into my lungs. It burned, but it also made my mind kick into gear. To be on the receiving end of Kallan would have more compassion than what I was staring at in this beast’s eyes.

Mina para,” he said thickly, his Nordic accent accentuating the word to make it sound glorious to my ears only moments before the repressive and lustful look in his eyes registered.

My eyes searched his face for anything that resembled lucid rationale, anything that would lead me to believe that Kallan was there and ready to take control. “Kallan?” I called to him, practically a whisper as I looked for any change in his eyes while trying to avoid stirring up the beast.

Kallan took another bold step forward, and my face flinched before I let a defiant expression mask what I was feeling. Though not ideal, I would not back down from this lycan beast.

“Brother!” Laklan’s voice caused Kallan to halt his predatory movements. “Forgive me, brother.” Kallan turned his head slightly, his fists and jaw clenched at the intrusion on his hunt. His eyes never left mine. “You asked me here to care for her, and I am asking that you respect my prognosis and recommendations. If your lycan marks her, he could do more harm than good.” Laklan waited for more than a breath to let his meaning sink in while I continued to glare at the beast before me. Finally, Laklan said the words that brought Kallan back to his senses. “He could hurt her worse than any injection I give her...he could hurt her in a way that she will never recover from, and I won’t be able to heal her.”

Kallan let his eyes slip over me as they took in my whole being. When his gaze lingered over the shoulder that I still clutched to me, his eyes softened. The darkened eyes started to slowly morph into those amazing blue orbs that even now seemed to glow.

Watching me for longer than I thought necessary, he narrowed his eyes. “The facilities with which you can bathe are beyond that door,” he indicated with a quick flick of his hand. “Breakfast is to be served in my quarters within the hour. You must always cleanse yourself before coming to me...until a time when circumstances are more favorable.”

The indignation flared. “What does it matter whether I bathe or not? It’s breakfast, not a religious rite!”

Though his beast was at bay, his temperament was still lingering. With a sure foot, he strode across the floor that remained between us to stand over me. His height was impressive considering that I was not a short woman, and those eyes speared through mine. “Let me make something perfectly clear to you, mina para. When you are in my presence, it is you whose scent I want to breathe in. If I wanted to have other women’s scents swirling around me, I would bring them to my bed.” With strong fingers, he grasped my chin and moved towards me. “It’s your scent I find the most alluring.” His voice was seductive and deep as it resonated within me.

My eyes rounded as I tried to continue to glare at him. Attempting to jerk my head away from his grasp only made my shoulder ache, and his fingers still gripped me tightly. Then, I smirked trying to prevent the sneer from overtaking my features. “I suppose my being human is not such an unbearable thing after all, eh Kallan?” Jensen has proven useful after all. “Wouldn’t it be much more preferable to have a lycan bed you?”

His eyes started to grow slightly darker once more before he allowed a smile to light upon his lips. “Aye, that it would, mina para.” He lowered his head to mine, his breath crashing against my lips. Letting his tongue brush against them, I stiffened at the act as I pressed my lips tightly together. The man chuckled as he let his lips dance across my skin to reach my ear, each kiss sending a fire I didn’t understand through my whole body. His mouth pressed delicately against my ear as he breathed out the next words. “And that day cannot come soon enough.”

Confusion swept over me. His cryptic words hung in the air, but it was clear that he had no permanent designs on a human. Did this mean I might be able to leave this place soon?

Stepping away from him, he allowed his hand to fall back to his side as he stood up to his full impressive size. When he laughed at my small act to put distance between us and alleviate some of my discomforts, I wanted to throw a fist or two at him, even if I knew it would do nothing more than irritate him as a mosquito might.

Lifting my chin defiantly, I met his gaze. “Why wait?” If this worked, maybe Tala and I could be gone by lunch.

His smile spread thick over his face, and I started to feel panic setting in. “Don’t tempt me, mina para.”

Laklan gave a slight cough from the doorway. “Kallan, may I have a word?”

Kallan stood still above me, letting his gaze clash with mine. “Be careful what you wish for, Sedona. If you had paid any mind to the lessons you were given when you were to learn about our kind, you would realize the corner you are now painting yourself into.” He took a step back but refused to relinquish my gaze. “One hour, mina para.”

“Or what,” I snapped.

His smile was like molten honey. “Or I come get you.”

I laughed mirthlessly. “Come if you want, but you will have me as I am.”

He chuckled, and the amused tone in it made me more indignant. “That is where you are wrong, mina para. I am more than happy to bathe you myself. If you don’t believe me,” he said as he stooped a fraction, “try me!” The challenge was there.

“Brother?” Laklan was certainly a godsend at this moment. If he hadn’t appealed to his brother, and then requested his audience, I might be in a lot more trouble than I was already.

As it stood, I was drowning in all my bright ideas. This man had an answer to everything, but maybe it was time to learn what I was really up against. I groaned internally. Maybe it was time to talk to Jensen.

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