The Lycan King

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Chapter 9

The high back chair was comfortable enough, even if it was a little scratched and dented after the abuse it suffered at my hand. Having been here for more than twenty-four hours, I had calmed down much more than when they first locked me away.

When I was first locked away, I explored every door and window that might yield to my freedom. The chair where I now sat was heavy and cumbersome, but I had managed to pick the blasted thing up and toss it at the window. However, it did no good. The window was shatterproof, and the chair neatly bounced off it without even making a scuff mark on it. Too bad I couldn't say the same thing for the chair.

Screaming my voice raw did no good, nor did cursing the man that put me here. Trying to convince the pair of guards to release me was never going to happen, though I did try to talk to the woman who brought my meals to me. It was just as unsatisfying as trying to speak to those beasts, though the woman herself was very human.

The sun shone down on the scene outside my window. It was serene, and everyone was smiling and conversing as if this was some sort of community picnic instead of the den of a pack of lycans. Most of the human women were there eating from the many tables that were spread with food of all kinds. It certainly looked more appetizing than the slop they had been feeding me, and once again I felt a pang of indignation creep over me.

Lycans and humans alike were spending time affably with one another, and once again I wondered how they could forget who they were to enjoy the company of these beasts. How could they be so friendly with these beasts that have killed and maimed some of our own? How could they seem so casual and comfortable being in their very presence?

Leaning my cheek against my hand that currently rested on the arm of the chair, I continued to watch the scene below me. The women tittered about, some standing a little too close to the male species of lycan to suggest they were anything but interested. The sneer on my face was practically instantaneous.

Several women turned where they stood to focus their attention elsewhere. Though I was not able to hear through the shatterproof glass, they were certainly taken by the arrival of someone. When he stepped out into view, I grumbled.

Though many of those below were human, both male and female varieties, there were many lycan that were also present. It was surprising how many people there were that lived within this little commune.

Even from here, I could just catch a glimpse of buildings to the right of where my window faced. Though I faced the forest beyond, I got the sense that this was more of a lycan city than a mere lycan pack. The thought plagued me. How many of these creatures actually lived here?

Even when we were being trained on the outskirts of these lands in the small cottage, we were not able to see much of what lay beyond where we were. Truth was, these lands spread out several hundred miles in each direction from what I had gleaned from the few lessons I bothered to pay attention to. When we were finally allowed anywhere close, it was too dark to really scope out our surroundings.

At the moment, I had nothing but time on my hands to watch everything from this dreadful window. Which meant, watching Kallan walk among lycan and humans alike and being treated like royalty. So why did it bother me that some of them of the female variety kept pushing themselves against him? Some made it more obvious than others about what they wanted, but there were as many humans as lycans working to gain his favor.

Scoffing at the view, I was ready to turn away when a flurry of activity caught my attention. Women and men alike dove for cover as Kallan, who was on the other side of the yard, was now standing on the complete opposite side of my window as he held a frightened child in his arms facing towards me. I gasped, a fear I had never known clutched at my heart. What was he doing?

Standing from my chair, I banged my fists against the synthetic glass trying desperately to get his attention. It didn’t matter that no one would be able to hear me, I just couldn’t let him hurt that little girl...lycan or not.

When I was ready to call for help, I watched in shock as Kallan moved at lightning speed to deposit the young child with her mother in hiding before moving back to the location. The backside of him was riddled with bloody welts, and I sucked in a lung full of air. If he wasn’t going to hurt her, what was he…

It was then that I noticed a bullet ricochet off the window in front of me. Great! Shatterproof and bulletproof. I was going to die in this room!

Lycans have no need for weapons, and my heart sunk. Only humans use those archaic weapons, and usually, it was only meant for protection. This was a suicide mission, and whoever was naive enough to think they could do any real damage here was about to find out how mistaken they really were.

Kallan sped into the forest covering, and the bullets seemed to cease their fire. In less time than it takes to brush your teeth, a dark-headed man was thrown from the woods into the open view of all those that had started to come out of their hiding places. The man stumbled and scrambled to pick up the gun that had been thrown from his hand on impact. The familiarity struck me, and when he turned to face my direction, my heart pounded in my chest.

“No,” I whispered.

The man fired off another shot at the beast that was bearing down on him, and I started pounding furiously on the synthetic glass once more. This time, I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“No, please! Don’t!”

It was all in vain. Kallan grabbed the man by his collar as the bullet sunk into the meaty part of his flesh. The lycan didn’t even flinch. He was superhuman, but even more so than I had first imagined. He was deadly in a way that should have scared the shit out of any human being that walked this earth.

A young woman flew across the yard, and I could recognize Tala anywhere. My pulse quickened, and I screamed at her as I waved my arms emphatically. Placing her hands on Kallan’s arm, I could practically hear her begging.

And why wouldn’t she? The man in Kallan’s grasp was none other than her beloved, Ramuel. He had come for her after all, and now his foolishness may be the cause of his death.

Kallan’s face was distorted and his eyes were black. The man and beast combo was furious, and I completely understood his anger. For once, the beast and I agreed on something. It didn’t matter how noble or valiant the intention, you don’t open fire on innocent children. Life trumped love, though not by much.

Though his grip was white with tension, and his teeth were bared, he listened to the weeping woman beside him as she pleaded for the young man’s life. I held my breath as my palms lay flush against the glass. Would he listen?

Those black eyes turned up to meet my gaze as I watched the scene play out, helpless to do anything but watch. When his eyes met mine, I felt the question that was brewing behind those depths. Silently, my eyes pleaded with him as my hands balled into fists.

Kallan’s mouth pressed into a thin line before he cast the young man to the ground once more. Stepping away from the mass, he continued to hold my gaze. Even before Ramuel could right himself, two lycans grabbed him beneath the arms. Relieving him of his weapon, they led him away to some consequence that would be meted out for his actions. I only hoped it would not kill him.

As my eyes returned to Kallan, I noticed his were still locked on me. There was no gloating or humor in their depths, only a sad recognition of how he viewed this travesty. If the little girl had been killed, there would have been no saving Ramuel. As it was, Kallan would need to recover from the wounds he sustained.

Dropping my head, I let one hand at a time fall from the glass as I turned away. Though I understood the intent, I faulted the means.

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