Saved By My Alpha

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Nick's whole pack was murdered when she was 11 and she is the only survivor. She has been a rouge ever since. Constantly on the move trying to avoid conflict from passing through other packs territory. Until one day she was cornered by a group of rouges who almost killed her until someone stepped in and saved her... Nick is tired of living as a rouge and hopes her mate will see her as an mature woman despite their 13 year age gap. ----------------------- #5 in Romance Category on Wattpad ❤️ 05/21/2020 Mature content, cussing, smut, allat okay. Enjoy!! P.S in the process of editing.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I wince everytime my feet touch the ground due to the blisters covering my feet. I have been walking for what seems like an eternity though these damp, warm and foggy woods. I love this forest, the trees reach up almost kissing the sky while letting in so much light through the leaves.

My feet are screaming at me so I find a spot to sit and give my aching muscles a break.

As a rouge, I have to keep moving. Wolves normally don't live in solitude, yet here I am. Somehow still holding on to my fucking sanity after so many years alone. This is the life that chose me, not what I saw for myself growing up.

I always travel through the same lands so I am pretty familiar with how they rotate security around their perimeters. I know how to stay out of sight.

I take off my backpack that holds everything I own in this world, unzip it and pull out a paper sack that has some left over meat and bread wrapped up in it. I grab food whenever I am in a territory where I know a few of the guards so I am able to stay long enough to find somewhere to shower, eat and if I'm lucky, even have a bed for the night.

Even in a neutral territory where rouges are tolerated I can't stay too long. They can smell the scent of my pack on me. And would be very interested to know how I'm still alive. There are still many wolves around who knew my pack. A pack that leaves an uneasy feeling with most people even though it doesn't even exist anymore.

Five years ago the the Crescent Heart pack was slaughtered. I was only eleven when it happened so I was unaware of all the politics that had bought us to that moment.

I remember my mom checking in on me that night telling me something silly like 'pick your clothes up off the floor', then hearing her 'goodnight' from from down the hall. My dad was at the perimeter when the attack started and most likely one of the first to die.

The Dark Star pack are the ones who attacked us. From what I gathered over the years, it was a fight for land and we had won or so we thought. The Dark Star pack took their revenge and used a substance on my pack that is basically the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb. A substance called Silver Snake that is extremely lethal to werewolves. Thinking of that night sends me chills.


I hear something about four miles out and quickly shove my stuff in my bag. I take off running, pushing past the pain of the blisters. Hindered by my injuries, whoever is coming my way gains on me fast. Three wolves jump out from the trees and cut off my path, stopping me in my tracks.



*currently editing, this is my first book that I write in my free time. All constructive criticism welcome. Let me know if I miss any editing mistakes. Ya'll are harsher here than wattpad. lol

I am going to finish this book because you guys like it and I hate unfinished books! Although I think I'm going to migrate into writing dark werewolf romance that are a bit more taboo because I enjoy reading those the most. Don't you guys?

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